Arcane Mage DPS guide 5.4 (The Basics You Should know)

hello welcome to my 5.4 arcane mage DPS
guide where I want to try to keep it real short and sweet and easy and help you understand
how to play arcane mage to the best of your ability
umm usually, most of these videos start out with
telling you about the talents but I think the talents are simple enough
or they really need no explanation I’m gonna go ahead and give you a little overview anyway on just the
talents that affect your DPS not the other ones on the first tier, I went with presence of
mind uhh you don’t really have to. a lot of
people got ice floes because arcane mage doesn’t really get a lot of mobility
in the fights but I do not like ice floes because you
get three stacks of them 3 charges of it and you have to hit that button or click whatever you do. I hotkey everything. you have.. you have to actually have to hit that
button three times in order to move during a
fight you cant just hit it one time and then cast three spells, you actually have to
hit one each time you’re about to cast
something and that’s very distracting so I went with presents of mind. umm living bomb is
obviously the best a single target deep uhh DPS dot that you have on the 75 level tier right there and uhh on the last part I went with rune of power. I really don’t like it. I really have
never liked rune of power that’s why half I have frost as my second spec most of the stat weights on frost are pretty much the same
so it doesn’t matter if i have a lot mastery im gonna do just about the same dps as I did if i went with a lot of haste applause have a lot case anyway some
here one sec cast so ice better for me to miss you for
prostate invocation gives you hot a horrible mana regeneration so nobody goes with
that in Kant’s word used to be awesome nobody in the game hardly even used it
but back in the heart of your days of ice I care law we’re taking casa de we
damage that was awesome he gave me a 25 percent damage increase and if you watched your mana
pool when you use that you can actually use it to get the most mana regeneration could
out a bit but out with Rita para talent because assess
promos only option he got with arcane mages I in the glist tree there’s only two
that I see that can affect your DPS here sis up significantly obviously arcane
PowerTel will help of self-explanatory don’t
really need it but it at I think you would do better better
off with that are there’s really not a lot of shit
here either because I day basically made it to where most Italian
is English you’re picking are mostly just cosmetic but I mean I went with
that Arcane Explosion will give you a lot
more ailey the only like this one spot left after that and the only talent ugly fagit see in this
whole the whole glove all the cool potential
blessed I could get is the glove rapid displacement we get to charges oblique
of sites like her out now karach that is fairy useful because a lot of times some
people can’t get to a puddle fast enough for maybe they’re just not
paying attention you can get there faster and then if you actually have to get
back to your spot immediately can with another bleak I really helps a lot of our fights and
I’d rather use at than anything else on this a on this list and before out show you the video a I put a little list here love just a
few things you should keep in mind body piercing there’s a bunch of other stuff
I can run over but you probably seen in every
other video I’m just gonna give you stuff some some know these other people really
gonna tell you but if you don’t pay attention not to notice
it are the number one thing you should do in your rotation is keep in mind that
you should use RK missiles over blast if you have two stacks missiles or if you have at least three
stacks arcane charges case if he had three sacks or can charge you use an OK
missile it’ll give your force stack and you can
use your four set bonus to its of full potential which are
showing images that where you can get you can see with the force at the tea
set does are and if you have it any if you have like two stacks or can
charge in one sec Arcane Charge and you only have one stack RK missiles
and you go ahead and use it will you go waste waste of wasted on like it did the next charges you get like if we
only got one charge like arcane he ate the only got one arch
Arcane Charge and usual missile ding going to just save in mana on the second
arcane charge when you can just wait to use on the 3rd arm you’ll you’ll be able to see more on
talking about I’ll when actually are show %um I’m a softy
piercing are use missiles directly after an
arcane blast them before casting another one to ensure that you do not waste any
potential RK missile proxy may get everybody knows if you play like a mate
every time he cast Arcane Blast you get a chance to prague RK missiles alright well if you if you got one our
stack RK missiles and your mail a year in the
middle of arcane blast cast the worst thing you could do is
immediately after that cast another arcane blast because let’s say you get approx right after
that first arcane blast with you gonna have two stacks RK missiles and then you went ahead and
you cute up another arcane blast we could potentially get another stack
but you can only get up to speed to at a time so you go waste that actually
kinda guy RK missiles does more damage and EPS
Tara came less and they had the same cast I like a blast will have a certain %uh sec cast time for your character to let a hasty got everything look
dismounts over the RK missile tortilla look at it you
can see that it has the same channel time as arcane blessing and if you do the
math multiplier 5kg on a cast in with each arc a missile CAS you gonna cast 5
RK missiles built a the damage each was a multiply
that number by five you gonna get a bigger number than arcane blast may have a charges that she get and it cost no mana that’s a great thing it
also of is the main focus on your 4 Sep on a sec
homes in patch 5.4 also Arcane Barrage does more DPS then and damage then either arcane blast
or missiles regardless OVA come HRG have now uses something like tower alter time and you’re about to
come out there yelling out last-second salter Tom so what are
normally do is I’ll just keep doing my normal rotation
right before I come out all tha time I hit that all came for us to get that
last better extra dps in in to get the most
DPS out that archer time as I can because when target I’m resets you gonna get all use tax back and all
your man all the project thing back so and that’s another thing to keep a
man’s cares if you’re attacking mobster alike anything in a
dungeon just ads or something in this fixin to
die esta queuing up another cass is arcane blast our black missile garage her says a ride checks is actually is to
cast and the whatever your tag as bad that
go-ahead hit that are Arcane Barrage because it’s like it like
I just said is his sick ass and it does more damage than either the
blasts or the missile she going to get the most DPS and the damage done if you’d
actually do that are so that’s another thing to keep in
mind %uh and to go over Watertown about the thing
that I get tongue-tied about earlier I’ll your four said basically focuses on
your Arcane missiles so which one do is get the most out of
it so instead of being a bad DPS and waiting
after you cast Arcane Blast to see if you’re going to get approx night
before you decide the next thing you gonna do you have to always be QN something I ve gotta be
queuing your next bill up you gotta be constantly doing something if you’re not
you’re gonna do bad TPS cuz it’s called damage per second if you haven’t learned
there are a you know it now me should know this by now but there it
is you got to be constantly doors at the
Sophie if you got one if you got one arcane charmers and you
cast Arcane Blast outlawing RK missile charged cast the arcane blast first then
use the missile because if you actually get to prague right after the blast you’re not going to cast your nets
arcane blast have to price you gonna use that law in and then come back with an arcane blast
just do that overnight he have three charges arcane a yet three RK charges and no matter what how many charges misses you gotta go ahead and
use at first because you’re immediately gonna have your
maximum for arcane charges to to go with after their and RK
missiles always do it does more damage in DPS then blast anyway so go ahead and do that
when you have to recharge babe gal I water to charges up use the arcane blast and in the missiles right after that
unless you have to charge is now why would you do that the only he he you know if you only got two
charges about I mean if you catch a maximum to charges
of rk missiles that’s because like I said you don’t wanna waste any potential proxy to my kitty if you
get to charges RK RK missiles use a blast again and you get and you could have
potentially got another up rock uses waste 6 you go get along
and Maxwell to anyway so that’s basically it let me go ahead
and show you of myself TPS ng and maybe you’ll be able to see me doing
that I think I made a couple mistakes but hear dis on of in in 0 on in all on on 0 0

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  1. on the iceflows thing u mentioned, if you make a macro with /cast iceflows /cast arcane blast, all you have to do is spamm that button while running. yw

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