Assault Rifle Laws in Ca

all right so California got some new
laws coming out about assault rifles or ARs whatever I don’t really know but
I’m heading to Turner’s right now see if I can pick myself up a new rifle Hey there I want to see about buying one of
those assault rifles I know that new law is kicking in pretty soon I want to get one
before I can Well an assault rifle’s not a real thing but I think I know what
you’re looking for and we have two different options you can go with we
have AR pattern rifles and either fixed magazine or featureless configuration
I’m sorry what? well with the laws in California you can have a rifle in one of two
ways the first is gonna be a fixed mag so a fixed mag makes it so a magazine can’t
drop without you separating the upper and the lower so the button you
press on the side allows the upper and lower separate then you drop the
magazine with this you can have your rifle pretty much standard a collapsible
stock a pistol grip a flash hider whatever you want it’s a fixed magazine
according to the new law. This one use’s the juggernaut pin so it allows it to
separate then you can drop the mag continues normal. okay I see what else you
got? going featureless will be your other option. Is that the one with uhh… is
that the one with the fin? well that fin is so you want to have a standard pistol
grip a standard pistol grip is defined as having the webbing between your
forefinger and thumb below the exposed portion of the trigger
so with these grips even the ones that wrap around you’re still getting a
non-traditional pistol grip you have to fix the stock get rid of your flash hider
and get a muzzle break or thread protector but it allows you to drop the
mag with just your finger. Oh wow really that’s cool. Yeah you get that standard
mag release and really unless you’re concerned with adjusting your rifle for
different shooters the only thing that takes a little bit getting used to is
that non-traditional grip and once again you to drop the mags the way is intended.
What about a bullet button?!?!?! A what? well if you purchased a rifle before
January 1st 2017 it may have come with a bullet button. A bullet button was an older
law that allowed the magazine to be fixed which under the current law is no
longer valid option. ok my buddy has one of those what’s he supposed to do?
well if you already have one before June 3 if you can register. it or you can
configure it like the way we just went over either a fixed magazine or a featureless
rifle okay nice you know I’m really digging that one with that kind of fin
grip you can drop the mag let’s go get the paperwork going on that one.
perfect let me get your ID we’ll get the paper we’re going Pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew pew

6 thoughts on “Assault Rifle Laws in Ca

  1. Thank you for helping people stay up to date with so many laws, that help no one stay safe. At least our politicians dont have to follow the laws the trap is only for slaves I mean citizens.

    When yall gonna sell 0% receivers?

  2. Good video.. but he talks REALLY fast (as a character behind the counter)… I had to turn on Closed Captions to make out the key terminology. Other than that, was helpful.

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