Armor King Overview & Season 3 Changes – Tekken 7 [4K]

After his older brother, the original Armor King was murdered in a bar brawl by Craig Murduck, Armor King II steps into the ring to beat him into a bloody pulp, as well as anyone else who stands in his way. As you might expect of a pro wrestler, Armor King has a very strong throw game, though not quite as strong as King’s. So whereas King is more of a specialist character, Armor King is more well-rounded, with a complete kit of basic, generic poking tools to complement his powerful throws. Armor King has one of the best throw games in Tekken 7, with his own variations of the Shining Wizard and Giant Swing, which is unique in that it looks like a double-hand throw but needs to be broken with the left hand, and also a complete kit of command throws for both hands. Armor King can also perform his throws out of a Mishima-style wavedash, making them quite hard to backdash away from. Like King, he also has multi throws, and while they aren’t as damaging, they can still be quite a handful to deal with. Armor King’s f+4 gives him some powerful okizeme. This is a ground hitting mid that also gives advantage on block. This often compels the opponent to stand up into a mix-up, or side-roll. Against side-roll Armor King can also ground throw, which means it’s never safe to stay on the floor. Armor King is the only grappler in the game to have a full of generic poking tools such as df+1, df+4 and d+4. With these moves he can chip away at an opponent’s health with minimal risk while setting up his throw game, counter hits or opportunities for whiff punishment. With his Dark Upper, a move borrowed by the Mishima family, Armor King can quickly and effectively punish even the smallest of whiffs from just about any distance. Though unlike the Godfist, it lacks a just-frame electric version, so you can’t just use it to control space. Fortunately, when Armor King wants to close the gap he has the Shadow Lariat. This is a plus on block high with immense range, that’s also very hard to step. Though it has quite a lot of pushback, it’s an excellent tool to force the opponent’s back towards the wall while keeping them in check. Armor King has above average combo damage, particularly from Dark Upper. When considered in conjunction with his powerful okizeme, he can be quite an explosive character with some pretty strong comeback potential, though this is dependent on the opponent whiffing. While Armor King has a strong throw game, his lows are fairly mediocre, being either slow and punishable or not particularly rewarding. If Armor King wants to break down a turtle he generally has to take a risk with a throw, which opens him up to a potential launch. While Armor King’s 11 frame while standing 4 is better than average, he lacks any sort of punishment from crouch until his hopkick at 15 frames. This can make certain match-ups very challenging. Armor King is one of the characters whose damage output is a little misleading: it’s very high from his optimal launcher in Dark Upper, but quite lackluster everywhere else – whether from floats or counter hits or standing poke exchanges. We’ll see a bit more of this dynamic when we look at Season 3 Devil Jin. While Armor King isn’t exactly Anna, He’s a bit vulnerable to getting sidestepped right. This combined with the previous damage issue often puts Armor King at a slight risk of getting outbrawled by more powerful characters. To counteract this, Armor King does have some powerful homing moves, however they are quite slow. His low pokes also catch sidestep right, however, as with all lows they’re susceptible to being crushed or parried. While Armor King certainly has many strengths, he doesn’t really excel at anything. He doesn’t have that one move which can really dictate the pace of a match. So an Armor King player needs to work hard and possess strong fundamentals if they want to see success at higher levels of play. Armor King has received quite a few buffs in Season 3 that help round-off some of his weaknesses. While none of the changes are truly transformative, he’s overall quite a bit stronger now. His lackluster lows have received particular attention. While his d+3 does slightly less damage, it now leads to a stagger-stun on counter hit that gives you a whopping +9 to work with. This makes it a much more effective lock-down tool. He also has a fairly decent new low from Shadow Step, which high crushes, gives good advantage on hit, knocks down on counterhit for either a free free ground-throw attempt or guaranteed People’s Elbow and is only launch punishable by a handful of characters. A nice quality of life change is that confirming into the last hit of f+3, 4, 3 on counterhit is much easier now, making it quite a devastating mid-range tool. Comboing from the Shadow Lariat is also slightly more consistent now. While it still won’t combo from close range and depending on the character can still be quite finicky. the extra leniency on such a powerful move does help. Other minor buffs are that 2,1 now gives slightly more advantage on hit and is less negative on block, making an already powerful jab-string even better. Db+2,3 is now safer on block which can be a decent string against mashes. Finally the second hit of d+2, 4, 3 now results in a pancake flip on downed opponents. This mostly serves to improves his previously lacking wall combos, dealing good damage and giving some powerful okizeme after. Armor King is a character who has an answer for every situation, however nothing really stands out about him. Also while most characters have become much stronger since Tekken Tag 2, Armor King hasn’t quite survived the transition. Due to the system changes, a weakened sidestep means that Armor King has a harder time forcing whiffs, and throws are also easier to break. Additionally, his new Tekken 7 moves, such as his Power Crush, aren’t particularly impressive. Although Armor King’s Rage Drive is fairly strong since it leads to a free grab, it still pales in comparison to some of the other Rage Drives in the game. Armor King is seldom seen in tournaments, with the only player who really stuck with him during Season 2 being JDCR, and in Season 3 he’s become even more elusive. The dark jaguar, for now, waits patiently in the shadows. Thank you for watching. As ever we’ve created a PDF of this video for your convenience and enjoyment. Please see the description for a link. Since the Anna overview we’ve recently purchased new hardware for the team to ensure that all future Tekken guides are presented in 4K and without any framerate issues. Our immense gratitude goes out to our patrons for making this possible. Stand by. Up next is Asuka Kazama.

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  1. wow Great Video Bro My Main in Tekken 7 is Armor king and Ar king is so weak really weak..,,,,And that's so sad.
    But He will Remain my Main forever and I love Playing Armor king…,,,

  2. Though not considered very great by my many I still think Armor King is a very fun character and I just love his character design so much. Hopefully due to his popularity the namcops have learned their lesson and he will be in the base roster going forward.

  3. Hey, I've been trying my best to make Armor King work to no avail… although I usually end up around top 8s during school tournaments.
    I'm fairly new to Tekken cuz I've been playing mostly Anime Fighters so I had no problem with difficult inputs, I only picked up Armor King cuz he looks cool and he is a grappler but people kept telling me to just switch to Kazuya cuz he is better… should I change my mains?

  4. Another great video. AK though, along with "standard" King, are two characters I've never never felt comfortable using, since their debut 🤷🏻‍♂️

  5. It’s a bit unorthodox but thinking of FC db,d,db 1+2 and his d2+4, d1+3 crouch throws as part of his punishment for blocked lows changes the way one might see his punishment options, especially on forgotten realm. Same goes for King

  6. AK's strength was combo dmg in season 2. In season 3, nearly every character has a 65-70 dmg generic combo. It's no longer unique, which makes AK garbage tier. He simply has no strength anymore.
    He has the best DF1 in the game next to Lee, and a sparking WS4, but that's it. When you watch JDCR play AK you only really see those 2 moves with some lows and whiff punishes, it's funny how bad the rest of his kit is.

  7. Can we get a poll on potential future videos? Or that could be patron feature… But you should do both if you opt for polls! Cheers man.

  8. People forget that ff3 and wr3 cover everything from range, his ranged options are very effective. I made a video series comparing the two kings in depth.

  9. 3:41 tbh cd throws are only slightly worse than hellsweep. Both launch punishable but throws can be broken.

    4:11 His float dmg seems pretty standard to me

  10. I wish they gave AK a decent Rage Drive… also if King stole from him a couple of moves, AK should steal from King as well, how about ff1?

  11. I'm an Armor King main and I manage to get him to Tekken God in steam. I really hope he will buff him more. It's really hard using him as a main.

  12. One correction, and sorry to be "that guy" on this video but Armor King is based on the wrestler "The Great Muta". Therefore, the elbow that he does is Mutas Flash Elbow.

    Check it out:

    A clearer version:

  13. Always loved AK more than king I love the guide but I do agree with his flaws. If they improve the speed of his sidestep or his lows he’d be much more efficient results wise

  14. Finnally some truth, tired of ppl saying ak combo dmg is above average, thats very very wrong, its only with dark upper AND if u can do lariat in combos. And 80 for an optimal combo on his best launcher isnt that good imo…

  15. ah yes great laid out narrated and edited video! fuck yea Yoshi, Master raven & neener overview soon i'm a patient boi
    to fyi these are a team effort if you didn't know as with tweet here of the full TBS team! now go play TEKKEN to aid other in fighting games to new players to be civil in gaming and in life!

  16. In your round-up you mention the main reason I don't really follow the highest levels of play. I entirely understand why, but it still annoys me that characters are usually chosen at that level purely based on which is "strongest" as opposed to what characters those players actually like the most. The side-effect of that being that it's always the same handful of characters fighting each other over and over again. You have to go watch tournaments on another damn continent to see something new…

  17. Thanks man for proving my point. I am an Ak and Kazuya main. when AK was released, i was playing with my friends and they were beating my AK and i was telling them that Namco did something with his hitbox, bcz i could'nt SS even on -2 or -3 and here in Pakistan you cant perform easily grabs bcz 10 out of 9 we will break them. My friends were not agreeing with me,They were saying that after a long time you need polishing.But today you show us with that TTT2 AK gameplay. You are doing great job and i am your subscriber too. you can check my Armor King gameplay as well. Thanks

  18. The one change I appreciate from this video as opposed to the season 2 one's is the exclusion of the letter grade. That doesn't really matter when the pilot is the architect of play. It's just a silly quantifier for a talking point that people use to follow the game.

  19. I disagree with the damage off of none-DU launchers being average or mediocre. With strong execution the guy breaks 80 or very close to that with most launchers, normal and counter-hit. He can shit out damage, just got to work for it. How many lariats can this combo fit? A ton. I felt that this was excluded from the video or maybe you just weren't familiar with his damage potential.

  20. Props for the video. But you are were wrong at 7:45. You said it yourself before: "Armor King has below average while standing punishment". This makes his life needlessly harder against a Bryan, a Kazumi, or an Alisa.

  21. I really like that you've made these PDFs available, but when I try to print them (Armor King's) it shows up as 8 pages, but it looks like it should be 14 pages. Am I doing something wrong?

  22. So, King is supposed to be "face" and AK is supposed to be "heel", right?

    Like seriously, AK is a more "honest" character than King. King has a lot of dirty tricks and hits people with elbows and knees. Outside of couple odd moves AK is a clean character, that is focused nore on fundamentals. Shouldnt it be other way around?

  23. This video is cool , i know many things about tekken but everytime this man uploads , i must watch his shits whatever it is .
    Keep it up mate , you are the best .

  24. I found your channel just now when I started Armor King AND Now you will review my main, Asuka?!

    You get my subscription! Cheers!

  25. Armor King definitely needs some more buffs. If anything, at least make his poking tools a bit faster. It’s frustrating that nearly character can sidestep AK’s df1 and launch him at the start of a match. I feel like he needs more safe mids

  26. Coming from Mishimas (Heihachi and Kazuya) Armor King is definitely way harder to play. With Mishimas, I can make us of their very good frame data and just throw out electrics when I'm pressured. I really like whiff-punishing and with AK you can't really throw out dark uppers like you do electrics. You have to play Armor King way more 'honest' because he lacks really good frames. You really have to condition your opponent a lot more than with other characters when playing Armor King, grab set-ups are important. I often times use his f4 as if it were a Mishima axe kick but you can definitively tell he lacks in that department. If you watch JDCR play AK in tournament, you'll basically only see df1 and d4, coupled with movement and that's why I think Armor King might make you a better player fundamentally because he doesn't have that one single move that'll bail you out. Like JDCR said, there's basically no reason to pick AK over Heihachi or Kazuya if you can play those characters.

    Some sensible buffs I'd give him:

    – Rage drive leaves opponent closer and always guarantees tombstone, right now his RD just feels half-assed/bugged
    – Give some more tracking to his core moves, right now he feels really linear, I feel like I get my df1 stepped a lot more than with other characters
    – Make his power crush not garbage, you'd think a character called armor king would have a good armor move, I have a feeling they might actually buff this. Make it force crouch or something.
    – Give him his old death sandwich back, he really needs it
    – Do something about db3, I don't know why but that move really irritates me. I always resort to that move when I'm panicked and I hate myself for using it. I always feel like I got away with murder when it connects. Speed it up and remove the ch launch properties, just do something about it

    It's really hard buffing a character like AK because his fundamental tools are good and his throw game is excellent. I'm pretty sure he'll be in the main roster in the next game because of how popular he is as DLC right now so I'm confident he'll be more fleshed out then.

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