Assassin’s Creed Odyssey: E3 2019 Story Creator Mode | Launch Trailer | Ubisoft [NA]

[ ASSASSIN’S CREED ODYSSEY MUSIC ] THIERRY: The Story Creator Mode is a tool that we are going to give to the community to create all the Stories they want in the world of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey. ANTHONY:A story is a succession of quests that you can set up pretty much as you want. We have a wide variety of objectives to choose from, you can add characters from the main game as well as write your own dialogues. and share them with the whole community. ELLIE: You can pretty much write whatever you want within Story Creator Mode. The dialogue tools are actually based on the ones we used for the main game. You can create branching narratives, you can roleplay, ANTHONY: We know our community is quite creative, and I think whether you’re into art or writing, or just very curious about how games work, Story Creator Mode can appeal to you. ELLIE: There’s so much potential and there’s so many different objectives and possibilities with the dialogue system so really get deep into those mechanics and see just actually what you can create. THIERRY: The entire community is going to make us dream, make us cry, make us laugh We are pretty sure that people are going to surprise us. [ Woman yells from Kassandra Spartan Kicking her ] ELLIE: I’m really excited to see what the community can actually come up with. I’m excited to see the variety of quests that they will make. And the stories that they can tell within the world because there is so much potential there. – TELL YOUR OWN STORIES – – SHARE THEM WITH THE WORLD – – NOW FREE TO ALL PLAYERS –

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  1. talk about immersive. this is a hell of a way to get people into writing, storyboarding or just coming up with their own path, in a game so to speak.

  2. Lmao I used to do stuff like this back with Black Flag, of course I couldn't actually create the characters or the dialogue that was just in my head, but I did used to play my own imaginary storyline and it was a lot of fun!

  3. I’m planning on making a story where Alexios/Kassandra makes a discovery that will shape the course of the future. What he/she will discover will be the return of an ancient and forgotten super species. The Titans.

  4. Thanks for taking the time to add such a cool feature looking forward to seeing what the community makes and see what I make

  5. Crazy to think Ubisoft the same company that produced some of the worst games of all time like the crew 2 produces this masterpiece.. seriously you guys should stick to RPGs even if it doesn’t have the Assassins creed name, it’s your strong point.

  6. Everyone's talkin bout Sokrates, but what about Hippokrates? He wants revenge for you agreein with the lady who hates bald people who called him ugly. 😂

  7. Yeah I'm a gamer I like to play. If that was something I was into I Be A Millionaire making games my own. Don't over add.. what you've done with Assassin's Creed Odyssey so far has been awesome. Don't over add

  8. What is assassin's creed now? Wheres the assassins? It's not even a shadow of its former self, it's unrecognizable.

  9. " Hey Epic Gamer, go to this location, i give you the coordinates even though coordinates are not yet invented in this time period "

    Omg! I fucking love the AC community! I love it

  10. Now I can make a story that gives you two things one a hate boner for my villain and two a very much needed much that guy mechanic should make for a satisfying kill

  11. please at this point allow pc users the mod support and increase the game's lifetime.
    We don't need 4 kinds of DRM to buy a game smh

  12. It would be awesome if the voices spoke whatever you typed, like a Greek-accented robot or whatever. But that won’t happen.

  13. I can't create a Ubisoft account. It keeps giving me an error message stating that someone is already using my email address, which is not at all likely, and it won't accept any of my other emails that I use. If I have forgotten that I already made an account, it would have to be under one of my email addresses. In fact it gives me the same error message for any email address I enter altogether, made up or otherwise.  I want to check Story Creator Mode out,  but haven't been able to figure out how make that happen. Anyone have any ideas or advice?

  14. Everyone: Dead Silence
    Ubisoft: Heard you loud and clear! Story Creator Mode!
    Everyone: Wha? Um awesome thanks😂

  15. I need a story creator like this combined with a character creator like Soul Calibur 6, that would be a goldmine. I'd never get out again lol

  16. I think the sad part is there won't be any voice over since you can write your own stuff. It would be cool, but, ya know, how?

  17. I would pay good money to have this for Assassin's Creed Unity. I just love the world there, and I think there's a lot of life left in that world if new missions can be created either by Ubisoft or the community.

  18. I think there should be an Assassin's Creed game called Assassin's Creed: World which is more of than a Co-op game and a game that allows you to join a whole web of players and an even bigger map with different modes…

    I dunno it's just a reccomendation

  19. not a feature i saw many asking for, but if it brings us content sooner than every month and a half, i'm all for it.

  20. Someone please HELP ME!!! I have tried everything and still cant seem to find any story creator missions on my quests tab, my account is linked with u play, content creator is enabled in the options menu, and yet there is no content creator tab in the game, i have about 10 missions added from the website, but nothing ever shows on my world map or quests menu, what am i doing wrong?

  21. "Excited to see the variety of quests that they will make"

    Be careful what you wish for lmao

    "Viper 4, obscene memes headed to your AO."

  22. I want to learn how to make a Greek Templar vs assassin war story where I play the Greek Templars and wipe out the Greek assassins and Bring Order and Discipline and Control to Greece and All of the world. Deus vult.

  23. Esto no es un Assassin's cred lo siento pero no lo es y esto no es sólo una opinión es la de muchos no parece siento de momento pero están perdiendo jugadores por lo tanto dinero

  24. Damn all thats missing is a system to voice the characters ourselves and emotion setting based on the dialogue and this will be like the ultimate Assassins Creed fanfic feature lol

  25. Tbf, I've been roleplaying in this game for awhile now. Pretending that I'm taking over provinces to aid the assassins. Killing corrupt leaders, evading assassins hot on my trail. Not a bad idea for them to put a dedicated feature in. If any type of game promotes player created content, it's open world games.

  26. I hope ghost recon breakpoint get’s a story creator at a later point of the game!? That would be awesome to have Ubi!!!

  27. Ubisoft; I know episode 3 is suppose to be the end of The fate of Atlantis dlc but, I and others would love to have one more episode involving Zeus, or at least maybe you all could add Zeus’s character to the story mission creator.

  28. I really love this idea. I have the game on PS4. Will I be able to use this feature like lets say on PC and play stories created by me or the community on my PS4?

  29. Ubisoft: you guys can make your own storylines.

    Us: Great! Lets make some levels that get rid of grinder elements of the game.

    Ubisoft: No! That will hurt us selling XP boosts! BANNED!

  30. Sorry, but I'm sanctioned away from Ubisoft products and from their products due to highly problematic customer treatment while playing the game.

  31. when they start banning user-created stories for no other (real) reason than "It is hurting our bottom line" i think of an old song:
    "You've got to change your evil ways , baby / Before I stop lovin' you / You've got to change , baby / And every word that I say is true "

  32. I cant even find the option to add basic enemies like spartan soldiers had to make do with side characters. .n.

  33. I must say…odyssey and all these dlc's has just blown me away. good job ubisoft. $120 was alot but no regrets, especially after getting ac3 remastered! cant wait to see whats next!

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