is DEAD! Blizzard retires 20-year old brand name

hey folks this is rhykker battle net is
no more long live that’s right this week blizzard announced that
they’re actually doing away with the name battlenet all the functionality of
ballot will apparently be retained but they’re just moving away from that name
and going to be moving more towards things like blizzard voice and blizzard
whatever their exact quote is we’re going to be transitioning away from
using the battlenet name for our gaming service and the functionality connected
to it battle that technology will continue to
serve as a central nervous system for Blizzard games nothing is changing in that regard will
just be referring to our various products and services using the blizzard
name instead and the examples that they pointed to was blizzard streaming and
blizzard voice and the main reason that they’re doing this is quote over time
we’ve seen others been occasional confusion and inefficiency is related to
having two separate identities under which everything falls blizzard and
battlenet I guess that makes sense it’s it’s way too confusing to the general
public to have two different names for for related things like it’s bad enough
that we have to remember that our games like Warcraft and Starcraft in Diablo
and over watch that we have to remember that those games are affiliated with
blizzard but to also have to remember that we’re connecting through battle net
that’s it’s it’s too much to expect the general public all those gamers that
that play electronic arts games on origin their rocket scientist they’re
super geniuses don’t get confused by having two different names for things or
Ubisoft and you play or valve and steam and we all know that Apple the tech
company would have never become a household name known by everyone in the
world if they hadn’t branded all their products by that same name the Apple pad
and the Apple pod and the Apple phone okay in all seriousness have there been
instances where people who are not familiar at all with blazer games might
be a little confused by what battle that is maybe is it such a significant
deterrent and has to be a reason to change this
name I don’t think so this is a pure
marketing move and that’s fine it just seems odd to pitch it in a way that it’s
to eliminate these confusions I’m not happy about this change I don’t know about you guys as a
longtime blizzard fan I’m not happy about the change but I can’t say I’m
incensed about it i’m not you know starting a riot but you know honest
five-point scale i’m slightly displeased I mean here’s the thing from a marketing
perspective yes it makes sense from a branding perspective to brand your stuff
blizzard this blizzard that Blizzard net or the blizzard portal blizzard launcher
but this decision should have been made 20 years ago because battle that is now
20 years old in 1996 battle at lunch with the original Diablo battle that was
devised as the first multiplayer connectivity thing for the first Diablo
game so now on battle its 20th anniversary it’s getting shut down or it’s it’s
getting retired as a name which is kind of ironic because I recently made a joke
in a video about diablos 20th anniversary this year in which they will
now so they’re retiring Diablo let’s hope it’s poets gonna happen that wall
would make sense to have done this 20 years ago even 15 let’s say five years
under the imbalance but 20 years you’re throwing away 20 years of brand
recognition now the funny thing is they could have let the name battlenet fade
into the background years ago I think warcraft 3 was the last game to really
use battlenet in an evident way after that it just sort of faded away it served as the backbone for blizzards
multiplayer but it wasn’t evident when you’re playing World of Warcraft you
don’t know you’re connecting to battle that servers it was when they launched
the battle and client a few years ago to serve as a hub for all their games that
the name battle that really came back into the public’s eye it just seems bizarre to go against the
decision they made a few years ago I mean that would have been the time to
rename it now battle that is more obvious than ever because they pushed us
to use the battle net app to launch all our
game so that I was opposed to that at first I just want to launch starcraft 2
right I don’t want them load up the ballot app
and then launching but over time I became accustomed and i use it much like
many people use steam for instance as a social hub and to load their games so I
get that some people like super don’t care i mean i care a little bit and I
think most people who are blizzard fans and have been for a long time will care
at least a little bit but if you like super don’t care at all it’s probably
because you’re maybe newer to blizzard or not too familiar with it but like
what if and I think this can apply to most gamers most gamers use steam right what if one day valve decided to rename
steam the valve store or the valve portal you would be a little bothered by
that wouldn’t you because now you’re not going to tell
your friends oh add me on steam send me a message through steam I’ll message you
on steam and what message me go through valve through the valve store the same
thing with battle that like for 20 years right we’ve been you know we’ve been
adding each other on battle at the what’s your battlenet friend ID get your
battle at tag send a message on battle at all its battle it down I mean even bullets websites you type in
diablo 3 you got redirected to us . / d 3 or you know whatever
reaching your in those of us who’ve been using this for the longest time we’re
gonna keep calling it battlenet I don’t care if you call the blizzard launcher yeah maybe that’s going to work for new
fans but we’re going to keep calling that Battlement because we’ve been doing
so for 20 years and that’s going to cause more confusion with new people hey so what’s your battlenet tag what’s
what’s what what you your Blizzard friend ID now you might counter this by
saying well love of Microsoft every named internet explorer to Microsoft
edge yeah because internet explorer had the
worst reputation of possibly any piece of software in the history of computers
microsoft was smart to do that because they stepped away from that horrible
reputation they’re trying to sweep it under the rug like it makes sense if you
if the if the brand recognition is bad if hearing the name of the brand makes
you wanna bomb it yeah you kinda want to rename you know there’s a
TV show called bar rescue we’re an american Gordon Ramsay comes
and saves a bar and he always ends up renaming the bar and that’s good because
if the bar is failing and has a bad reputation then rename you give it a
fresh start and losses that passed bad history but the history of battle that
is good there’s no negative connotation anywhere there so you’re you’re throwing
away 20 years of neutral to positive connotation to I guess build up your own
brand of also Granite’s that’s fine I get it and maybe they’re thinking
long-term maybe they’re there thinking okay it’s been battling for 20 years but
we want to be a company for another 40 years we want to be a company forever so
okay I i guess i could get that and you know maybe this is just me and and I
know a lot of you guys feel the same way our maybe are even more upset about this
than I am I maybe we’re just being gold grog nerds will get over it will get
over it but it’ll be an adjustment period and you know what can you do is
at the end of the world know it just seems bizarre for this to happen i will
will be a little upset but in a year from now we’ll all happily be connected
to the blizzard portal and at you know maybe we could even just still call it bnet a lot of us would say bnet for
short anyway if it’s just blizzard net that be the best transition so that’s
that folks this is doing this it’s happening and i’m not super happy about
it but whatever and I’m not gonna not going to send an official complaint the
blizzard or anything what do you guys think are you more
upset about this than me are you less upset about it than me leave your thoughts folks thanks for
watching special thanks to my twitch supporters and patreon supporters for
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and bring a focus here this this little innocuous trinket yeah yeah

100 thoughts on “ is DEAD! Blizzard retires 20-year old brand name

  1. I'm with you Rhykker …gonna miss calling everything …heck, i'm used to type into my browser "<fill_with_short_game_name>" …to be honest, they started tipping us with Ow …when typing "" it sends you to the main page and if you use the full name, you are taken to "" and also resets your language to that of your location which i hate btw.

  2. They shouldnt touch the name, has legacy almost 20 year now and everyone knew that is place to get Blizzard games, there is no need to change it now suddenly. They should just leave battle net name alone!

  3. They said they wanted to make the change because online multiplayer where kind of new 20 years ago and that was what was known for. Now we are 20 years later and it is expected that most games have a multiplayer option. So they think the is kind of out dated and therefor needs a new name.

  4. I wonder how much of this has to do with DDoS attacks. I remember reading a tweet from one of the DDoS attack groups that said they were attacking because they thought WoW / Overwatch / ect. shouldnt be using the same login/ authentication servers for all their games. Which would be right?

  5. onya blizzard…changing things that make fuck all difference to the end user instead of fixing game bugs…which actually does impact on customers/end user. it'll probably be changed from to at a guess, since they own both domain names…as you said, it's a marketing move (i.e. all marketing = major BS and lies).

  6. I believe they also went with for 2 reasons – was already taken by another entity and since it's a TLD (top level domain) it's first come, first served, and 2, people battled online against each other, so was a smart choice. Since diablo 3 doesn't have any pvp yet (despite being promised pre launch and nearly 5 years later still not implemented!) is pretty much a big LIE now, at least when it comes to Diablo 3…

  7. it's official…blizzard has been taken over by retarded business execs on a powertrip! they have done away with everything that made blizzard what it is, they ruined nearly all their franchise with poor business decisions. It's like they have been invaded by some evil secret organization hiding among them and slowly destroying blizzard from the inside (HAIL HYDRA).

  8. is not a global service. The Terms of Services of were signed by users regionally, with regional differences. The change from to Blizzard is to make all users sign new Terms of Services. This will enable European users to interact with American users, etc… It will also allow you to use one game license for all region, instead of buying multiple games to play (if you travel).

  9. if you say blizzard, you have to say :/ I'm displeased by this, too. firstly, the name is really catchy and secondly it's just a clever naming for a connectivity software of games driven by competition.

  10. i get that… but… its just a name…. you aint losing any content or anything…? I guess we have to complain about everything. And no i wouldnt be bothered if steam changed its name, you just complain? Are we losing anything? no? k

  11. is't it because of battlefield is using Battlelog and blizzard is that is the real confusing thing. u are new never herd of or battlelog search for it and a person that herd somting about have cool games and accidently gets to battlelog and buys battlefield insted of a blizzard title.

  12. nice dropping a few minutes of useless silent footage on the end to push past 10 minutes for double ads. You think nobody will notice? shady coont

  13. blizzard isnt what it used to be. they propably became better at making money but they kind of grew out of beeing good at game related decision

  14. Honestly, each to there own, I've been playing since d1 and i couldn't give two shits what they call it, if you use it, you'll know what they've renamed it to, if you're new you'll know what it's called. meh. lol.

  15. I don't get why steam would even change their name, since Steam and Valve are like a Bonnie and Clyde any ways.
    "A Valve will release Steam" etc. It just makes too much sense to even get rid of.
    I understand the B.Net thing though, its iconic. They should have thought it out in the beginning. Calling it ice storm or something lol, or maybe not Blizzard and name it Assault or something, lmfao. They probably realized the creativity of Steam and Valve.

  16. I think what bothered me more than changing it's name is the fact you ended your video just before killing the butcher.

  17. Is this really that big of a issue for you? or are you just out of content? I started playing Diablo1 in 98 and been playing every blizzard game since, i get it. But man you over doing this.

  18. In a weird way I'll miss it, in another weird way.. I'll be glad it's gone. I can remember the frustration and hell I had to deal with, using Battlenet trying to connect to multiplayer in Diablo 2, and Starcraft. I know it's weird and technically I'm still going to be using the same pain in the neck system as the one I used for Diablo 2 and Starcraft but the name being gone idk, I feel a slight sense of relief.. for some reason. But at the same time, I'll miss being able to shortly just call it Bnet. Now I have to think of something else that doesn't sound weird.

  19. The biggest companies in the world go through these changes constantly. Brand names and designs change. It refreshes interest. gives people a reason to talk. I dont understand why people are whining so much about this. I've been playing blizzard games since 1998. if it doesn't change anything about the gameplay or anything of that matter it's not a big deal it's a name.

  20. why do companies waste so much time and money on changing names that people are already acquainted to? why are they so stupid? don't answer. the answer is they're dumb fucks that apparently have nothing better to do.

  21. Even if there was no down side to it like "add my battle tag" etc. as a billizard fun i'm realy upset about it. I dont know other's but some people like me strongly cares about "history", even if we get used to it it will never feel the same. I rater chose to resolve the problem "confusion" by advertising it. Well it's their company they can change anything and everything, it's good to have change some time about some things but not this, this leaves realy bad tase even when just thinking about it. Well thank you for keeping us informed, most of the time i dont have the time to follow these things.

  22. you cant say " is dead, long live" because there is no after this saying was used to confirm the passing of an old king and then bless the new king. just saying

  23. I have played since Warcraft Orcs and Humans and honestly I have never cared about brands or symbols in the marketing world. I tend to only care about design decisions and game play. Maybe I am the odd man out here, but I have no emotional connection to names of things. The merger with Activision gave me much larger concerns than anything that has happened in the history of the game.

  24. yeah it annoys me quite a bit, they are throwing away the "Battle Network" just seems like a stupid move. It's basically like if a huge streamer/pro-player wanted to be called something else.

  25. They renamed it because of filthy casuals flooding their market and they are trying to reestablish their brand or some shit to fit the new audience. It's all bout dat der CA$H. Always was always will be. Fuck brand when the bitches are coming and the coke is running. Gotta make sure the TRIGGERING is minimal for the sake of moneyz. Time for PC masterrace to adapt or move on my niggas. #tiptipleneckbeard

  26. Blizzard thinks you're all dumb children. Why do you think they ruined Diablo 3 by dumbing it down and giving it a WOW kiddie color scheme?

  27. It is true how "weird" or how well-timed this anouncement has been made by Blizzard while they have done nothing concrete to celebrate 20 years of Diablo's Franchise in Heroes of the Storm. Did they really killed the Community in Diablo 3 and will try to create a new one in Diablo 4? With what content? With which iconic character? hmm…..I don't like that. Not at all.

  28. Been playing Blizzard games since Warcraft Orcs and Humans, been calling in battlenet since the beginning. Do I care that they are changing it? No it's an irrelevant change to me and being annoying by it just strikes me as stupid.

  29. yeah exactly my point … they shoulda done this shit 20 years ago … now everyone looking for bnet will be confused hahaha … I mean ffs dont they have better things to focus on ? like maybe another expamsion for d3 before the game dies when they announce d4 that will be released 15 years later after official release date !?! I swear this company

  30. It's 2017 now and l didn't care then whether it is BattleNet or Blizzard but you might look for better word when talking of your disappointment of the change or is your vocabulary limit in the amount of word you have learned, If you disagree with a statement F…. is not what I would use  just a thought :)

  31. What do I think of what they've done with Battle.NET?

    1. I really hate being forced to launch one big heavy application, wait for it to load, and then wait yet again for a big heavy game to load before I can play a game.

    2. I like the single-sign-on system that has all my contacts from a bunch of different games, and I like having an external program that lets me see who is on and what they're up to and message them from outside of any game, but I wish it loaded a whole lot faster and were optional.

    3. I hate being forced to wait for a download to finish before I can play a game. I especially hate it if that download is associated with some other game or program that I don't really care about at that moment.

    4. I love background downloads that happen automatically while I'm AFK, so I don't have to wait for an update when I go to play a game, and I like being able to see them and optionally pause them, but I wish the application that handled that was very light and fast loading system tray program, that was separate from the centralized lobby/chat program.

    5. I don't mind having access to the whole sliding dashboard thing with news, ads, etc., (it is nice that you can watch videos right inside it) but I don't want it to be the start up screen of any program unless that was where I was when I exited it.

    6. I don't like having to manage my account from an external web page that takes a while to load, I wish I could manage it from a faster loading UI inside any given Blizzard game.

    Do I think they should change the name of it?

    – Not really:

    1. Trying to wriggle out of a bad rep just makes you look even worse, unless the new thing really is completely different.

    2. No one is confused anything. Not even new customers.

    3. Battle.Net had an awful rep, but they've fought a big battle with it over the years and have improved it immensely, and it has come out smelling a whole lot better, so changing the name now feels a little like giving up; like all that effort and patience was for nothing. It seems kind of senseless.

    4. As long as it doesn't carry the "Blizzard" moniker, there's some (if extremely remote) possibility of it eventually becoming a truly separate entity that non-Blizzard games could integrate with.

    – But maybe:

    1. Down-playing, or not-emphasizing/advertising the "Battle" aspect of some Blizzard games might be worth while. I can imagine that tons of wives of WoW players play themselves but just do tradeskills, auctions, and chat, and aren't really into the "battle" aspect of things, and aren't huge on the idea of their small children jumping into "battle."

    Here's a random, semi-related thought:

    What if Blizzard embedded WebKit into their base game engine that they use for all their games. Then they could display web pages from inside a game without necessarily having to unload and reload the graphics card memory, etc., and without necessarily having to switch away from full screen or alter the screen mode at all. People could see ads and play videos and manage their account and so on from inside any of the games without nearly as much waiting around. The centralized single-sign on chat lobby could be web driven, and could be part of each game, and look and feel exactly the same in each one. They could potentially pull up a web page (like hotslogs for talent research) from within HotS while waiting to repop after getting killed without having to alt-tab and risk having their video card freak out on them. It might save a few disconnects.

  32. was just a good sticky name. Well at least it won't remind me of warcraft 3 and make me sad all the time anymore.

  33. Dumb Aztec..Oh the Apple IPad…Apple IPhone….oh 10 years from now..let us called it Strawberry IPad,,,,,,

  34. Blizzard North..Battle.Net..Diablo BattleChest…Diablo 1… Diablo2 … Diablo2 Lod Expansion…Diablo 2 Vanilla….Uber..Stone of Jordon..Windforce..GrandFather Colossus Sword…fellow Diablo fan base..take heart we will always remember these Iconic name..even if Blizzard.. erase from their marketing strategy..comfort yourself in these reminiscing brands…

  35. Blizzard seems sort of confused on what they want. I mean i was forced to use bnet, got used to it, now its gone….?

  36. I didn't even notice until I saw this video. And I honestly do not care. It is a meaningless thing. Games are untouched, the services are untouched. Why bother to hate and complain? Nothing changed but a simple name, that, like you said, you will get used to it and forget how was called before.

    I will probably still call it Battle or Net (as we tend to use among buddies) depending on the mood, until one day I will start saying, let's make a blizz (referring to call on blizzard voice over or whatever is called)

    And like @DarkDondi thinks, this is not worth a 8+ minute video talking about it. Probably you could add it as a small part in some other one. And the approach is quite dramatic


  37. I just tells, Blizzard is loosing to gain new customers, and the old ones are leaving, not buying their new products.
    Blizzard is failing, and fast.

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