Balance for WoW Tokens Live Now!

Hi! I’m Hazel, and today there is a new way to
use your gold in WoW. As of this morning on live servers, you can
buy WoW tokens with gold and apply them to your balance. That means that you can essentially use WoW
gold to buy things like server transfers, name changes, shop pets, mounts, or even digital
goods from other Blizzard games. To get started, check the current price of
the WoW token. In the Shop menu of your WoW UI, the Token
tab will list the current price. Right now it’s around 60kish on North American
Realms- I fully expect that to skyrocket this week with the release of this feature. If you have enough gold and you’re ready to
try your luck buying one, head to your nearest Auction House. Go to the WoW Token tab on the bottom and
click Buyout. If you’re lucky, it’ll let you confirm and
buy a token. Right now, you’re more likely to get a message
saying that there are currently no WoW tokens for sale, check back later. After that message, you have to wait 60 seconds
before trying again. The reason that’s a thing is because WoW tokens
are only available when an actual person has bought one with money to sell. Everyone’s excited about Bnet balance being
added, so plenty of people are trying to buy and not many people are selling. That means the price of the token is going
to rise, and eventually the 20$ will be worth enough gold for people to start selling them
again. The demand is going to be really high for
a while, so expect the token price to get pretty hefty. So if you’ve managed to successfully buy a
token, head to the mailbox and pick it up. Right click on it and you can choose to apply
it to either your game time, which will add a month, or your Bnet balance, which will
add 15$. Once you add it to your balance, you’ll get
a confirmation email and that 15$ is ready to spend. So what can you buy with balance? The options are pretty cool. You can use Bnet balance money to purchase
digital wow services, such as faction changes, name changes, race changes, character boosts,
transfers and more. You can get cosmetic shop items such as pets,
mounts or even special transmog helms. You’re not even limited to WoW. If you play other Blizzard games, you might
be interested in buying Hearthstone Card packs, Overwatch lootboxes, Heroes of the Storm skins
and more. If you haven’t picked up Overwatch yet, you
can use your BNet balance to buy a digital copy of Overwatch. I highly recommend it, it’s awesome. But, let’s not get carried away. What CAN’T you buy? Well, you can’t get physical stuff. Everything from the Blizzard Gear store is
a no go. If you want those cool Overwatch shirts or
whelp plushes, you’re still gonna need real money. You also can’t combine Bnet balance with another
payment method, so if you’re buying something you’ll need to have at least that much in
balance. You can sort of work around that by adding
balance to your account directly with a credit card, but it takes a few days to become available.. FInally, you can’t cash out balance. This isn’t the old D3 auction house and nobody’s
gonna be getting rich playing WoW. There’s a couple more limitations. First, You’re capped at buying 36 tokens within
a two year period, regardless of whether you use them for game time or bnet balance. Second, You can only hold 10 tokens in your
inventory at once, across your account. Third, If you somehow don’t have an Authenticator
attached to your account, there’s a very small limit to your total balance. Just, go get the authenticator app. Just do it. So, what does this mean for token price? Unfortunately, if you’ve been trundling along
barely making enough gold to pay for your WoW sub, you’re in for a rough time. Token prices are headed straight up and I
don’t predict them coming back down any time soon. On top of that, they’re going to be pretty
hard to buy with gold for a little bit. Lots of buyers, and the smart sellers are
waiting for the price hike. The flip side is that if you like selling
tokens for gold to finance your raid goods or battle pet addiction, you’re about to get
a lot more bang for your buck. There’s always a bright side. So, that’s what’s going on with WoW tokens
and balance. How do you feel about the change? Let me know what you think, and have a wonderful,
wonderful day. Bye!

40 thoughts on “ Balance for WoW Tokens Live Now!

  1. I like this, tho due to the fact that prices would skyrocket people who barely made the money for the monthly suscription are in a lose/lose situation. In my oppinion if they added a new token ( Token) apart from the WoW token would be much better.

  2. Hazel keep up the good work.:) I know you have to wait tell someone pop it on the ah… but honestly they should have part time flooded the ah with tokens. I love that you can do it but it will take a long time for the price to come down. Thank god i got 6 months of game time left on my account..

  3. a 20 dollar token that gives 15 dollars for battle net cash?. so if I wanna buy a service that cost 25 dollars with tokens I better have a shit load of gold cuz otherwise it's not worth it

  4. Whoa! Your wow tokens are selling for only 62k? On my realm(s) they're selling for 132k! I was told it was because there was a problem with Wow's servers here in the EU hence the price hike. Anyway thanks for the update. Had no idea about this.

  5. Will never pay more then 30 k to 50 k for a token that's a fair prices for thos any more is a waste and blizzard will lose a ton of subs from people who pay for there game time this way there not going to pay that much for a wow token just to play wow for a month with prices going to go over 100 k is just dum

  6. I thought they would remove the 36 tokens limit after implementing this, its pretty much pointless to have this limitation.

  7. I hate the change! Wow gold should be spend for wow purposes only. Game time was the perfect reward for it. I missed the time in WoD where each token was 25k instead of the 86k it already is on US :/

  8. If you can farm 250,000+ gold a month and not sweat it then every month you can buy a $25.00 battle pet or mount, #Lawl don't think so. #Bullshit blizz has the same shit on sale the past 3 years+, this is just to force players that use tokens for game time to go back to using real money and give them a sub, very obvious.

  9. These things used to be about 18K. In December I predicted they would go up to 100K. They are currently at 95K. The only problem is, that most players don't have that kind of loose cash laying around in their bags. Plus this is one of the factors that simple greens for level fives are selling for over 100 gold ( on my server at least). Yes, I paid attention to the trending of the rise in token for game gold prices and the prices of other things on the AH. You did a good job in reporting on the new and improved WoW token. Thank you for the video.

  10. I was barely scraping by to get tokens for WoW time. With the huge spike it looks like I will have to spend real money again. Damn it. lol

  11. Well I just bought Overwatch, Diablo 3, a second copy of Starcraft 2 and 180 packs of hearthstone cards + the welcome bundle. I don't plan to play most of those.

  12. I took my credit card and added $20 to buy the wow token and when I go to buy it, it goes to a credit card that I don't own anymore

  13. Anybody please help me! I have an unused wow token but my acc is frozen, I can't redeem the token to get bnet balance cause I have to login to my acc to right click on the token but I have to use it to do so, please help!

  14. oops i bought the token and added them to the account balance instead so now i can't use that balance to activate game time good god i'm dumb

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