Assault Weapon Bans Are All About Appearance

Do you think that you would have a civil war? Are you worried about that? What do you think will happen if we do nothing? Do you think more kids will be killed? I’m not, I’m not arguing on behalf- Do you think more concerts will be shot up,
more churches will– I’m not arguing on behalf- The court keeps allowing states to ban assault-style
weapons. Your inability to do even the common sense
stuff really frustrates me. So when do we say enough is enough? A string of high-profile mass shootings over
the past few years has spawned a movement that’s calling for
new legislation to outlaw so-called assault-style weapons, in particular the popular AR-15. Assault weapon bans are depicted as life-saving,
“common sense” policy. The problem is that the definition of an assault
weapon is totally arbitrary. An assault weapon is whatever is covered by
an assault weapon ban. Jacob Sullum is a senior editor at Reason
who writes about gun policy. The criteria that are used to identify assault
weapons are things that have little or nothing to
do with how useful or how deadly an assault weapon is in the hands of a mass
murderer. We will finally ban these assault weapons
from our streets that have no other purpose other than to kill. The federal government banned assault weapons
in 1994, when President Clinton signed a bill sponsored
in the Senate by Dianne Feinstein. Mr. and Mrs America, Turn them all in. The bill expired 10 years later, but Feinstein
is sponsoring a new version of the law. Meanwhile, seven states and the District of
Columbia have enacted their own assault weapon bans. There’s little evidence that the 1994 legislation
reduced gun deaths, in part because it was mostly a symbolic gesture. Unless you really delve into the specifics
of what these bills do, you don’t understand how utterly arbitrary
they are. In the original 1994 bill and in the new version
of the legislation assault weapons are not defined by what they
do but by how they look. Feinstein’s current bill talks about things
like pistol grips, adjustable stocks, threaded barrels, in other words, you can have a gun with any
one of those features, it is now an assault weapon. Exactly the same gun without those features
is not an assault weapon. And in fact, there are a bunch of examples
like that. Let’s compare the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle
with the AR-15. One looks like a hunting rifle and the other
looks like a military weapon. They fire at the same rate, they fired the
same caliber of ammunition and because they have similar barrel lengths,
the ballistics are almost identical. Now those are single shots. If I wanted to fire this on full semi-automatic,
all I do is keep firing… Another misconception is that so-called assault
rifles are automatic weapons, which fire continuously until the trigger
is released or the gun runs out of ammunition. The federal government banned the manufacture
of new automatic weapons for civilian use in 1986. Most modern civilian guns are semi-automatic, which means they only fire one round per trigger
pull. But if you’re talking about, you know, how many rounds you get out of the gun within
a certain amount of time, any semiautomatic is gonna fire be capable
of firing the same number of rounds Originally built for the battlefield, a defining characteristic of the AR-15 is
the speed and power of the bullet… Another myth is that assault weapons are more
powerful than other guns. In reality, the power of a firearm depends
mainly on the cartridge, not the gun. Again, compare the Ruger Mini-14 Ranch Rifle
with the AR-15. Both can shoot the same .223 caliber bullet,
at the same velocity. You will see that lots of hunting rifles are
more powerful, uh, can do more damage, uh, you know, at the
same distance, uh, than so called assault weapons. One of the most common cartridges used for
hunting is the .308 Winchester, which has more than double the impact force when compared to the ammunition used in an
AR-15. Another common refrain is that assault weapons can inherently fire more rounds than other
guns before reloading. But it’s the magazine, which is just a detachable
box and a spring, that determines how many times you can fire. And many guns that are not identified as “assault
weapons” accept high-capacity magazines. So again, this is not a feature that distinguishes
assault weapons from other kinds of guns. Banning guns solely based on appearance is
counterproductive and makes it difficult to have a good-faith
discussion about effective solutions to gun violence. I’m not going to say everyone has to own
an ar-15, because it’s such a great gun. But people have their reasons for wanting
to have them and the government shouldn’t be second-guessing
those reasons without a very powerful justification. And the justification offered for banning
assault weapons is virtually nonexistent because it doesn’t make sense.

100 thoughts on “Assault Weapon Bans Are All About Appearance

  1. The sad thing about gun control is it’s usually based on looks or a COD understand of guns. It looks scary so ban it. Or when they ban things that don’t change much like having a pistol grip on certain shotguns, it’s nicer but doesn’t change the danger or killing potential of it. It seems they view attachments and other things on guns like a video game, like this stock adds five range, and this grip adds three damage, but it’s not like that in real life. I also enjoy the doublethink they do. On one hand saying an AR-15 is and extreme killer and is so powerful and deadly it needs to be banned, but on the other hand saying who needs an AR-15 a pistol is just as good. Like how can it be so deadly yet also no better than any other gun. I just don’t get it.

  2. I once had a few liberal family members visit and they complained about my gun collection. So I got two separate guns out of my one cabinet: an AR-15 in .223, and a .40 Smith and Weston pistol. I took everyone outside and set up a bunch of targets on stands at varying short distances, some low to the ground, human average height, and in between. I also added some blank target stands to simulate obstructions. I then asked them to guess which of the two firearms I would hit the most targets with in the shortest time as if I was attempting a mass attack, with 20 rounds in the AR and a two full/partial magazines for the pistol.

    I knew I would take less time to hit all the targets with the pistol, even having to reload. They stood shocked. These murderers use the AR-15 for only one reason – to get people to overreact. A person with even a little bit of practice with a handgun will be more lethal in those environments than they would with an AR-15. A true assault rifle in military or law enforcement serves suppression roles against other similarly armed opponents. In closed environments, like schools, pistols are far deadlier and magazine size will do nothing to really slow a practiced hand.

  3. Pressure cooker > AR-15. Pressure cookers are cheaper and they don't even have to be full semiautomatic to be lethal.

  4. Pro gun competition shooter can fire off 10 rounds out of a semiautomatic piston under fractions of a second. Let’s ban all pro competition shooters too. On second thought, any one with a trigger finger, let throw them in jail.

  5. My opinion is that the only reason to have a firearm is to use at a range (and left at the range or no ammunition is allowed outside of the range), when you live in an area with serious animal attacks or to be used as sport hunting. In other words civilians should not have access to a loaded/ammunition nearby a firearm unless it is to be used in that area at that time.

  6. That CNN clip at :32 will never. Not astonish me. Didn’t they say that guy in the black is some decorated general or something? Both guys stances are so beyond fucked it’s not even funny and the “general” actually says that he was firing in “fully semi automatic”. He didn’t even shoulder the firearm. I guarantee he’s never seen combat and was some paper pusher coward. That clip was the moment I realized that the gun control debate was not about safety. It is about control and government tyranny.

  7. Want to know what the problem is? People like Feinstein that have been in office for decades. Term limits won't fix the problem, but it'll sure help start the fix. Also I love the power and danger argument. Most people that say that have no issue with my Howa, which is a .300 Winchester magnum, that I've now started hand loading to fine tune its performance. It was already a way more powerful round than the M193's I run through my AR.

  8. An Assault weapon is whatever the Treasonous and Tyrant Dem & RINO cocksuckers say whatever they are. They all need to be given The Day of The Rope.

  9. Fucking stupid. Banning weapons only effects law abiding citizens. Criminals DO NOT follow the law. Feinstein is a MORON.

  10. To point out, the guy who said “full semi automatic” was a general who served 36 years according to the CNN report

  11. LMAO! They need to start asking the one question the government worker just hates! WHEN WILL WE SEE THE GOVERNMENT GETTING RID OF THEIR ARMED GUARDS ????? THAT CARRY THOSE VERY GUNS! They can call 911 just like everybody else can!

  12. Kids shooting kids and they blame everyone but themselves the KIDS . Ban these kids from crying on TV ,YouTube and all media . No one wants to here them cry and blame everyone but themselves . KIDS shooting KIDS

  13. Anti-gun people are dumb as shit. That is primarily why they really aren’t taken seriously by gun owners. Why do people have to be so stupid????

  14. I ain't gotta worry about shit, as they ain't even talking about the AK platforms lol. 7.62 all day every day SKS/AK up to SVD. Best guns on earth.

  15. When people talk about a balanced discussion, this is it. You can be pro-gun, anti-gun, or anywhere in between and still agree that this is sensible.

  16. First, i dont listen to kids or college students or old ass congress people who have zero education on shit when it comes to guns. Countries with no guns have a murder rate just as high. The crying school kid is not going to tell me what i should and shouldn't do. Facts dont care about your feelings. I will not give up my rifles or ar15 till i die. The problem can be solved but the demecrats do not want it solved. A disarmed public is a controlled public and at the mercy of any criminal..

  17. I like the cowboy rifle lever action. Don't own a gun but don't care If you do. I think it is a price isue

  18. Why stop at autos ? You all need rocket launchers, hell just shoot the shit outta anything because the 2nd amend. says u can. lol.

  19. It is not about safety, it is about despotic government control. It is difficult for a tyrannical government to 100% control a population of armed citizens that are also defiant and don’t want to be beat down and dominated. Violent socialists and globalists and the UN want to disarm us, tax us into poverty, enslave us, turn us into peasants, indoctrinate our children and maybe murder and replace us. We will be forced to resist if “they” try to force compliance. “They” don’t give a damn about public safety and would run us over and forcibly disarm us if it was possible. Keep resisting!

  20. oh wow, now that we know what bill clinton is all about, he has some nerve to talk! hes a fucking killer and so is his evil wife! hes a fucking hypocrite!!!

  21. wow, and this guy that calls it a "full semi automatic" is supposed to be a general in our Army! what an idiot! i lost brain cells when he said that! i literally felt them leaving my brain and pouring out of my ears!

  22. Note to Congress: You will have started The New Civil War if you try and fu_k with our right to self defense….You will own this ….!!! The destruction of the United States of America will be your Legacy…..!!!! At that time, Mr and Mrs Congress person your power and wealth will be of no value……!
    Remember….You Will Own "The New Civil War"……….

  23. ENUFF with the MINI 14 comparisons!! They'll b e on my ass next cause mine has a folding stock, adjustable stock AND a PISTOL GRIP!!

  24. Trying to have a rational conversation with a liberal is like playing chess with a pigeon. No matter how good you are at chess, the pigeon will knock over all the pieces, poop on the board, and strut around victoriously.

  25. this arguement has gone on for hundreds of years… our forefathers put it in constitution to bann government from any and all laws of our weapons… only since democrats, and traitorous republicans wanted saudi based world government , has it become an issue… forefathers did not object to them… encouraged them.. and wanted our country to remain free….

  26. Good lord that old fart in the beginning has awful posture while shooting that AR. Gross. Bet they told him to do that

  27. Civil war is eminent. Legislation is not doing their job to protect the people, instead the wish is to disarm anyone that might rise against them.

  28. When do you say enough is enough when you bring back basic sensible morals values, stop glamorizeing disgusting blood and gore violence in entertainment, And mostly stop the hate and verbal, mental, physical, social child abuse and harrassment in our schools that children do to each other just becouse their differences and train school officials to recognize it and do somthing about it.And stop the demokkkrats manipulation and exploitation propagating more of the same with their hand puppet media exploitation of a preventable tragedy for their polictical agendas. That's a good place to start. To stop a tragedy at the source of the problem at the beginning and not waiting to do something at the end that doesn't help anyone or perhaps only the politicians with an agenda.

  29. These proposals are coming from people who've never fired a gun before, or get their knowledge from call of duty

  30. Don’t these retarded politicians even realize they wouldn’t have these cushy jobs, had it not been for firearms?

  31. Everything can be identified as a assault weapon, even a spoon. You can do as much damage with a pistol as a semi automatic rifle😂😂😂 more damage if you use a high caliber like .45🤗

  32. Guns kill people. I have yet to see my gun float off my table and shoot someone. Most people must realize that most politicians no nothing about firearms.




  33. Fukstein, has absolutely no idea or common sense.
    If someone stabs you with a letter opener, is that just a letter opener or assault weapon.
    Ice pick in the ear is instant death.

  34. The political hacks most surely define assault weapon, differently than the military. ARs are not, repeat, NOT assault weapons by a military definition. As one young lady pointed out, the term assault rifle was coined by Adolph Hitler's NAZI regime in WWII. Does that term really apply to the civilian AR platform, which is a semi-automatic firing carbine? I don't think so.
    The HONEST truth is that the anti-gun political hacks and their running dogs picked up the term from the NAZIs and recoined it to fit their agenda, which is to ban or confiscate ALL guns in the U.S. from the law abiding citizens, who have a RIGHT to keep and to bear arms, under the Constitutions 2nd amendment, in the Bill of Rights.
    If they could, they would do away with both the first, and second amendments, and possibly the 3rd and 4th, as well. What they want is what I would call tyranny.
    I hope voters will be smart enough to not fall for this proposed bill limiting their rights under the Constitution, and bend their senatorial representatives ears, if it even gets introduced. Don't count on the NRA. They have proven to be as corrupt as the House and the Senate.

  35. There is currently no justification to stop people owning an AR-15 in America. Quote unquote. You have to be joking youselves into a corner from which you cannot get out of…no human being should be allowed to have that rifle because it is meant to kill another human being. What does that say ?

  36. This is well stated; I picked it up from a You-Tuber:

    I have been saying this for years all the unconstitutional gun laws passed in California have exempted law enforcement and some others while going after honest law abiding citizens and turning them into "their criminals" and the courts have done nothing or very little to correct this injustice. Furthermore the citizens of California are not second class citizens and they do not have second class rights either. If the civilian Police force / officers can have 17 round magazines and can buy any gun they wish to that is not on the so called safety roster, then that makes them above the law and that my friends is what is wrong with this!. If all the off roster guns are unsafe then all of our officers are carrying unsafe guns around, and we all know the guns are not unsafe.

    "Rules for thee, but not for me", is running thin on a lot of people. But ultimately in my opinion, the civil conflict will be between those who feel they have a duty or right to oppress and those who do not want to be oppressed, or should I say those who want to be left alone and those who won't leave them alone".

  37. the rouge unconstitutional legislature has to be stopped they are passing unconstitutional communist laws and it is not the American peoples will they need to do the American peoples will !

  38. When do people realize that the biggest problem /threat to our property rights and freedoms is the current government services agencies run out of the foreign enclave known as Washington DC. Who are “they” really?? Wanna know????

  39. “Assault is the a verb, an action word, it’s impossible for a rifle to be a assault rifle or weapon but a man or woman could assault anyone with any tool, device and we don’t add a verb to it like if someone kills his friend with tea ☕️ kettle, we don’t call the kettles murder kettles or bludgeoning pots, that’s a bastardization our English language and as an Englishman, I wanna sue those idiots for fictitious conveyance of language as a enticement to fraud, especially illegal and unlawful putting them through the mail post. “Assault weapons” , bloody illiterate bastards, oh smacking 🔨 hammers will cost you a tax stamp and a application for a permit and hopefully a permit and then maybe a certificate that they give allowing you to do something you could’ve without “them” I.e. the catholic church’s estates banksters legal chicanery team that we call our government services agencies America. Go team , now let’s go crash the whole system by rendering our slavery bonds disguised as birth certificate back to the crown bank 🏦 and press the restart button on the world 🗺 economy. If two States or more just kicked out the foreign principality owned business (the fed and 🏦) it would catch on quick.

  40. Has no one heard of operation northwoods? Its not outside the scope of our government to lie and carry out attacks according to their own documents. And when have we ever been able to trust the government ? Isnt that the thing the founders told us over and over not to do?

  41. That guy in the begging does not know how to use that firearm. If you ban weapons only criminals will have weapons. Stand up for your right and dont fall for the emotions and lies.

  42. these people don't realize you don't specifically need an AR-15 to start a mass shooting. You could go in with a Beretta 92 and with good aim, kill 15 people in 1 mag.

  43. And here we go again. OK Then! The word "ASSAULT WEAPONS" keeps being bantered about by most democrats and people with Zero Knowledge about weapons. So, for those who want to define "ASSAULT WEAPONS" Please define, Exactly what an ASSAULT WEAPON would be. Why it differs from any other weapon, and how that elimination of this weapon would make people safer. All of us want to know, soooooo We – Will – All – Wait!

  44. The Democratic party are nothing more than disgusting racist morons, if we cannot stop illegal drugs
    from coming into the United States with the drug laws and enforcement that we have now, how in the world will we stop the illegal guns from coming into the United States when they do reinstate and strengthen the 1994 ban on assault weapons and high-capacity magazines or pass new gun laws. What morons and why has it taking so long for them to jump on this issue.

  45. There are battle rifles (typically select fire) and modern sporting rifles. Feinstein wants to disarm the people so the left can subjugate the people.

  46. Nothing can't stop us from buying a AR-15s and well how about if someone got there hands on a SAW that gun shoots 30 to 40 rounds

  47. Come on America, just ban automatic, semi auto and high capacity magazines. Stop tiptoeing around it because your scared of the NRA.

  48. There is no such thing as an assault rifle. That phrase was made up by the Germans in world War 2, to try and scare the enemy, It was propaganda. Democrats took it and use it to keep the unknowing public scared to.
    Sandy Hook in CT, happened when there was an " Assault Weapons Ban" in that state, But it still happened,
    The A in AR stands for Armalite, the R stands for Rifle, together you have AR,
    Not Assault Rifle, Armalite was the first company that made that style rifle, Assault just sounds scarier than Armalite…

  49. AR-15 is nothing more the a name brand of a rifle..
    It does not mean:
    "Assault Rifle"
    "America's Rifle"
    "A Ranpage"

    What AR stands for= ArmaLite rifle after the company that makes it. The dumb ass news makes this brand sound really bad..

    Smart people know the news and dumb goverment want to use this to scare joe blow public in to there homes. All is wrong.

  50. I can't believe that so called retired service guy used "fully semi-automatic".

    It was clear in the way he shot the rifle and in using that language that HE HAS NEVER USED IT BEFORE!

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