Aggiornamento degli eroi: Sonya (IT)

Sonia is in a good place right now as an aggressive warrior but we wanted to introduce more interesting talent pics and allow greater flexibility in her bills the new tweets to Sonia’s talents benefit multiple play styles furious blow now causes every 4th seismic slam to deal additional damage for no fury cost shattered ground has been changed to increased seismic slams damage and range and the new giant slammer talent causes seismic slam to deal additional damage to heroes the new ruthless talent causes whirlwind to deal bonus damage to heroes at low health and composites fear now further increases ancient Spears range and grants armor some talents are now viable for more than one specific build shout a fury now increases basic attack damage after using seismic slam making it an effective choice for both the seismic slam builds and an auto attack bill similarly the new rampage talent increases basic attack damage and reduces the cooldown of ancient spear with each attack with her new and updated talents Sonia is now capable of diversifying her build to suit a variety of play styles and strategies check out the patch notes for more details on Sonia’s changes make sure to leave us a comment or subscribe to heroes of the storm around the web and we’ll see you in the Nexus feel the fury of our yet

3 thoughts on “Aggiornamento degli eroi: Sonya (IT)

  1. il focus di questo aggiornamento è togliere il potere di farsi da sola il boss, continua ad essere un buon jungler, ma non si fa piu il boss. al 20 diventa meno sensibile agli stun e questo è molto interessante.

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