Avenir de la Chaîne, Annonces + GIVEAWAY !

Hello everyone and welcome in this new Video here is zuka ! This is a special video, because i wanted to talk about the future of this channel Many changes have been done: Design, content And i wanted to explain you where this channel is going As you have already seen, there is a Giveway Stay until the end of the video, it will be done a little later Before talking you about the future I want to talk about the actual state and the past 2 years Because it is thanks to you that the channel has grown The channel has been creator on July 2016 And there was a big progression I reached the 100 subscribers in August 2016 then i reached the 1000 subs in January 2018 And now i’m close to 2000 susbscribers 6 months later So the works i did in 1,5 years gave me the same success has the one i did this year in 6 months We can see that in the view per month In July 2016, i had around 1140 views per month Today it’s around 20000 It’s close to x20 views per month And this growth doesn’t stop ! 🙂 I thank you for that because it’s amazing for me And that’s what allows me to make these announcements today Firstly, some english content is coming There is a big demand in english content This is the reason why i do it (And because i like it and it helps me to improve my english) I’m still focus on French content At the moment, the english content is each 2 weeks And i will start a Bronze to Master series in english He will be shorter than the one in French But it will start in the next weeks It will probably be published on Monday There is a big demand for this series ! So i will it and will see what is the result for this my channel 🙂 Again and again: The english content is not favored over the french one My priority is to do a French content and for the “good videos” i do them in english For the English community, which is getting bigger and bigger Second announement: Monetization has been enabled We talk a lot about the “Youtube Money” What you need to know is that it’s totally transparent for you But for me, YouTube give me money according to my number of views You need to know that 1 video is around 4 or 5 hours of work It’s an hard work And this monetization is a little help for this work It helps me to improve the quality For example, upgrading my stuff (WebCam is a priority) Maybe the microphone, maybe the stream stuff etc… And it will give me the opportunity to put some money on many things (For example the Giveaway at the end of the video) And the next tournament with Cashprize For the third announcement: You need to know That I I get a lot of messages from subscribers Who want to help me on many subjects: Thumbnails, Edition, Content And for subtitles too
(and this is an hard work :D) For this last point, you can help me
It takes me a long time to do it And if you want to take part of this it’s very easy to do All you need to do is clicking on a video (we gonna do it together) Click on a video Then click on “Settings” then “Subtitles” Then on “Add subtitles” You will have the Google settings to Log in You log in and you add your subtitles And everything is managed by YouTube If you want to do that, of course i will credit you in the next video 🙂 And it will help me a lot ! It’s easy to do, it’s free and if you don’t have the time You can do it on a small part of the video Feel free to do it ! It will help the growth of the channel a lot 😀 For all other proposals: Thanks a lot ! If I need you, I will contact you I don’t have all the skills on making videos And I appreciate having a community that helps me And it gives me the opportunity to improve my channel for the fourth announcement, I will talk about the activity of the channel This activity has grown up I chose to go beyond 1 video a week I started to do 2 videos per week since 2018 I’m now at 2 videos per week And I try to go to 3 videos per week now To be clear, here is the planning Saturday is for guides, tutorials for StarCraft 2 in French Or more exclusive content like this I want to do more different content for this day too You will see that in the next weeks Thursday is for ladder, fun games, bronze to master etc… Or English content Monday is for different kind of content like retrogaming, let’s play, indie games etc… To be honest, i can make some StarCraft 2 content on Monday too It’s a day for bonus content It’s not systematic but more and more frequent Again, the channel grow up and it’s thanks to you I’m getting more and more motivated And i want to do more videos for you ! About schedule i try to reach something logical French content for Monday and Thursday will come between 5pm and 6pm (GMT+1) It’s a good hour to deliver my content If it’s in english, i will upload the video at 8pm (GMT+1) to reach a good hour for USA Saturday content will come at 12am (GMT+1) except if there is a special reason Last announcement and NO, it’s not yet the Giveaway Monetization involve many things for my channel I already spoke about it, it helps me to improve the quality of my content And it will help me to make some events with cashprize And it’s something that i want to do It will come soon probably at the end of the summer At the beginning, i didn’t want to enable this things I didn’t saw the goal to do it But finally, i realized that i can use this money To manage some tournaments And to do something for StarCraft 2 and for the community That’s what i want to do. So, the next one will be live soon Before talking about the Prize of the Giveaway I wanted to thanks you again You are more and more to follow me and it makes me very happy For all those who are not yet subscribers Feel free to do it you will be notified for each of my video Tutorials, guides, Giveaway, tournaments It’s totally free, you only have to click on the subscribe button If you want, you can share this video you can put a thumbs up if you liked it And now let’s go to the Giveaway ! The prize is a 20€ Battle.net Gift Card So, what can you buywith that? You can buy some Commandant for Coop (4,99€) Announcers Skins Warchest You can even use this money on other Blizzard games Like Heroes of the Storm Hearthstone Or Overwatch if you want You can use this money on all of the blizzard stuff But how to take part in the Giveaway ? To take part in the Giveaway, it’s simple:
In the description of the video you have a link You click on it You log in your Google account (to avoid multiple participation for one person) Now you are on the page of the Giveway You have the video of the tournament (It’s not the right one because i currently filming it) You have the rules (it’s some standard rules, data aren’t shared, nothing to pay etc…) You write your name and surname (Or an alias if you want) You write your birth date And your email address I need it to contact you if you are the winner And if you win, you will have an email from [email protected] with the Battle.net code You check in “Lu et approuvé” which mean that you read the rules and approve them Of course, it’s free to participate You click on Send And with the participant list, i will do a rando draw at the end of Summer (End of August 2018, 31/12/2018) And the winner have the code by email He can use it on Battle.net and he get his 20€ It’s really easy. It’s important for me to
give everyone a chance to win And to make a Giveway to thanks the community For the support you give to me and my channel One more detail, this Giveaway is not managed by YoutTube I make it for the community For people from YouTube, Twitch, Discord and from other Social Media Feel free to share this video the more you will be, the more I will be motivated to do another Another day It’s the end of the video, i hope that you appreciate this little giveaway and this announcements too You can give me your feedbacks in the comment section You can give me some feedback about the channel for example see you in the next Video !

15 thoughts on “Avenir de la Chaîne, Annonces + GIVEAWAY !

  1. En esperant que ce giveaway vous plairas ! N'hésitez pas a partager la video si vous voulez plus de concours 😉

  2. Salut zuka, pour accroître t'a communauté tu pourrais faire des tutos/parties en ladder avec terran ou zerg! Bonne idée du giveaway, merci, merci pour ton travaille et le temp que tu nous accorde!

  3. Super content de l'évolution de la chaine, j' ai hâte de participer au second tournoi 😁 (j'ai miss le premier)

  4. Je pense tu devrais faire plus de tuto sc2 de build, d’astuce etc ça c’est cool. J’espère que ta chaîne va continuer de grossir

  5. Je te suis depuis un bon moment et j'ai vu un réel boots sur la qualité de tes videos et même de toi, avec une meilleure élocution.As tu demandeés à un graphiste pour la bannière et les perso/emote.
    Continue comme je t'adore.

  6. Super vidéo , juste un truc, quand tu présente un contre d'un type de push( terran agressif) tubpeux le faire avec tt les races car sur certaines vidéo tu fais juste protoss ou zerg. Je sais que t pas fan des terran mais j'espère que tu fera au moins protoss et zerg ( mes préférés).
    Encore merci pour toute tes vidéos mnt je suis argent 1 zerg, c pas ouf mais je suis fier merci bc

  7. C'est fort gentil de faire ce type de give away, Et continue, et qui sait, peut être un jour tu auras le 10K (j'espère)

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