100 thoughts on “Alarak Spotlight – Heroes of the Storm

  1. I've had so much fun using discord strike to shut Li-mings laser beam down. 🙂
    Li ming is rekking my team, I run up to her, silence her laser, pull her back with kenesis, then proceed to smash her face.

  2. hi guys this really helped me 🙂 can i ask you can you make lili or another support spotlight ? 🙂 i want to do my best

  3. very vulneralble….and if you add up the damage of all of his skills its nearly get close to a Chromie W or a Li Ming Q….

  4. Alarak, voiced by John De Lancie, has an attack called Discord Strike and it's default key is Q?

    Smooth, Blizzard, real smooth.

  5. I keep thinking this with each new hero but the Heroes team REALLY knows how to make heroes with interesting twists to them. Abathur, Murky, Cho'Gall, Alarak, Varian, Ragnaros. By far the greatest strength of Heroes of the Storm.

  6. Alarak vs Illidan, the edgiest duel in the Nexus
    Illidan jumps on Alarak and gets silenced, then Alarak Lightning surges him.
    Illidan realizes Alarak is too edgy and tries to escape.
    Nope, using his Sith might and telekinesis Illidan back in just in time for another sweet silence.
    For the first time ever Illidan was butchered by someone who isn't Butcher.
    Long live the Highlord! Glory to the Tal'darim!

  7. 1 good talent path, maybe a few variations. But he desperately needs some talent reworks. Other than the telekenesis push increase, double cross, and a few others. The mana reduction talents are so unbelievably pointless.

  8. I love that the video shows the Tal'darim having Void Rays as they are leaving Aiur…………………………………………………………………..

  9. Hehe; "Discord Strike". And Alarak is voiced by John DeLancie, who's also the voice of a character called Discord in the G4 MLP franchise. There's no way that was a coincidence. 🙂

  10. Cant take this game seriously. Characters are just compiled from different timeline and story. Complete nonsense is what it is

  11. Man, this guy's voice acting and Cthulhu skin easily make him one of the more badass additions to the roster.

  12. Alarak got so better nowadays after patch 2.6 thank you blizzard thank you creators of the heroes of the storm .

  13. i love the fact they named his q ability. discord strike. because he is Q in star trek and voices discord in my little pony.

  14. "Alarak is an abarrent melee assas-"
    Alarak is an edgelord and the best character of SC2 and all videogame time.
    Deal with it.

  15. I wish he had better ults & ability selection at lvl.20. You can't get an upgraded version of either ult because of stupid design.

  16. Discord Strike? Does Blizzard have some bronies in their staffing?

    And Q?! Totally coincidental sure, but I do love 2 for the price of 1 deals, even in references.

  17. I always thought about Protoss Zerg and Terran in the Star Wars universe. I don’t know why but I think it’d be cool

  18. Im laughing so hard 2:17
    The Archer was like oh imma shot this pew pew pow.
    Alarak: im about to end this girl entire career.

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