Art in Bloom at the NC Museum of Art

[mellow music] – Remarkable
floral designs are already pleasing to the eye. But when those flowers
are used to interpret, and mirror a work of art, the
results can be astounding. – [Bob] I know that
folks arrange flowers for events like weddings,
and things like that, but I had never really thought
of using flowers as art. And to see the two
blended together here has really been impressive. – Bob Coates
and his wife Kristen are thoroughly
enjoying their visit to the Art in Bloom event at the North Carolina
Museum of Art in Raleigh. – Everything that
we’ve seen so far has been absolutely great. It’s just been a… The creativity of the art, but then to see that mirrored
in the flowers as well has been, as a first timer,
it’s just blown me away. I love it. I think it’s something I know
I’d like to come back to. I’m sure we’ll bring family
members in the future. – Heather Miller
is among the more than 50 floral designers, garden club members,
and hobbyists who have gathered here
from across the state and the country. – It really is an honor
that the museum does this. I think to put floral art
on display in the museum, in such a prestigious museum,
on a pedestal is awesome. – The painting
Miller converted into flowers is called Six Women. – [Heather] I’ve
got roses in there. I have carnations, orchids, calla lilies. – Miller enjoys
expanding her artistic pursuits, and showcasing her skills
in a whole new way. She also likes to hear
what visitors think of her rendering of the artwork. – It’s entertaining, because sometimes it is in line
with what you were thinking, and then sometimes, they’ve
gone a whole different way that you hadn’t
even thought of, but it makes it nice to see that each person has their own
ability to interpret it. – Another
desire of the folks who participate in and organize
this hugely popular event is for people to see art
pieces in a whole new way. – So, when we put some
flowers in the room, and then ask you specifically
to look for something extraordinary or
normally overlooked, it brings people a whole new
appreciation of where they are. – That
appreciation also comes from the florist as well. They don’t choose the art
they’re going to reimagine, and at times, it
can be challenging. – They pick straight
from that basket blindly, and some of them are really
happy, and some of them think, “Well, I don’t know, what
am I gonna do with this?” And truthfully,
from what we’ve seen is the people who are the most
surprised with what they get are the people who have
come up with the best out of the box arrangements. – This
arrangement is considered one of those
out-of-the-box designs. It’s creators have won high
praise for their ability to help visitors
rediscover this art piece. – [Laura] The orientation
and the color and the scale totally matched the
painting, which is a very sort of depressing piece, and yet, the floral interpretation
is light and airy. – The flowers
are constantly changing, and while the floral
designers work hard to make sure they stay fresh
over the four-day event, they can also sit back and
watch their work blossom. – Though we have some things
that begin as little buds on Thursday, and by
Sunday, they’re big blooms, and it totally changes the look. – From
paintings to sculptures, from well-known flowers to the more unusual flora, Art in Bloom is not only a
stunning showcase of talents, but many visitors find
it’s a starting point for artistic inspiration
in their everyday lives. – [Bob Voiceover] Seeing the
art interpreted in flowers kind of takes it out of being
just an art museum thing. So now, when I’m out and
if I’m taking a walk, and I see flowers that
are growing or something, it kind of… It give your eye
maybe an artistic bend about seeing the
world around you. So, you don’t have
to necessarily just go to the art
museum to see art, you can see art around you. [mellow music] – Art in Bloom opens
Thursday, March 22nd and runs through
Sunday, March 25th at the North Carolina
Museum of Art. The museum is at 2110 Blue
Ridge Road in Raleigh. Now, this event is
extremely popular, so order your tickets early. For more information
call 919-839-6262, or log on to

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