Armor Hero 51 – Official Full Episode (English Dubbing & Subtitle)

I’ll need everyone’s opinion. Hmm? Jimmy! Long time no see, what brings you to the chatroom, dear? There’s this riddle that I just can’t seem to solve no matter how much I think. So I can’t figure it out. Well, don’t keep us in suspense! I have free time, because I don’t have anything else
to do. I’m so bored right now! Well hurry up, I want to hear the riddle you have! Well you’re right! We’re all terribly bored and lazy! We might get chubby like you soon! Sounds like you guys need my help with a mind game
like that. This is better than studying for ten major exams about
quantum physics! I need everyone’s help. I need the meaning of the “si” symbol! Does anyone know, what it represents? And also, how do five people use or relate to the “si” symbol’s
meaning? “Si” functions a lot like the symbol for “mi”. They’re added together with other symbols. Ha‐ha, no wonder you always fail your exams! Are you serious? Even a fifth grader knows that! I’m also aware that “si” and “mi” are alike in appearance
and function. But since “mi” can mean “thread”, don’t tell me I need to tie five people together! That sounds ridiculous! That’s not it! Since it means thread, why would you tie ‘em!? You need rope to tie people, ya airheads! And rope also has the “si” symbol in it! Maybe the answer is more than just the “si” symbol. I need you in my li~fe, oh yea~h! That is possible! If I remember right, it’s in the structure! Just look for similar words! Since “si” doesn’t mean much by itself, let’s look for Chinese characters that have “si” like a Spelling game! I’ll go first, I’ll go first! is it… thin, rent, give, once, or roo~m? Or is it gallant, amazing, intelligent or awesome!? Lines, spin, slow, pure… create, adjust, ropes… total? sat, had, write, end… green, knot… Unite. Unite… Unite? Unite!? Unite! Oh! I’ve got it! The caretaker was trying to write the word for “unite”! If that’s the case… to summon the Emperor Hero… they need to unite the Armors! Mhmm! I’ve always wondered what’s inside you… Remember, you cannot open that pouch until the very end of your mission. Y_Ye_Yes! To defeat an entire empire… you must defeat its emperor. I must deal with the child first. Are you sure it’s okay? We’ll be fine. Paul can stay in my apartment for now. I’m only worried about what’ll happen next. Alright. If anything happens, I’m just a phone call away. I’m glad I can help. I’m sure you have a lot on your mind right now. Mhm. I should go meet up with the others. Please be safe. I will. Are you hungry? How ‘bout we grab a quick bite before we make our way
home? Let’s go. Hey Paul, what’s wrong? We’ll be safe once we get back to my apartment. They underestimated the boy. Hmph. Perhaps… treasure is contained within this bag. But I thought you were‐‐!? We have come to collect your debt, Dark Emperor! W…W…What do you mean by that!? The answer lies within that piece of paper we gave you. ‘Course I do! I would give my life, if it meant a whole lot of money! Open the bag, and I’ll tell you more. What is this about!? I don’t remember! I owe nothing! You have already sworn your entire life to us. And now we must take it from you! This is the promise you made countless years ago. You cannot take my life! I refuse! Our agreement is final. Your greed infested soul is ours, you worthless imbecile! The world will soon be ours, comrades. It is the advent of our glory. Now, we must go forth and show the Armor Heroes the true power of darkness! I’m almost certain, this is the answer. So you’re telling us, that the “si” symbol means unite, and we should unite our powers? Unite our powers? But we’re all on the same page! I don’t get it. I have a theory. It’s possible, that there’s a greater enemy. What is it? Are you two at home? Mhm. Okay then. Just keep in touch. Teresa just called. Paul used the Flash Armor again. This time, he sealed the four legendary monsters. But after the battle, Paul got sick all of a sudden. If he tries transforming again, he might…not even survive. So if Jimmy, and Sam’s theory are correct, it’s very likely, that our mission isn’t done yet. But how, do we unite… the five Armors? Over there! You impertinent fools should surrender while you can, you cannot possibly win against us! After we destroy these weaklings and their frail Light
Armors, this world will be molded in our image! Attack, Black Monster! Let the Armor Heroes have a taste of our godhood! Don’t hold anything back! Let’s make sure the civilians are safe! It’s going to destroy the city! You can’t run! Today, these puny humans will live in absolute fear under our dominant rule! Behold! Watch as this planet is consumed by the shadows! We will make clear examples out of these Heroes! They shall be defeated! We should be careful! We’re facing the combined power of the five Shadow
Servants! I’m not scared of these guys! They’re going down! Let’s show ‘em who’s boss! Well then! These monsters will pay, for all their crimes! For the sake of the entire planet! Let’s go! It’s time to end this! You have the nerve to call yourselves defenders of
the Earth? Your attacks are useless to us! What in the world’s happening!? It’s turning into a giant! Oh, no… What’s happening? We can’t fight it here! Let’s take the battle to space! Follow my lead! Look at these cowards try to escape! We will not let you run! You must face your inevitable defeat! We’re almost there! Make sure it follows us! Full speed ahead! Enough games! Is this the fastest any of you can go!? Ha‐ha! No matter what happens, it must end here! I agree with Eric, let’s move! Come closer, This is a gift, straight from the Shadow Realm! Now accept it! Let’s put on the pressure! Time for an all out attack! C’mon! We’re running out of power!

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  1. اتمنه ان تاترجموحلقه49و50و51ولوفعلتوها نقون مشكورين جدآ للأشاركأ

  2. Siêu nhan.kieu j mà k hay ti nao trong luc sieu nhan ra doan thi yeu quai dung ngay ra do vkl sieu nhan kkkk

  3. Sing this song to unite the 5 armor heroes (all 5 armor heroes have to sing it with pure heart) “ I will fight, with my armor made for victory, in the dark, don’t surrender, light is there to see, there is hope, there is justice, life will find a way, armor heroes, they will come to save the day!

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