ACCUNIQ_MIOFF 2017 Fitness Exhibition

M: Congratulations MIOFF is one of the most important and biggest exhibition in Russia I hope you had good results from MIOFF. What was your expectation from the show? S: Thank you for this interview. MIOFF is the key exhibition and best platform to introduce our products to the big Russian market. Our goal for participating in this exhibition was to display our wide product range and our company’s capacity and market policy. This is our first appearance with ACCUNIQ. Our goal was to promote the brand very effectively so that customers will have a good perception about the product and company. I feel that we were very successful Already many customers are giving us inquiries. We expect that immediately after exhibition, our sales activities will boom because of our active promotion in the market. There is a new player with new products in the market ‘ACCUNIQ’ It was a good decision to bring ACCUNIQ to Russia. Therefore, we expect our sales in Russia to grow very rapidly after exhibition.

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