Accused of Assault & Almost No One Cares (Donald Trump)

Hello, so it turns out that Donald Trump might actually be a rapist. I’ll show you what I mean. Here’s the headline of an article saying that this woman named Jill broke her silence about being sexually assaulted by Donald. But now that she’s broken her silence, what does she have to say? Apparently Donald Trump “groped her in his daughter’s bedroom.” That’s the next president of the United States apparently! That is, if you crazy people vote for him I mean. But don’t worry, Donald Trump’s daughter says that Donald Trump is “not a groper”. So what does that mean? He does sexually pursue women who are uninterested but he just doesn’t grope them? Normally you’d want to deny that he’s a sexual assaulter altogether and not just say he’s “not a groper”. And side note, why would you know, Ivanka? I don’t know how my parents are in the bedroom, why should you? Now you might think “oh gosh, this is only one case, she could be lying, right?” Well guess what? There’s actually another case in the news against Donald Trump. Allegedly he raped a 13 year old girl. Let’s take a look at this headline here, it’s pretty disturbing. Apparently this case was dismissed but recently it was refiled. I think if you’re a victim of a crime like this, this is something that you do. You refile things, even when they dismiss you because that’s how serious you are about achieving justice. Most every false rape accusation I’ve ever heard of literally involves a person just saying “So-and-so did something” and then they do nothing about it after that. But when someone takes it to court, they obviously mean business and their facts should be checked. But what kind of disturbs me about this is I am an American voter. So why am I just now hearing that one of our presidential candidates has been accused by multiple people of rape? And not just accused. We’re talking about people taking legal action aginst him. That’s pretty serious and yet we don’t hear about this. This here describes what Donald Trump is being accused of. An alleged friend of Donald Trump was holding a girl against her will apparently and Donald Trump took this 13 year old’s virginity. If you just read over this right here – super crazy disturbing. This screenshot is from a video asking a very important question. Why is this being ignored? Why are multiple individuals coming forward, saying Donald Trump committed sexual acts against them that were illegal, being ignored? I mean, how quickly did we all throw Bill Cosby out of our lives? Bill Cosby gets multiple rape accusations and so many of us immediately said “Oh, this guy is definitely a rapist” Yet Donald Trump gets multiple rape accusations – far fewer rape accusations as I’ve seen thus far – but it seems like most of us just completely ignore it. When many of those same people likely didn’t ignore the Bill Cosby accusations. Here’s someone tweeting that Donald Trump also committed spousal rape. Let’s investigate that. Yikes! More accusations against Donald Trump regarding rape! These accusations are like insects hiding under a rock. You just lift it up and you see what’s really going on underneath. You have this person who says they were violated by Trump as a 13 year old. You have another person saying they were also sexually violated by Donald Trump. And then you also have his ex-wife saying that they were sexually violated by Donald Trump. The more you dig, the more you see these connections. And the more you see these connections, the more you realise how terrifying it is that the next president of the United States might be a rapist. Another painfully true point that is being made but seemingly ignored is the fact that I and so many others have heard so much about Hillary Clinton and her emails and yet just today I’m hearing about these rape accusations. Again, Bill Cosby. Remember hearing that he was accused of rape and saw everyone turn on him like that. *finger click* Obviously Bill Cosby is a black man. Do you maybe think that race has something to do with this? Then you look at Hillary Clinton, who is a woman. We hear about Hillary Clinton and these emails, which by the way, the FBI already said Yeah, she did some things that are wrong, but they weren’t going to pursue criminal action against her. So how is it we’re still making such a big deal over Hillary, despite the fact that the FBI stated they’re not going to pursue her And again, Trump, multiple women accusing him of a horrible crime, it’s like nobody even cares. I know a lot of you guys hate hearing this, but this is why we need #BlackLivesMatter And this is why we need feminism. Because when a black man does something wrong and even a lot of times when a black man does nothing wrong We, the American public, often show them no mercy. And when a woman does something wrong, you can clearly expect us to not show them a lot of mercy either. But when it comes to a white man being accused, when it comes to a white man potentially doing something wrong, let’s just pretend it never happened. And that’s what’s really fucked up about our society. Right now, Trump has not been convicted of anything. But we followed through with the accusations against Hillary Clinton, so if we’re going to treat all citizens as if they’re equal we need to pay attention to these rape cases against Donald Trump and we need to see what comes out of them. Otherwise there’s potential that we could be electing a rapist. And I’m fairly certain that the majority of us don’t want a rapist in the White House. …just saying.

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  1. I think it only seems like people don't care simply because everyone already knows what an epic POS he is… Hildabeast is a POS too however.

  2. Actually, this news has been on Tumblr for months, but I understand not everyone uses Tumblr, but the news is there. Honestly… even if he isn't a rapist (bet he is though), the man is gonna be the worst thing to happen to America for a long, LONG time. I'm not even American, but I don't want him to President. ๐Ÿ™

  3. I would never vote for trump even if my life depended on it. He thinks murdering women and children is a good way to "get back" at terrorists. Don't you think murdering innocents makes us the terrorists Mr. Trump? Sorry, him saying to attack terrorist families just fucks up my temper.

  4. remember, they had to stop you from yelling fire in the theater

    if we keep letting these dumb cases, people who are certainly very fishy and suspicious, looking to pinball the legal system for a couple hundred



  6. "And basically, call it the 'stupidity of the American voter' or whatever, but basically that was really, really critical to getting the
    thing to pass.โ€ -Johnathan Gruber on how Hillary became the nominee over Back-Stabbin' Sanders.

  7. makes it about race ten seconds later brings up a white woman that everyone believed and knows did a crime, and would be punished for it if she wasn't rich and running for presidency, because apparently the laws for someone to run no longer exist

  8. I tried to fucking say this and shit got ignored so apparently me being a 15 year old means what i say gets dismissed and is incorrect . ffs

  9. Presumption of Innocence –
    One of the most sacred principles in the American criminal justice system, holding that a defendant is innocent until proven guilty. In other words, the prosecution must prove, beyond a reasonable doubt, each essential element of the crime charged."

    (Just wanted to remind you of your country Please continue to pick and choose your reality, Thanks Onision I am glad i am not a sub to this chan)

  10. Trump punk ass must be the devil! He gotta be!
    I'm thrilled that my salvation is secured with the lord.
    Thank you father in heaven!

  11. It's pretty obvious to me, even if they're both assholes…PICK THE ONE THAT DOESN'T WANNA PLAY WITH NUKES!!! There…

  12. whose the rapist now trump,mexicans blacks,gays. Oh no its Trump must have been feeling guilty who smells it dealt it.

  13. Exactly what u said he is just being accused, why wasn't he accused before when it happened so really these people probably just don't like trump so they are doing everything they possibly can to make sure he doesn't take office.

  14. Exactly what u said he is just being accused, why wasn't he accused before when it happened so really these people probably just don't like trump so they are doing everything they possibly can to make sure he doesn't take office.

  15. I'm Pretty Sure Someone Looked Into One Of These Women Who Came Forward And They Found That This Woman Had Ties To The Clinton Foundation.
    So A Bunch Of People Think That Hillary Is Paying These Women.
    But No One Really Knows The Truth.

  16. It's because we have no freaking clue why everyone stayed silent until right BEFORE the election they all come up.

    Money buys.

  17. If my friends and I accused someone of beating me up even though there is no proof, does that mean he/she did it? no, it doesn't mean Trump sexually assaulted anyone either

  18. I just hope he loves America enough to really think things through what ever he does to come. And learns everything he can about the dos and don'ts in the white house.

  19. becouse its not true finish the fucking research!!! If his a rapies cnn fox news should fuck him!! but clearly you didnt read all of the story of 13 year old. Plus!! 30 000 emails? was deleted and there are classified emails!! that can put her to jail but why is she not in jail!! last she free a RAPIST WHO FUCKING RAPED A 6 YEAR OLD!!!!! wiki lines motherfucker look, even at youtube you can see her saying she freed a rapist fuck hillary. and trump? is not the law if he raped a 13 year old cnn should have help the family to put trump down but again finish your research fucking hillary voting retards

  20. Everyone's always saying that Trump is white, and I'm just over here like: "Guys. Don't be so ignorant. Donald Trump is OBVIOUSLY orange."

    …People these days

  21. Quoting South Park "This election is a giant douche vs A Turd Sandwich" Little did we know that south Park was right.

  22. Well if you don't charge Hillary with over 30 years of federal and state crimes and give her passes then you have to look at Donald case of just saying what he would like to do and laugh! What a joke oneson seriously! Btw they were all proven liars hired by Hillary that's why! โœŒ๐Ÿป๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿป

  23. Don't worry Oneson you won't be raped you won't be in the Whitehouse! Btw your party crush Bill Bill Cosby not the republicans that's on your over active groups! Grow a brain charges need evidence and there is more evidence on Hillary covered up over 30 years time than these people you guys hire to accuse trump! Wrong side buddy not smart!

  24. plz see with your eyes
    reason with your intelligent
    realize real eyes see lyes
    this man with the name is full of dark secrets

  25. what about hillary clinton help rapist who raped 12 year old get lower prison sentence PS mainstream news only talk bad about trump but hillary dose get cover over the bad thing she has done in past AND black people have less racism to them to compare with with white who get shot by cops when their unarmed who never get news cover or protest,riot and woman can be sexist to men but men cant be sexist to woman.

  26. Lol it was proven that it was fake news and they were all bribed by notorious corrupt attorney Gloria Allred

  27. Everyone is saying that yeah that's fake and stuff but what about when Donald Trump grabbed that one lady hm?? That wasn't fake, now was it?

  28. BLM? The same group that dedicated themselves to creating more inequality, celebrating slain officers, and looting the streets? No thanks.

  29. Bill Clinton did the same thing (He also had several rape cases against him) but yet Democrats ignore it.

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