APE Collected by Brasilea: Abroad at Home – Anniversary Exhibition at Brasilea Basel

Today we are opening our new anniversary
exhibition on the occasion of the 15th anniversary of the Brasilea Foundation.
This time it’s about our collection “Arte Perpetual Establishment”,
this is the second collection of the Brasilea foundation, which was made
possible by a separate foundation. Since the beginning of Brasilea’s activities,
we have thus had the opportunity to purchase at least one work from each exhibition
and therefore been able to document what happened here at this location. That’s what we’re doing today and the
exhibition is called “Arte Perpetual Establishment collected at Brasilea” and the first part it
is called “Abroad at Home”. Why “Abroad at Home”? Our founder Walter Wüthrich has emigrated, as
a Basel citizen, as a Swiss citizen, in 1939, he left his comfort zone here, he went
out to discover new things, to discover new cultures, and
he emigrated on a ship to Brazil, he has found his luck there,
has found his second home, so really “abroad at home”
and lived there for over 50 years. There he also supported an artist
a Brazilian, an Austrian, Franz-Josef Widmar, in his lifetime, and
he has been able to buy from him over 576 works. We had this collection documented
already a long time ago, and now there’s this new documentation
in the form of this catalogue with a large selection of the 228
works currently in this collection. Our benefactor also had two hearts in one breast, the Brazilian and
also the Swiss one and here we stand perfectly positioned in front of our
last purchase. This work is the work of Mary Vieira. It is a Brazilian woman, who
in the 50’s came to Switzerland because of the contact to Max Bill, she studied with him, and then also settled in Switzerland. Here in Basel, she even taught at the
university, and we are proud and happy that we were able
to purchase on of her works. There aren’t many works available on
the market, and this is a wonderful piece here, which has been created in Basel
1974/75 and of course this work fits perfectly into this context, because she, too,
had two hearts in her chest, first of all the Brazilian and
then the Swiss one. You can also see it pretty much in a painting of our benefactor
that we show in this exhibition: The front view shows the Swiss
and the profile view shows the Brazilian, with the
Sugarloaf mountain in the background. The jubilee exhibition “Arte Perpetual
Establishment collected by Brasilia” is divided into two parts. In the first part we
show the works “Abroad at Home” and in the second part we then show the works
that have been created here in Switzerland, on site, with artists in residency
or by artists who have chosen to settle here in Switzerland,
and it’s called “Coming Home”, analogous to the movement that our
benefactor made at the end of his life: He brought the collection from Brazil
to Basilea, to his birthplace and so he could realize this naming: Brazil and
Basilea results in Brasilea. Brazil in Basel. For me, the Brasilea Foundation,
this house, is a dream, a dream come true, which is dedicated to
the relationship between Basel and Brazil, that is giving Brazil a home here in Basel, that is giving Basel a home in Brazil,
that connects the two continents, and two unique countries,
the people, the arts, the culture. It’s something
I’ve always dreamed of, always have, because I’ve often been in Brazil,
because I fell in love with this country, with its people, its art, and
back then I would have never dreamed that I’m now standing here
as president of this foundation.

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