Audrey is Back! 👑 | Road to Auradon | Descendants 3

Man: Three, two, one, action. ♪ It’s good to be bad ♪ – Will you marry me?
– ( gasps ) – Will you be my queen?
– Yes! No!
I am so excited to be back. I missed my whole Descendants
guys so much on number two and I get to come back
with such an exciting role. Sweet dreams. Yeah, Audrey turns bad.
About to get a little ugly. Audrey has changed quite a lot
in this film. She had the rug pulled
from under her feet when Ben professed his love
for Mal. Audrey’s been hurt, too. Maleficent scepter sort of
beckons her, latches on to her, and she becomes this evil
sorceress. She is not holding back. She’s cast these spells
on Auradon and doesn’t want anyone
to get in her way. Sleeping is too good
for Auradon. Audrey is in town and she’s mad. She wants to cause damage. I was hoping you were home. We’re at the recording studio. I just recorded “Queen of Mean.” ♪ The queen of mean ♪ The lyrics are just as much
of a storyline as the dialogue
throughout the film. ♪ Now I feel this
overwhelming pain ♪ ♪ I mean, it’s in my veins,
I mean, it’s in my brain ♪ ♪ My thoughts are running
in a circle like a toy train ♪ ♪ I’m kinda like a perfect
picture with a broken frame ♪ ♪ I know exactly who to blame ♪ “Queen of Mean” really
encapsulates Audrey’s journey. It’s been this sort of like pent
up anger that she’s been feeling and this is finally the moment
where she talks about it and she talks about how hurt
she is and how lonely she is and how much it sort of affected
her life. She thought she was gonna
be queen with Ben by her side. So this is about
how that got taken from her and how she is sort of out
for vengeance. If Mal’s gonna have that crown, she’d rather no one has it.
She’d rather break it. ♪ I never thought of myself
as mean ♪ ♪ I always thought
that I’d be the queen ♪ ♪ And there’s no in-between ♪ ♪ ’cause if I can’t have that ♪ ♪ Then I will be the leader
of dark and the bad ♪ ♪ Now there’s a devil
on my shoulder ♪ ♪ Where the angels used to be ♪ ♪ And he’s calling me the queen
of mean ♪ – Whoo!
– Yay! That is hard to do
all the way through. – Oh, my God.
– No, unbelievable. – Congratulations. Unbelievable.
Thank you so much. The queen of mean. This is my evil look
and I’m obsessed. It’s such a powerful look. How do you like me now,
Benny Boo? I’m kind of like a little bit
edgier the whole way through. My favorite would definitely be
the villain. Like the full villain look
with the feathers and the darkness
and the hair that changes. It’s cool to see and as her evil
progresses within her it’s shown sort of outwardly. It’s been really fun getting
to play with the different levels
of darkness and delivering it. It’s a little bit surreal.
It’s all sort of coming together and the next time I see it
is gonna be on the screen. It’s just changed our lives like
in the best way possible. The magic of Disney is here
and present in these films.

100 thoughts on “Audrey is Back! 👑 | Road to Auradon | Descendants 3

  1. Am I the only one that is on Audrey’s side? Cause mal took her life from her.and mal when she first met Ben she was flirting with Ben.and it’s also bens fault,cause he accepted mal.and Audrey was always there first.she was the original one.mal took everything from her,

  2. Theres one thing I dont get at the end of the first movie and they came out with wicked world audrey and mal were friends in wicked world and there enemy's in the 3rd movie. That doesn't make any sence

  3. Like para la 5 parte de desendiaentes pero creo que no va a poder ser por #cameronboycete amamos💙💙🙋😘🙆😭😢

  4. Why can there be a descendants 4 like mail mother come s back to a normal person and Carlos and Jane go on a vacation

  5. Disney Channel you cannot quit can you Ortega please don’t quit descendants is the best movie ever I want does everybody watches the sentence everybody who watches descendants descendants they want to do you want you guys to keep up the good work up you guys can you leave the characters are so b

  6. Am I like the only one who kinda digs the whole evil Audrey? Because she’s literally even eviler then Uma or Mal also what’s up with that museum it’s like unlocked the whole time also when she stole the crown wouldn’t the alarm go off?? Like she took the crown and sector no alarm?? but yet the in first movie when they go for the wand the alarm goes off and I’m pretty sure that if Maleficent is the most evilest then obviously she’s more powerful then a wand if her sector is the most dangerous then why isn’t it guarded or at least put in a room with cameras I don’t know anything better then some random girl walking into the museum at like 12 and just takes it wow

  7. Sarah you made the movie way more better and your song is like heaven it’s my favorite song like in the world you go girl!🤩

  8. Canal descendentes eu não falo em inglês apenas uma criança querendo ver vocês como eu sou uma criança não consigo falar nada então um dia eu vou conseguireu tenho muito feliz vocês fazerem esse sucesso tudo e que Deus te abençoe e tudo bem com vocês tudo de bom por causa que eu amo e Marcos você é meu preferido e vi você é muito legal todos maravilhosa do jeito que s o que são

  9. Why do you have to not shoot a descendants for a broke everybody's heart to see you did not post The Descendants 4 and even though God of God too soon but why can't you replacing it be hard to say though but we don't want this to happen

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