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Welcome Adventurers, my name is Jagna and I’m a part of
the amazing AFK Arena community team. I’m here with you today to answer
any questions that you might have about the game, the heroes, the community,
the meaning of life, anything really… First question Should I ascend? It really depends As you may know, there are three
tiers of heroes in AFK Arena. There are common heroes,
legendary heroes and ascended heroes. Common heroes are the green ones. They cannot be ascended at all, and unfortunately they get
useless pretty quickly. Legendary heroes, the ones with the blue card, they can be ascended only up to legendary plus, and their maximum level is 160. Ascended tier heroes are the
majority of heroes in AFK Arena, and those are the ones, you want to to focus on. A common rule of thumb is, don’t use ascended heroes as fodder. Fodder means heroes that will be
used up to ascend other heroes. So, you might want to think twice, before you use your Belinda and Lucius to ascend an Angelo. Okay, onto the second question. Should I use Stargazer? Yes, I think you should, but first you have to know what Stargazer is, how it works, and what to expect of it. You see, Stargazer is really
good at drawing specific heroes. If there is one specific
hero, that you need to ascend, then Stargazer is the way to go. But if you need more fodder,
legendary, or common heroes, then I guess, the standard Noble Tavern
is the better choice for you right now. AFK Arena wishlist Now, wishlist is a very useful tool, for making sure, that you always get the heroes that you need. It can be found in the Noble Tavern. Now, there’s a lot of questions and
misconceptions about the wishlist, so let’s clear it up, shall we? First of all, players ask, if I put only one hero
on the wishlist, will it increase the chances
of me getting that hero? And the answer is no. Wishlist works the best, when it’s fully filled with heroes. Putting only one hero
on the wishlist, will unfortunately not increase
your chances for that hero. Another question that we see very
often, regarding wishlist is if I fill out the wishlist fully will it stop me from getting
Celestial and Hypogean heroes? And the good news is, it won’t. The way, wishlist is implemented is that it will allow you to pull elite heroes from the four main factions from your wishlist, or any Celestial, or any Hypogean heroes. So it doesn’t affect your chances in this matter. Another commonly seen question is, does the wishlist increase elite drop chances? So, the answer to that is no. The wishlist doesn’t increase the elite drop rates. It will only increase the drop rate of your chosen heroes, if you already pull an elite hero. And the other important ‘why’ question. Why is AFK Arena so popular? Okay, this one is simple. Because it’s awesome! But seriously, it’s you guys, that make it so awesome. The only reason AFK Arena can be so popular, is because you decided to play it, to enjoy it, to talk about it with other people, and to stay together with us. So, from the bottom of my heart, and from everyone in the team thank you! Now, we hope you’ll stay with us even longer and you’ll continue to build
our amazing AFK Arena family. What other questions would you like us to answer? Let us know if you liked this video, and who knows, maybe we’ll do
more of those in the future. See you around Adventurer! Now, let’s click on this button and move into the in-game community forum! Welcome again! It’s Jagna from the AFK Arena community team. Now, we’ll check out some stuff, that you
guys write on our in-game community forum. If you’re not familiar with our forum yet, it’s available for all English speaking players, inside the game. You’ll find an abundance of guides,
fanart, and interesting conversations, as well as official posts from AFK Arena. Now, I’m really excited to see, what you guys write on our forum. Can we trade heroes? In a way, yes we can. But, instead of a permanent trading system, that would leave some players at a disadvantage, we decided to introduce the Mercenary system. That way, every week you can borrow
three heroes from your friends, and your friends can borrow the heroes from you. This will not influence the heroes that you have. It will not remove them from your roster. You can still use them. I want to use this opportunity, to mention a few ways, in which newer players can comfortably and safely find answers, to those more basic, and commonly asked questions. If you go to our community and choose the Guides tab, you’ll find an abundance of guides, many of which are targeted towards newer players. You can also check the Official tab, where we post FAQs, Patch Notes, and other important info. Oh, and one more thing, that will help you greatly with your questions, is our newest feature, the shiny, brand new search bar. Finally, right? So, now you can search for your querries. see if this question has already been asked before, and learn from the experience of other players, before you. Let’s check out the next question. Oooh, I’m excited about this one. Can we get hero skins? Okay, good news, guys! We are working on hero skins. You see, we really enjoy dressing up both as our characters and
dressing up our characters in different clothes. You can kind of see that
in our events, right? First we had the Evil Nemora Halloween event. Now we have the Winter Shemira event, but that’s not enough for us. It’s really exciting to see the well known, beloved characters through a different lens, maybe supporting another style, or maybe adopting a new personality. So we want to see them that way in our game as well. We will be intorducing skins
in the future. Stay tuned. Another related question is, will we open the forum to other languages? So, for now the forum is restricted
to English speaking players, and there is a good
reason for that as well. You see, when we open the forum, you want to be sure, that we can provide the very best experience for you. That we can open a space that is safe and welcoming to our players. And the way we can do that is with the help of our moderators. It will be difficult to find moderators for other languages. We are looking into that, but it might take some time. Our support team also collects all of your bug reports and your suggestions, and discusses them on a regular basis. We’re always working hard, to come up with the best solutions and the best improvements to AFK Arena. It is your voice, that inspired us to add even more content, fun events and fixes, to improve your experience. So, I’d like to thank you for all of your feedback,
for all of your suggestions, and even your complains. They really keep us going. So, keep sharing your ideas and let us know what you think. What other questions would you like us to answer? Let us know if you liked this video and maybe, who knows,
we’ll do more of those in the future. And for now, see you around Adventurers! AFK Arena Play now for free!

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  1. Pretty sure she never played the game. 😀 Btw, stargazer is way overprized. And the chance to get that here is very low…

  2. This channel should definitely have more of you and these videos it’s nice hearing questions for people starting off in afk!

  3. Se inventa las cosas nen esas preguntas ya todo el mundo lo sabemos respondan el. Porque es tan complicado el subir tanto el nivel porque ya no hay armaduras de faccion en las tiendas el porque en picos de tiempo os flipaos con los bosses finales de las 3 ultimas picos de tiempo porque no pones eventos que valgan la pena y no. Los que pones y porque flipaos con los precios. Pero súper a abussivos que te cueste 155,000€ subir del vip 0 al 20 o del 0al9 7000€

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