Assault Android Cactus+ Switch Announcement Trailer

then our priority is getting your core
back online someone, lead the way hold on there space cop, there’s a
hundred thousand homicidal robots and three kilometres of ship between us, and
the core! yah? battery up! I’m on fire! filthy rat! you fiend! why do you resist? unbelievable! Assault Android Cactus PLUS

27 thoughts on “Assault Android Cactus+ Switch Announcement Trailer

  1. It's on Switch? Cool! Ima getting this on the go! You guys planning on licensed amiibo? Just asking, cause shovel knight has one.

  2. Please update the PC version. "Just play it on the Switch" is not an option, because just on framerate alone, 60FPS on switch makes it a fundamentally different and inferior experience vs 120-240FPS on the PC. Put it on every platform in the universe if you want, just no arbitrary exclusivity please.

  3. The way I understood it from the devblog on the official website, Campaign+ and all the other added features are also coming to all the other versions, but it's not made clear when.

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