Baby Chicks Hatching- Museum of Science and Industry

Hey Guys. It’s Kendall the Scientist. I spent
two hours watching baby chicks hatch at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. Uncle Max: Kendall look at this egg right
here on the bottom. Kendall: Yeah I can see it’s beak. How come
it takes 10 hours just to make it hatch? Mom: I’m not sure. It takes a long process.
Labor takes a long process too. Oh! That one’s coming out. You can see it. It takes 21 days for a freshly laid egg to
develop into a chick. On the 21st day, the chick starts to hatch. Chicks start to eat
wheat about 24 hours after hatching. The chicks stay in an incubator to keep warm. The incubator
acts as a mother hen. Kendall: Oh oh oh! So close! Chicks use a sharp tooth called an egg tooth
to crack the shell. The chick pecks its way around the shell until they can get out. Kendall: Oh so close! You got this! An egg can only become fertile with the help
of a rooster. Otherwise, the egg will not turn into a chick. Kendall: You got this little guy. Oh Oh! You
got this. You got this! Oh it hatched! Thanks guys for watching my video. Don’t forget
to put a thumbs up, subscribe to my channel and put in the comments below if you like
baby chicks. Don’t forget to watch the next video. Bye!

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