An Enchantment of Ravens Non Spoiler Review!

Hey guys, it’s Reagan and today I’m here to bring you a non-spoiler review of An Enchantment of Ravens by Margaret Rogerson. This is the Perusetopia book club pick of the month for the month of October and Also one of my most anticipated books of the year, so I’m having a report that I really enjoyed this book. This is a YA fantasy novel centered around Fae. We follow our main character Isobel who lives in a human neighbouring town to the Fae world called Whimsy. It is and exists in eternal summer, and she makes her living And also protects her family by making human crafts. She’s in fact a painter. Human craft is incredibly valuable to Fae in this world because they can’t actually create anything. So, they basically patron humans to do their work for them. One day, Isobel gets her first royal client And she does the unthinkable and paints real human sorrow in his eyes. He then whisks her away and an adventure in politics ensues from there. This book really caught me by surprise in a lot of different ways. First off, I anticipated this book being quite Lyrical, and I have to tell you I was not disappointed. This book was very beautifully written. It had such wonderful atmosphere. This author has such a skill for writing like nature imagery. Isobel is, you know, Existing between a lot of the different Fae courts throughout this. She’s walking through an endless forest for a majority of this book, and not once did this setting feel dull or dry or boring. She was really able to successfully like write down and make you be captivated with whatever season Isobel is currently in. Additionally I really appreciated how dark this book was. I honestly wasn’t anticipating this book being so dark. But it was such a fantastic element. The Fae in this book are not something to be, like, admired. They’re more to be something feared, but also pitied. Not only because they can’t create anything, but just in general In their inability to feel emotions or even just consider emotions to be something that is worthwhile to have. They live very shallow shallow Lives. They’re also incredibly dangerous creatures, you have to be incredibly careful How you word things, that while they cannot tell a lie, they’re very clever and they’re very Interested in tricking humans. So obviously our main character in this story is whisked away in the beginning by a prince named Rook. Now Rook Is very much unlike the other princes. But I will say it’s not in the stereotypical way that you would expect. This isn’t some typical dark brooding lion Romance where the girl wants to give up everything and it’s just it’s not Stereotypical. There is romance But it’s very surprising in how the author does it and I feel like she just does a very Effective job. One of my favorite elements of this book was actually the humor. I was not expecting to say that word at all. As I mentioned This is a dark very lyrical book. But my God was this book absolutely hilarious. The interactions between Isobel and Rook, her Fae companion throughout the majority of this novel, were so funny, and that is because Fae don’t really understand the concepts or the emotions or The priorities of humans, and so Isobel’s constantly having to kind of like school Rook kind of like he’s a toddler about how things work. And it’s absolutely so endearing and so funny. One of my Favorite scenes in this book was one where he thought she was starving to death and brought her a hare To eat raw. This book also, in my opinion, plays with a lot of tropes We see YA that I might heavily criticize, but deals with them in such an effective fashion. I don’t know, This book is very short. It deals with a lot of plot points that I feel like usually take a longer time to develop. But everything was just covered so well in this story. I don’t know, romance, adventure, History, intrigue. Everything was just covered so nicely, and I just really enjoyed the ride the entire time. Isobel as a main character was a wonderful character to follow as our main lead. She Had an incredibly strong head on her shoulders. She had such a wonderful self reflection voice. She’s constantly telling us how she feels and what she’s seeing around us But she’s also very willing to immediately recognize When she knows she’s being a little irrational But she can’t help it, and that makes her so relatable, because we’ve all been in a point where we’re like, yeah, I know I shouldn’t be doing this right now, I know this is not how I should be reacting, but doggonit I’m gonna do it anyway. And she has a few moments like that which just makes her as a character it just makes her as a character as someone you can just Follow and root for, because you have made the same mistakes, have made the same decisions, as she did maybe in a different version But still the same, in intent. This story also really draws on a lot of the traditional Fae Court political intrigue elements that if you read a lot of fae fantasy you’ll Recognize, I just feel like the author did a really great job about that. Again kind of bringing together the different court politics in a way that really made it – this novel full of a lot of intrigue. But the Way that I felt like perhaps it was a little different, is because the author really focused on this certain Aspect of the Fae being incredibly polite and also you have to be incredibly careful with the words you decide to use with them. So that element was really played into the politics as well. So I just felt like everyone was lying through their teeth without actually lying And it just makes your skin crawl. You’re like I don’t trust you, but I don’t actually know what your motives are, because you cannot technically lie. The last element That was one of my favorite aspects was the craft element itself. It was really interesting to read from a human’s perspective and see humans that basically practiced kind of like a superpower in ways in this book. I mean she is an incredibly talented painter then you get to read and see her kind of fall into her painter’s trance and just Describe how much her art means to her and also kind of try to understand What it would mean to her if she lost it, and also what it means to her in the process of creation. It was just a very interesting element that I feel like I don’t see very often with such a spotlight put on it In fantasy novels or just novels in general. It was such a – I just really appreciated being able to read a part of a creation – painting It was just a very cool element. This story is a whirlwind of a little fantasy novel. It’s short. I read it so quickly. I mean, it’s under three hundred pages long But it has so much jam-packed in it, it has wonderful characters to read from, you really root for Isobel, it has a beautiful writing style, incredibly lyrical. The author really does a wonderful job writing and Describing the setting of all of these fairy worlds. We also have a wonderful family unit that exists in this. I mean, there’s just so many really effective story elements to this book, that I just honestly couldn’t recommend it more. Honestly it just feels like a book that you could pick up on a Saturday morning and just read right through it, like you’ll just be completely addicted to it. I was anyway. At the end of the day I would highly recommend this book to you, if you are interested in fairies or fantasy or even a little bit of romance. I feel Like this book did all those things, so well. I ended up having this book a 4.5 out of 5 stars I really really liked it and yeah! Anyway, I hope you guys enjoyed this non-spoiler review of An Anchantment of Ravens And I will see you guys soon with another video soon good. Bye!

52 thoughts on “An Enchantment of Ravens Non Spoiler Review!

  1. Wonderful review! I actually just got my copy this weekend and am around 2/3 way through! Also I completely agree, I am really enjoying the book so far and Isobel and Rook's relationship made me laugh so many times:D I wish the book was longer, I really don't want it to end!

  2. I love your review! However, I kind of want to point out that it's "AN Enchantment of Ravens", not "the", and it's Margaret, not Margot. Just a minor issue, though. This was a fantastic book!

  3. I heard it was a lot like the ACOTAR series and sounds a lot like it. I liked ACOTAR but idk if I should pick this up or not, is it worth it?

  4. You look gorgeous Regan!πŸ’•πŸ’• Also so glad you liked it- it's also my most anticipated book of this year and I can't wait to get my copyπŸ˜„

  5. It's a bummer because I quite disliked this book, and was really looking forward to it.

    Minor spoilers may be ahead…

    I felt that the main characters were lacking depth, and proper explanation of past events (specifically Isobel's parents were glossed over in a really lazy way, and I wanted to know more a about her history of becoming a painter and how she began working with the fae).
    Also, it felt incredibly like insta-love because she says that she is infatuated with Rook but we only got to see their first interaction before she was suddenly in love with him. She also described Rook as full of himself (can't remember the exact phrase) but he wasn't that way until AFTER she told us that, and even then, to me, he wasn't really full of himself.
    And lastly, I didn't feel enough sense of urgency or danger in their travels. Things seemed too easily gotten out of and wrapped up.

    In summary, I think this book needed at least 50 more pages to flesh things out.

  6. I really liked the book but at the same time, I feel it could've been a little more drawn out and Isobel should've been less apologetic for being so trope-y, the readers know what they're getting into. Some of the humour felt like it shied away from the maturity that the characters in the book were meant to be age-wise. 3.5/5 stars

  7. I loved this book too! I felt like I had high expectations for it and they were actually met. I was genuinely surprised at how realistic and relatable a fae story like this could be but I really enjoyed it!

  8. ahhhhh mine arrives in two days and i want to watch this non spoiler review but i want to get into the book not knowing anything ahhhh the frustration

  9. I heard the whole artist who paints and lives in a human land on the border of a fae land and I'm like how is this different from ACOTAR lol

  10. I've been seeing this book everywhere but couldn't decide whether I wanted to get it or not but your review helped me make up my mind. I'm really enjoying this book. πŸ™‚

  11. A book recommendation! There is a series that I love, it's a middle grade serie. But I think you'll love it. The everafter series by shelby bauch

  12. Originally, I wasn't going to read this book because I didn't know if I was going to enjoy it or not. Now I am DYING to read it πŸ˜…

  13. I dislked this book, for a number of reasons. I had really high hopes but I was dissapointed. The cover is very pretty, though.

  14. "An Enchantment of Ravens"
    An instant New York Times bestseller!
    An Indie Next Top 10 Pick!
    A Parents’ Choice Silver Honor Winner!

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