Amphibious Assault Breach | Marines

About half of 1st Combat Engineer Battalion
focused on San Clemente Island Amphibious Breach. Lieutenant Colonel Chris Haar, Sapper Six,
CO of 1st Combat Engineer Battalion. In a joint forcible entry operation, we have to have
the ability to to come ashore where we want. We know that the enemy is going to put
obstacles across the beach to limit us. So under the joint bubble that
they’ll set over that beach, what we’ve now proven, is we have capability
to get ashore and to breach obstacles from the very shallow water, through the surf
zone, onto the beach to be able to get in. Last time that any amphibious breaching
at all was worked was in 1999, right out on San Clemente Island, and it was not in any way shape or form being
done the way that we’re trying to do it today. A MICLIC is a Mine Clearing Line Charge,
it’s a rope that has 62 meters to stand off, and there’s 100 meters of rope
that have 5 pounds of C-4 per foot, for a total of 1,750 pounds of C-4 that lay in front.

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  1. Being a US Marine has always been my dream, since I was a little kid, and I've been training for years with my dad (a former Marine himself, 0351 assaultman) to become one. I literally never wanted to be anything else than a Marine but I recently found out that my kidneys have a (completely asymptomatic) condition for which I am disqualified for enlistement. I kinda feel lost and I don't know what to do. Semper Fi to all Marines out there, sorry that I can't be with you.

  2. In 1991, Desert Storm, my unit used line charges to breach 2 Iraqi mine fields during the initial ground assault. After having to move down and open another lane because a line charge was tangled in high power electrical lines, we were down to our last line charge and in between the 1st and 2nd mine fields. The last line charge was launched but didn't blow. A combat engineer took a block charge of C4, ran to the minefield, pulled the fuse, and a few minutes later his charge set off the line charge and our unit went through. Lost an M60 with a mine rake on it and an M1A1 in another lane. The combat engineer earned a Bronze Start for that. Line charges are awesome.

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