Batman Museum Costumes and Props Tour!

Hey everybody it’s Norm from Tested and Kishore from Tested so we’re here at comic-con 2019 and one of the cool things is
actually off-site in San Diego is the comic-con museum pop-up
we’re in Balboa Park the site of the future Comic Con Museum and they’ve done
a pop-up to celebrate Batman’s 80th anniversary yeah this is a museum that’s
we opening in 2021 but this gives us a good sense of kind of what they wanted
to show from some interesting fan fashion to history of collectibles
behind us we have all 100 of the Batman black-and-white anthology series figures
they have comic book covers from over the years a lot of mondo prints that we
really adore and what we’re really here for though are props and costumes
because they’ve brought that some stuff out from the Warner archive including
costumes from the first series of Batman films are talking about 1989 all the way
the George Clooney ones that see him up close and personal and some really
interesting props we’ve never seen before so let’s go check it out
okay our first stop is of course the costumes and what’s really striking to
me is to condition that these costumes are a because I’ve seen some of the
pieces like in Batman Returns at work on an auction and at the God of restoration
and I know for a fact that Ironhead studio Jose Fernandez who work on the
original costumes was brought in and his team did some restoration so this is
it’s a believable condition what’s a rubber and it just deteriorate
deteriorated over time and so this is just well preserved it looks so good
and we’re gonna check it out starting with the Michael Keaton Batman sure to
remember watching this in theaters I do remember watching it it was one of the
first movies I think I saw in the theaters as a teenager I’m just I’m
really struck at the Batman Returns being so simple a few sort of layers to
it but it wasn’t a huge iteration from the original Batman to now oh I’ve
barely the logo the – yeah the two things I remember distinctly about the
first his costume was the emblem having those extra points and I was like that
wasn’t what it looked like in the comics and
then that moon turns which I love had the more armored AB plates even though
it was all still home latex rubber it could tell something that they did early
was it was only covering just the front like the armor didn’t go around the edge
that was a key plot point in the movie when Catwoman gets it so like it they
actually worked it into the story I do like the iconic yellow and the cowl that
comes down like deep into his chest and then just watching the evolution from
there to the Val Kilmer suit is huge oh yeah the Val Kilmer suit yo full
codpiece you have the logo now on the belt and wide across the chassis of the
elongated logo it’s futuristic yeah and also the clasp for the K out right there
not hiding the cape underneath the cowl I think that’s one of the hardest things
to do is how do you blend they came for the cowl Batman has artist drew in the
comics it would be one piece but it’s not a proximal thing to do of course you
have Batman and Robin these are all I think sculpted by Jose Fernandez of
course Joel Schumacher’s intent for this was to make it maybe a little more
inspired by Roman armor that’s why you had the famous bat nipples but next to
Batman Robin got Terry English’s mr. freeze armor the mr. freeze armor is
kind of usurped by how that character played but I love the the lighting
inside of the armor piece it it’s so incredibly brilliant like backlighting
his head it’s already kind of a brilliant silver on top of it hi I
actually really adore this costume totally and it’s all hammered and
hammered aluminum heat Terry English hammered this oh yeah altogether Wow
I love how they’ve laid out some of these costumes like especially the
Schwarzenegger mr. freeze and now the poison ivy with mannequins that look
like the actors it’s a little bit striking these are suits not from the
films but actually from the Gotham TV show actually I really like this totally
partially because it just sort of thrown together yeah all the layering you see
sir the mania embedded in his character in just how they threw together burlap
sacks and you know tattered leather pieces a mask that doesn’t totally fit
to to face shape that’s probably the closest scarecrow I know we had the
Cillian Murphy scarecrow and the Nolan films but never as seen like this and
this is the Batman suit that we see towards the end of the Gotham run yeah
it’s a little different for sure yeah but it’s supposed to be an early
iteration of a suit because he’s just becoming Batman at that point and as
that you can see that cowl is barely a cowl it has like a chinstrap on it
so I think it kind of fits from that perspective the cape was really divisive
I remember just because it was two different material types but it looks
more like a layered armor piece than it does a Batman suit the shorts the
Batmobile yeah I know it’s the car I have always wanted my life my entire
life I’ve wanted this car I’ve only had it in Hot Wheels form never had it in a
Power Wheels form because that one only had a one seat I couldn’t share it but
of course this is the Anton Furst design of the Batmobile for both original
Batman 1989 and also Batman Returns gorgeous were marking that you know even
though it is a mid and late 80s Early 90s interpretation and very consistent
with all the color scheme all black of the Tim Burton Batman’s it has it takes
a lot of influence from what at that time were pea
fools most recent you know Batman memory which was 1966 out of West Batman’s yeah
my brother had a die-cast 1966 Batmobile and it had the wings off the back yet
unlike the afterburner jet off the bat gap and you can kind of see that
reflected in the design here I thought this was the coolest car ever made it’s
so over the top but now seeing it up close you see all these details that you
never thought would exist like there’s a gas cap there’s like places where guns
emerge off the off the meadow lines where the grappling hook would come out
where yes there were machine guns that pop off the top and the thing that was
set or the precedent that was set with this design I think was there long aided
front so after this you have the Batman animated series Batmobile which I think
more art deco-style your favorite Batmobile I think and that one took
influence from here having a very long front very small cockpit I don’t think
this one actually articulates it’s from the Warner Brothers archive but just to
see its imposing size is pretty awesome and of course you have just the
iconography of Batman the Batman symbol right on the hubs they’re completely
unnecessary if you’re a firefighter but it was a movie this is where we started
to get Batman symbol everywhere on everything that we see in later movies
yeah not bad for a hubcap though I’m somewhere even cooler though I think
some have never seen in person is what’s something next to it right over there
it’s the Penguins rubber duck this is truly spectacular it’s so cool it’s
super cool if the Penguins Duck right of course at the end of Batman Returns we
just pops out of the sewer just explodes out of it in this giant duck yep yep and
there’s a of course there’s a scissor left mechanism but schools also they
have the concept art next to it which shows that the scissor lift design was
also really colorful it’s all of course based on the circus that the paper
recruits there’s the there even the steering
wheel here is this like red and white side kind of carnival type feel to it
I love how worn it is it’s just kind of rough around the edges inside it’s all
nicked up that’s exactly the kind of what you would expect from not in the
sewer yeah merchants from the sewers not going to be all nice and shiny but even
then the color is I’ve ran that airbrushing work it’s not
a flat tone has dimensionality this is amazing this is like my childhood memory
just seeing their lies I can hear Danny DeVito and behind us right now
I can hear something back yeah running around yeah that’s speaking of the robot
penguins they’re over there they look great yeah there were such a ridiculous
touch when I saw an army of robot penguin charge in that movie but seeing
like penguins like mocked up over there with like rockets on their back it’s
kind of endearing now pretty divisive back then you know kind of like the the
Ewoks of the first Batman films but even reference in the most recent Batman
films it’s something that we can look fondly back from the past as one of the
the things that was part of movie history

100 thoughts on “Batman Museum Costumes and Props Tour!

  1. What– no Forever Panther suit? Just keeps up the misconception that B&R was the debut of the Bat-nipples…

  2. They don't really have a reason to do this, but it would be cool to see WB actually build the batmobile from Batman The Animated Series for these displays. It wouldn't even have to be functioning, really. Would be cool if it was, but not necessary. It could just be the shell, and maybe have some detailing inside the cockpit with some lights inside and on the head/break lights.

  3. 1:05 I hate to break it to you, but those costumes are not the ones used in the movies. The originals are pretty much dust now as you would expect.
    DC recently posted a video showing the condition of the original and the "restoration" process.. which they call restoration, but it's basically replication as they literally have to make them again from the ground up using the original as a base. So yeah.. these are in great conditions because they were just made.

  4. I truly hated the Gotham batsuit. It made absolutely no sense. Batman is just starting out (fair enough) so he may not have the final vision of his suit totally down. except he’s a fucking billionaire! How do you be a billionaire who decides to devote their life to crime fighting and create a costume for your alter ego that looks like it was bought from Target? Keaton’s 1989 batman costume was his first and yet it still looked like the perfect incarnation of the vision he had at that time.

  5. Michael Keatons batman looks so great including the batmobile
    But…….Christopher nolans batman trilogy are the true movies that the standard should be judged by
    The batman movies of the 80s and 90s were terrible after Keaton and devito

  6. WB makes the Scarecrow that good but makes the Batsuit look like a no budget failed cosplay attempt! And before you say "well Bruce was just starting out" remember he is a billionaire with unlimited resources so i think it would be a lot better than that trash!

  7. Interesting – the 89 suit looks like the protoype suit. The only shot it's in (I think) is when Batman and Vicki exit the Batmobile before he turns on the shields.

  8. They were trying real hard to say positive things about the Gotham Batsuit lol. Love the other outfits from the show though.

  9. Why does no one ever remember that there were two bat suits in Batman forever? the one shown here was the second one he wore after Ridler blew up the bat cave the first one looked more like BR suit.

  10. Those two Keaton Batsuits. They look awesome. Some of the best live action suits.

    Also the Keaton Batmobile. Incredible.

  11. Nobody thought about neck movement? It was odd as a kid watching batman turning his whole body basically to look at something. The movements seemed so slow and restricted.

  12. The outside of the Batman Museum needs to be modeled to look like Wayne Manor and have an entrance behind a clock that opens up and have stairs and an elevator that goes down to the lower area modeled to look like the Batcave under Wayne Manor. The lower area can be where the costumes and Batmobiles are stored.

    The costumes can be stored in a walk in vault that can be locked when the museum is closed.

  13. Why do they always show the crappy suit from the end of Batman Forever instead of the suit Val Kilmer wore for most of the movie? That one was actually pretty good!

  14. The Gotham Bat suit gets too much hate. The chest and abs are not well placed (I made a Bat suit for a Batman movie and the abs were the hardest thing to nail, they probably didnt have time to work it out, so went with a non anatomical design with more space it wouldnt crumple together) but from the belt and downwards I think it looks awesome.

  15. You cant blame gotham on it being i the beginning, so was batman year one and that suits great.

    But one of the dudes is wearing an Adam Warlock shirt. Respect.

  16. Awesome but ugh, the Batman and Robin costumes are hideous. Hope Robert Pattinson's Batsuit tops all of these. Nothing will ever beat the Arkham games though, Arkham Knight suit forever!

  17. There’s no West suit, as it wasn’t a WB asset. So maybe they don’t have the rights.
    And the hosts clearly do not watch the vids on their own channel, as he claims they’re ‘remarkably well preserved’, when they’ve actually been ‘Painstakingly restored!!!’

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