Action Duplicating Machine – Motu Patlu in Hindi WITH ENGLISH, SPANISH & FRENCH SUBTITLES

With Motu around, it is going to be difficult for me to win the championship. But my devilish mind is getting a stormy idea. What happened? I don’t seem to have any energy in my body? I am not able to walk or lift a foot or move my hands. Motu, go home and rest. You will not be able to walk or do anything for the next few days. Hurray!! Tell me, what did you give to Motu? Tell me!! Help!! Boss, don’t tell them, under no circumstances should they find out. What shouldn’t we find out? Tell me. Enough!! I. Boss, no matter what happens, they should not find out. Keep quiet! Stop giving me advice. I am the one getting beaten up not you. Patlu, sorry, I mixed a medicine with water and gave it to Motu. The medicine is such that he will not be able to take part in the Athletic championship now. Now what do we do? Let’s go to Doctor Jhatka. Motu, my friend, don’t worry, drink this medicine and maybe you’ll be fine by tomorrow. Maybe? What if he is not fine? Then you take this action duplication machine. It is like two watches. Patlu will wear one and lock it and you will wear the other one. When Patlu pushes the “on” button on that then you will do exactly the same actions as Patlu does. You mean, if I do a high jump, so will Motu? If I run fast then Motu will also run fast? Yes, he will be copying you in everything and when you switch off the watch. Motu will not be able to duplicate your actions. Also he will be able to take off his. This is so that John is not able to take away his watch in the middle of the athletic meet. Here, try it. Excuse me, please, don’t mind. I have locked the watch and now I have put it on. John, return the watch! Looks like the mornings spanking had no effect on you, give back the watch. The time for hitting me is gone, now the time for getting hit by me has come. John the Don has brought this message for you. Wow boss! What a poetry! Patlu! Stop me! My legs are running on their own. Take this, teach Motu a lesson today. Make him loose and me win. Go! Motu, run!! Patlu, I am not able to run. And Motu has won this race, well done Motu!!! Motu, my friend, you won! You won! John cheated and he lost. You made him run and made me loose. Who told you to? Why did you run so fast? Boss, listen, a rat got into my pant. Brothers, Motu has come first in the 400 meters, now we start the high jump competition. Now try and jump Motu, jump and show me Motu. Brother tea vendor, give me a lot of samosas filled with chilies, quick! Right away, Patlu. Hey brother, you are a good human being, have some samosas. I will not give your boss a single one; he is a bad man, here eat. Thank you, thank you, I feel good hearing that I am a good person. You are not a good person. Wow! Wow! Fantastic!! Motu has broken the world record! You made him win! You made him get a world record!! You made me loose. Give me that watch, I will wear it, you are useless. Motu, my friend, now don’t worry at all, I will reverse the system of the watch. Now Motu’s watch can be opened and John will do exactly what Motu does. Wow, big brother, now I can have some fun; John has harassed me a lot. I am going to teach him such a lesson that he will never again have the courage to trouble us with anything. Wow, John is competing with a dog, haha!!! He is very smart, look he runs behind this bone. Enough!! Please, how much more will you shame me? You made John into a dog, now how will John become a Don? Sorry, I made a mistake, let me go, I am very sorry. Patlu, do something about him, the poor man is very sad. I can’t go round and round like this!! Please forgive me, let me go. Motu, my friend, here, drink this medicine; I’ve just made it. All your weakness will go away. Wow, big brother, wow! That was good, now I am fine. I can participate in the competition now. Motu, you have won the competition,what more do you want to participate in? Take this, your trophy.

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