AfterParty E3 2019 Gameplay Preview

From the creators of amazing written oxenfree
comes After Party, a brand new indie adventure that takes place in the depths of hell. You take on the role of Milo and Lola, a pair
of recently deceased friends looking for a way out of hell. Luckily they found a loophole, outdrink satan
himself. Needless to say, the wild premise leads them
to some chaotic and wild adventures in the underworld. I got a hands on with the game during E3 this
week and if there’s anything I took away my time playing is that developer Night School
Studio are masters at writing authentic and well crafted dialogue. My demo started off with Milo and Lola arriving
at a bar with their new underworld friend. There’s a party in the attic of the bar
that’s being guarded by one easily aggravated bouncer. In order to get on the list, Milo and Lola
are going to need to finisse the host of the party and what better way than a game of beer
pong. Actually in hell it’s not beer pong but
blood pong, specifically the blood of every annoying person in hell. That person talking during a movie, this is
their blood. Gameplay throughout my demo felt simple and
straightforward. You control both Lola and Milo in intervals
that the game automatically switches between. You walk around the bar, answering dialogue
prompts with the press of a facebutton. Depending on your choice, the dialogue of
the story will change. Drinking or being intoxicated also unlocks
more aggregated or rather honest dialogue choices, making for some pretty hilarious
conversations. I found myself genuinely laughing out loud
as Lola told off this douche of demon she was playing blood pong with. This instance was also when some new elements
of gameplay were added. Suddenly on top of moving and drinking, I
was using the analog stick to slingshot a game of blood pong. At the same time, the conversations between
characters would continue on, asking you for responses in the middle of it all. While the gameplay is simple and the conversations
and their structure were the complete opposite. Responses weren’t simple yes or no answers
but well written responses that felt like they all added a unique path to the story. That’s perhaps the best part of After Party,
that it feels real, it’s a script but doesn’t feel like one. As person in control, I felt like I was part
of this interactive story more than I was controlling characters. The only time the immersion was severed were
in the off cases where dialogue would start my choice too early and caught away people
speaking. Another time I had one npc character sort
of just walking in circles in the background. It wasn’t game breaking but certainly took
me out of the immersion a few times. With that said, After Party completely won
me over with its writing. Lola is the bad ass feisty one of the group
while Milo is more on the timid side, though after a few drinks, he starts to liven up. After Party is coming to PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo
Switch and PC in 2019. If you love adventure games like Oxenfree,
you’re going to want to add this to your watch list.

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  1. well my favorite part of oxenfree was the dialogue. unlike say something like life is strange it felt natural. and from what i have seen so far of after party it's just as good.

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