ALL knife takedown animations (Battlefield 4)

… from the front, I’m ready Just do it welcome back That was interesting

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  1. Does anyone know why he always cuts from the left side? Anywhere else he just stabs but from the left he always cuts. At first I thought maybe that’s where your artery is which would have been a pretty awesome detail but I looked it up and your carotid artery (as it’s apparently called) is on both sides of your throat and head so that doesn’t really make sense either. Anyone know about this?

  2. I have played this game over 400 hours and never ever have got kill when enemy is crouching and get kill in front,left or right side :O cool animations !!

  3. I still don't get how you're able to stab somebody with a giant machete like the Russian machete in the throat

  4. Yknow the only other thing ive seen in this vid is when its the succesful knife kill they take the dog tags. Huh.

  5. Man I want to play this game so bad I've had it for a while and I could never get it to load on my xbox one and I still haven't got it and s noi the disc because I bought another one and it did the same thing someone pls help

  6. Poor Americans, they have been killed 😂in this video but 😘anyways I love these takedowns😘,I love kill🔪 enemies with the knife🔪 and be killed with the knife🔪

  7. hopefully in bf5 you can get a machete and do some epic takedowns like come from behind and slit the enemy's throat

  8. These are actual smoother but I missed the days in bf3 with a knife… You were knifing like real soldier, with the real feeling. Not like ninja without hitting feeling.

  9. Bf4 in my opinion is the best war game of all time, the amount of detail is stunning, and small things like knifing make the game that much more enjoyable.

  10. What if the game had special melee animations that play as often as Hardline's special reload animations? I can think of some (incredibly long and stupid) ideas.

    The attacker snatches up the victim's dog tags before touching them. The victim looks down, turns around, sees the attacker dangling them, pulls up his gun, and then gets stabbed 3 times in the stomach.

    The attacker puts his arm around the victim. The victim looks to see it, and then looks down to see a knife in their belly, then falls over.

    The attacker stabs the victim in the eye, takes out another knife, and stabs him in the other eye. The victim is not visible because both their eyes are stabbed.

    The attacker pushes the victim to the ground effortlessly, takes out his knife, stabs him up to ten times in the front, then crouches on him and either rubs his nuts in his face or shits on his face. No way, that one's stupid!

    The attacker punches the victim in the face, the victim keels over, and then the attacker kicks him in the face, where he falls, and then the attacker stabs him in the face, which kills him.

    Said animations could apply in other games too.

  11. One time I was playing with a friend, he had told me he had knifed a sniper on one of the buildings on shanghai. He told me that the guys body was tumbling down the building, I was near the building on the ground and I saw the guys body fall to the ground whilst spinning out of control. I was dying laughing after that.

  12. Here is a new "animation" for you 😉

  13. i cant imagine how it feels just sniper and you get rolled over by a Glorious russian soldier and get stabbed 3 times

  14. I think they might add a pro counter-knifing with battle involved system on BFV, like, you had to press some buttons like F, Space, Click, Shift, and you are trying to counter enemy attacks, like a battle

  15. More than one jumped out of his chair the first time they got knifed lmao😂 (you'll have a heart attack if you get this one 12:30)

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