Armor Hero 46 – Official Full Episode (English Dubbing & Subtitle)

That’s the kid! I’m sure. So you wanna use him as bait? It’s too risky. What if– I don’t see a problem. All we need to do is make sure he doesn’t get hurt. Your call. Wait! Let’s forget it. We can’t let them know. Am I right? Let’s go. Hey Mike, thanks for taking me here. My pleasure. I wanted to come. Let’s go. That’s right.
The guy I called, said we’d find some clues. I haven’t been here, for over ten years. Will we find anything? If we’re lucky, we’ll be able to find some evidence. Not unless the police got the whole of them. But I’m still worried. Hold on! Are you alright!? If I remember correctly,
the caretaker has the final clue. The symbol…
that he wrote during his last few moments, is the key to this mystery. You already have a new team, Liz. Why do you bother with this? What is it now, Liz? I’m too busy right now. You’re interrupting my work. The reason I called you here, is because you’ve been gone, for two whole days. Shouldn’t we talk about,
those old Armor Heroes you had? I don’t understand, why you wasted your time, working with garbage! Hmph. You can recycle trash. So I think, they’re much worse than that. Shut up! You don’t have the right to insult them! No matter what, they were still the Armor Heroes. They were injured, because they refused to hand over their morphers. Is that true? Rumors say, Mike became an Armor Hero,
to save a girl– and that’s why he fell into that big trap. He abandoned his job, for some chick! How can I respect him! I need to make sure the computer
accepts the fake print. I only have one shot to this. Bottom line, you can’t speak ill
of your predecessors. If you say so. Jack, why were you in my lab? You weren’t authorized! After my training, I slept. I’m sorry, Liz. What?
Are you gonna suspend me or something? You— If there’s nothing else…
Then I’m gonna get going. Let’s go!
Come on! Look here Liz, You shouldn’t forget, why you asked us
to work for
you in the first place. Why were you in my lab? You weren’t authorized! After my training, I slept. I’m sorry, Liz. What? Are you gonna suspend me or something? You— Hey Liz. Huh? We should thank the director. Oh, – thank you very much. Ahh~, you’re welcome. This place used to be – really big. Looking at it now, it’s so tiny! That’s because, you’re an adult now. That’s why you think, everything shrunk. What is it? Remember something? Hey, is anything wrong? I remember… where the caretaker fell. He was lying right there. Alright, we’ll go take a look. Hopefully we’ll find something. There should still be a trace. Hey Eric, I want Ivan to grill
all the barbecue meat today! Why? Don’t I make great barbecue? You never let me eat as much as I want! And Ivan loves meat, so I’m sure he’s good!
Let him try! How’d you even know that? It’s really easy! When you’re at the restaurant, you always order
a ton of our roast pork ribs! Don’t just stand there, help me with the grill! Ah, I wonder how Liz and the others,
have been doing lately. I’m sure they’re doing fine, Eric. It’s alright. Don’t think about it too much. There are still Armor Heroes. That’s true. Hey, Jimmy. When you were still a reporter,
did you know any traffic officers? Now that you ask, I might have. What’s wrong? It’s a weird question, but when my parents were in a car accident,
they left a few details unchecked. I was still a kid at the time,
so I didn’t understand what happened. In the end, they forgot about it. Their office was moving,
so they asked me to take a look. There should be a few more documents
that were left from their investigation. Ahh~, I’m not busy later, I can accompany you. Sweetie, are you sure you only saw this person? I’m not really sure, all I saw there was a little boy in the
car with both his Mommy and his Daddy. Was it this person? Yes, sir. Good, if there’s nothing else to add,
I need a thumb print here. Once I take your powers, I will be invincible! Paul disappeared! I thought you two were playing? Teresa? Teresa! saw nothing, I swear to you… Teresa, Paul’s gone! Huh!? There’s something wrong. I’ll take a look. You must take his powers. There’s no use in fighting back,
you annoying little monkey! This mission is a piece of cake! What!? Over there! C’mon! Let’s move! That’s a good boy, just keep walking… The fun was just about to start. Stop it! What’re you doing? Get away from him! Enough! We can’t risk a fight. Let’s just leave him. Now we finally get to witness
the power of the Flash Armor! Finish the job. Mastiff Man Form, – Activate! I’m not sure if you’ve noticed yet, but I’m just getting started, my friend! That’s it!? Is that all you’ve got!? Jack’s in big trouble, I’ll go help him! I have a plan. He can be replaced. You shouldn’t worry. Just focus on the mission. Wouldn’t you agree? I think that, at least,
he could distract the enemy. I don’t care much. It’s up to you. You can’t hide!

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  1. i've watched Armor Hero in SpaceToon with Arabic dubbing when I was child !! memories is coming back !!

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