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Hi everybody, my name is Jeremy Feasel. I am a game designer working on the Island Expeditions feature for Battle for Azeroth, and with me today is my producer. Yes, hello, my name is Daniel Stahl, and I am working with Jeremy on this wonderful feature, that I have to say,
I am really in love with. Yeah, we’re super excited
to be able to talk to you today about the Island Expeditions feature. This is the first time
we’ve talked about it since BlizzCon, and we’ve got some
interesting stuff to chat about. Yeah. So, at its core,
your goal on an island expedition is to show up and gain Azerite. This is this powerful substance,
the blood of the planet, that empowers your Heart of Azeroth, but is also being used
by both the Alliance and the Horde as a weapon of war. Players are going to gain Azerite
from a variety of different sources. Everything from Azerite crystals
of all different sizes growing up all over the place, to treasure chests,
where the denizens of the island have gathered up some of it
for themselves. You might fight powerful rare spawns,
rare elite chieftains of whatever the island’s inhabitants
happen to be. That’s one of the things
that we were really trying to capture with Island Exhibitions
was this feeling that you’re exploring
this unchartered land. that we’re not just going to put
all the sources of Azerite on your map from the start. In fact, you’ll be limited
in what you can see based on yourself
and your party members’ visibility, so you have to explore your way
across the landscape a little bit. To me, that’s what makes it feel
like an expedition, because I’m not looking
at my objective tracker saying, “OK, let’s do this, this, this”. We have to talk.
We have to decide as a team what’s the right strategy for us. And another one of those layers that I think helps make this
a fun adventure is that unlike a lot of the spawning
in WoW, nothing on Islands is static. You might spawn up at a location and sometimes
there’s a Hozen fisherman there, and sometimes it’s a giant clam, and sometimes it’s a quest giver trapped in a cage,
that needs a key. We have these hundreds of locations
all across the landscape, and tons of different things
can show up there, ensuring it’s
a completely different adventure every time that you go there. While you’re on this expedition, you’re going to be looking
for sources of Azerite, but then an events going to occur. Yeah, you might be travelling up a hill
to get a chunk of Azerite, and then all of a sudden,
the ground shakes underneath you, and Azerite springs up from
a separate location on the island, where it wasn’t there before. Suddenly, you have to make a decision
about whether you’re going to run back
and grab the Azerite or keep going
in the same direction you are. You’re not the only ones
that are after this Azerite. It’s not just Horde and Alliance that
are trying to get this stuff. There’s others, right? Yeah, tons of groups of creatures
all across Azeroth are after this stuff. I mean really, whoever has the most of it
is going to have the most power. So you’re going to find everything, from the Naga to elemental lords, will show all you start gathering Azerite
on the island and try and take it from you. And you know, Daniel,
you’re not alone on the island. It’s not just the Alliance there. There are Horde forces there as well. That’s right. Depending on the faction you’re playing. I’m playing the Horde, and I look out and there’s another ship
of the other faction, and… these aren’t players. They’re something different and new. So this is a new group of creatures,
that we’re calling advanced NPCs. They have more abilities
than you might be expecting from a creature in World of Warcraft. They have intricate knowledge of how to play through
this gameplay space. -Oh, do they!
-They can play the island, just like a player can, and will give you
a run for your money in terms of trying to get the Azerite. You know, the team has been having
a lot of fun making these enemy champions. The first thing I do,
when I roll up to an island, is I get off the boat, and I immediately want to know
who am I facing. Absolutely. We’ve been having fun
from a couple of different perspectives, and one of them is just making
interesting members of the opposing faction to fight. If you’re a Horde character,
it’s a lot of fun to fight a really wacky group
of mechanized gnome characters. If you’re an Alliance player,
of course you expect to fight a Headhunter Darkspear troll, that really encapsulates what it means
to be a Darkspear member of the Horde. But, in addition, our AI NPCs
also have different tactical layers. So, one particular group of the enemies might play the island
by getting a little bit more in your face and trying to find the Azerite from you,
as a very aggressive group. While another group
might be more defensive and prefer to avoid the player and try to take the Azerite out
from under you in areas that you’re not going to. So sneaky! We have this wide variety
of different abilities to give the AI tactical knowledge
of the island, and that means
that they’re also very unpredictable. You’re never sure which group
you’re going to be facing off against and what tactic they’re going to take to
try and win today. We’re planning on having
4 different difficulties: Normal, heroic and mythic, of course,
but also a separate PvP difficulty where you can race against
3 flesh and bones members of the opposing faction to see who can get the Azerite first. I’ve been jumping into Islands
and really having a lot of fun. One thing that really sticks out to me
is that I get to play my character the way I love to play my character. I’m there with my team, we’re trying to figure out
which way to go, what’s the best strategy. And depending on who I’m with,
I really get to play a role. And that feels very special to me. A lot of the creatures on islands
have been built with that idea in mind. That you have a set of tools
in your toolbox as a player: You have interrupts, you have stuns. So we’ve created powerful elites
that are maybe pretty difficult to take on on your own. That is probably one of my
favorite parts of it: when you arrive on the island, you don’t know where the challenge
is going to be. You might see a large Azerite cluster
in the middle of 3 elites, and knowing that you can’t take that on, but with some co-ordination,
with some consumable usage, with usage
of things you find on the island, you definitely can overcome it
at certain points. Thank you for letting us talk to you about
Islands Expeditions. It’s really been fun. It’s a feature we’re really excited about
personally, and we’re also really eager to get it
into your hands as soon as possible. So, thanks for listening. On behalf of the World of Warcraft
Development Team, we hope you enjoy Battle for Azeroth.

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  8. This looks like it's gonna give solo players a run for their money; since queued groups won't be coordinated at all, but at least they're trying to vary instances with dynamic enemy spawns.
    Definitely changes the formula up when you go to do a run and don't know every spawn location off the bat.

  9. Jeremy and Daniel,

    These guys are amazing at getting information across, the way this video comes across really makes me want to indulge in this new sport which is a addition to BFA. Even other information I have gathered makes me think BFA is truly going to be a amazing expansion to this game . Boy we needed it. But you guys really need to cover more videos for this game.

    Thanks for a great view time 🙂

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