Action Bronson Makes Hawaiian Poke

100 thoughts on “Action Bronson Makes Hawaiian Poke

  1. I’m from Hawaii n I’d say Action pretty nailed that recipe right on. Might have to go get myself a poke bowl now. I’m hungry now

  2. I’m born and raised in hawaii we don’t add sugar in our poke….. and sure as hell we don’t add cilantro what’s he making ceviche???? Nice try but not close at all

  3. LOL i was hoping they would play Easy Lover through the chorus at least. Then they cut to Action singing it exactly like everyone else does that was fucking great lol

  4. I see you fam, but ain't no local influence on the real. No disrespect, but you only BARELY understand poke as a food, and culture in and of itself. DM me on your next trip to the 808 if you want the real real fam.

  5. Action Bronson is amazing man. His shows and music are dope af. Just hope he takes care of his body, he’s too good of a person for something like that to happen

  6. we need an Action n Matty channel, coolest dudes alive makin badass food smokin good ass greens and you def gotta throw alchemist and the Body in there. Endless entertainment

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