Air Assault Day Zero

The first ever Air Assault school in Kuwait began with Day zero of Camp Buehring where candidates ran a two mile run in uniform and completed a night event obstacle course. The obstacle course test the mental agility of the students and also their attention to detail as well as their physical capabilities. A total of 269 students tested their mentle at the obstacle course. 141 active duty Army, 86 Army National Guard, 37 Army Reserve, three United States Marines and two United States airmen started the courrse that has an expected pass rate of 80 percent. It’s awesome to work with the other branches and I wish that we could we could get more chances to do it. The obstacle course was rigorous and challenging, the exercises in between made sure that you weren’t one hundred percent rested so it makes it more challenging for everybody. Becoming air assault qualified makes you more of an asset to your unit, allowing the Soldiers to do air assault planning, prepare equipment for helicopter transportation, that could be used for peacetime and combat operations. An air assualt student becomes the subject matter expert to his company commander or unit commander and is able to assist with air assault operationl into whatever environment they may need. I volunteered to better myself and to expand my career options within the military. From U.S. ARCENT, I’m Army Sgt. Marty.

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