20 thoughts on “Assault on Doomrock Rundown

  1. i want this!!! thanks for the vid and demo!!! perhaps more funny cartoony art might make it better… the art seemed a little serious.
    okay on indiegogo 😀

  2. This game looks right up my daughter's alley! I will definitely be on the look out for it. Thanks for the playthrough, Richard!

  3. The game looks very fun, although I don't like names like Darker Dagger of exploding kidneys since they are immersion breaking for me. However, those who like some sillyness in their games and possibly kids might like the game game more which is a shame because I liked the combat a lot. I loved the Smourfs reference and I think it is different enough to avoid lawsuits. It is a fantasy world after all and names like that are common.

  4. This game gives off the same vibe as that series of D&D dungeon crawl games – e.g. Castle Ravenloft, Wrath of Ashardalon, etc. That's by design, no doubt. But injecting a bunch of dice into the combat seems like an interesting twist to the old formula.

  5. Great work as always with the reviews Rahdo. What I really enjoy about your reviews is how you also had the excitement with it as it adds the atmosphere of being right there.

  6. Both titles go well hand in hand but the old name "D&D&D" just had that D&D humor. Also Tom Stasiak (designer of Assault on Doomrock) mentioned on BoardGameGeek :

    Tom Stasiak
    "Yes well liked the old title, but it had a nice potential for having me sued for violating copyright : P

    I kinda like the new one too. I like saying Doomrock.
    DoomrockDoomrockDoomrock… : )

  7. I simply love your runthroughs. It's actually the only way I can enjoy a coop game, since I don't like to play them at the table. So thanks!

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