Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14!

Ours… is a cycle of hatred. Alliances forged… and broken. Only one of us… wanted this war.

100 thoughts on “Battle for Azeroth Arrives August 14!

  1. If your making for all the races cosmetic armor I will hate you forever and I will copy your game and make him even better so cosmetic armor for all races sucks

  2. Alllllllllright Blizzard, you did it. You did it again. YOU PULLED ME BACK IN AFTER YEARS OF HAVING QUIT!

  3. Hmmm, modern cinematic "hybrid" trailer music does not fit such a trailer AT ALL imo. Would have been better for a purely PvP focused trailer (release of a new battleground/arena etc.). I much prefer what was used for Wotlk (the melancholic folky Vrykul theme).

  4. Can you guys please make a work of Warcraft 2 the movie but and sylvanas in the movie please
    PS: don’t make sylvanas die first or don’t let her die in the whole movie

  5. Dear Blizzar why would you ban Archvaldor’s channel? He is only showing you how buggy WoW is and what needs to be fixing so he is helping you guys.

  6. let me guess the final boss of this expansion would finally be the old gods!!!

    i want to kill those tentacle looking alien abominations forever in Azeroth!

  7. Honest question:

    As someone who couldn't get into Guild Wars 2 or Elder Scrolls Online, but does have fun with MMO-lites like Destiny and Warframe, is WoW worth a try?

  8. I won't be playing. With the leveling revamp I have no desire to level a new toon to 110. It takes too long and dungeon mobs have an absurd amount of health now.

  9. Idk, this one just doesn't have the same appeal for me. Doesn't help i never went back to wrap up the content in Legion. Argas or whatever… i'll check this out in a few months probably. Just doesn't pull me in like the last few expansions. Doesn't help that i care nothing for PvP.

  10. Look, I have been playing wow since vanilla and your games since lost vikings. Do me one favor, try not to remove the ability of an addon ( for instance World Quest Group Finder ) if it is superior to what you offer! When you can point your cursor at a world boss and have a list of groups or the ability to form one appear before you, it makes the game MUCH more engaging then taking several minutes to dig around in a UI for something you may not find due to peoples frustration with it. During this long stretch of time, you may get mashed in the head by some NPC or a guy from the other faction. Maybe there is a good reason for your actions… I don't know, bad interactions with some of the new stuff you created for BFA? Still, if they can do it, you could create something at least as good!!! Some of us do not have the time you try to get us to play.

  11. If not the monthy payment would definetly buy it… but i cant just play fast coz my month has passed, also dont want to waste time in middle month if suddenly i would not enter for 2 weeks for example. blizzard are doing great games, but the cost is incrediblely huge.

  12. War? That topic is sooooo boring…elevate your vibrations kids, stop wasting your lives on games, when you can literally create your reality in this world…and live the way you want to, and help others! Rise your vibrations, and not reduce them by playing such games….google things kids! Want to do cool things, rise your vibrations!

  13. I quit this game several years ago and then my account got hacked when I didn't play and I couldn't get it back. I missed and don't own the last two expansions. Will I be able to play this?

  14. I can't join 🙁 I want to play the new off race but I haven't played horde before so I need to lvl one to 110, get to exalted (Argus?) And do some quest… Too much, can't be bothered

  15. so this comes out on my birthday hmmm stil not buying cuz this game to expensive love the lore ever since anyway

  16. Pre- BC player, not going to come back yet again, Legion already disappointed me and I stopped playing after like month with the Facebook game mechanics. This really doesn't seem like it'll change the formula that much.

  17. those 401 dislikes are from players that see how world of warcraft have been ruined since every expansion from cataclysm and on.

  18. Gagne de cabochon !! voyon vous etre nos ancetre . pourquoi envoyer des bande annonce en anglais , C quoi votre Estie de problèmes !!!!

  19. LOL did michael bay make this trailer or what? sup with the extreme bass beats & cut to scenes & voiceover in the background. just made me laugh. google how to make epic trailer and you know what i mean lmao

  20. the way they handled draenor by taking a really epic storyline and just speeding through it without caring about the writing structure i was a little worried, but i gotta say, after all these years blizz still knows how to make a game fun

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