Avengers assemble at Children’s Museum of Houston

welcome back they are names you and your children know very well Black Panther Captain Marvel a spider-man they’ll all be on hand today at the Children’s Museum of Houston all part of the Avengers Assemble come be your own action hero of your very own blockbuster look at all those costumes here to talk about the museum’s action-packed summer events Letty Luna with the children Museum of Houston first let’s see what do we got here yes so we are actually kicking off our action-packed summer at the Children’s Museum of Houston so essentially the entire summer families can come out and be the stars of their very own superhero movie or action movie so you’ll see we’ve completely transformed the museum and The Avengers are actually coming to kick off summer with us so they’re not allowed to speak it’s part of their kits too much too much for us but but if you go there yeah then you can talk to them exactly you can talk to them and you can hang out teach you all their tricks exactly an actually spider-man is hosting a Spidey sling show today yes okay no they’re gonna be happening every 30 minutes from 11:00 to 12:30 so just show up early and make sure to sign up and you can also be a part of the show down what about the others today be there supporting yes yes so all three will be hanging out at the Children’s Museum so families are invited to come out and hang out and take pictures so it’ll be a lot of fun and this is only today or they’ll be here other days too so they’ll be here today but the entire summer we’re having all kinds of heroes so we’re gonna be having the minions we’re also happening having Captain America and Wonder Woman so just yeah you can check out every single day or every week we’re gonna have something different so if I’m interested in going and I have a few available weekend’s how do I check to see what’s on the calendar so you can go to our website and check our calendar page so it’s cm Houston dot org okay great so if I want to be my favorite superhero and I that happens to be one of the Avengers I want to go today yes definitely check it out all right 10:00 to 4:00 o’clock I think you said Black Panther Captain Marvel and spider-man there today the kids hall alcove it’s all alcove alright great go check them out today there they are give us a flex I’m just kidding you can see you can see this segment afterwards we’ll post it on the video tab on the home page

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