100 thoughts on “Battle.net World Championship Seeding Show


  2. That was one bullshit shuffle, two terran picks in a row out of 4 terrans in the entire tournament… (4/32) (3/31) = 12/992 = 3/248 = 1.2% chance of occurring. How the fuck. I'm sad that there is a small amount of terran representation. Also, the teamkilling is just ridiculous (idra/stephano and scarlett/nerchio) Fuck the system.

    Still gonna be an exciting tournament though <3

  3. The tournament goes in 2 stages. Stage 1: All terans eliminated thnx to f*cked up balance. Stage 2: We observe infinite amount Protos and Zerg fighing each other as if there are only 2 races in the game and in the end very surprising ZvZ final=!

  4. 40% chance for two terrans in a row out of 4 terrans out of 32 people?


    1.2% is much more logical than 40%…

  5. Wow so cool group B and H are only Zerg! ZvZ is by far the best matchup! Finals will be most likely ZvZ too 🙂 But the fact that 4 Terrans made it through shows how OP Terran still is. Blizz should buff Zerg lategame a bit more to equalize that imbalance!

    No seriously WTF is this Zergcraft trolololo? This is even worse than in the beginning when Terran was considered OP…

  6. the lineup isn´t much better than a playhem daily… where is MC, MVP, leenock, taeja, kas, thorzain etc? wasn´t there a propper qualification? *curious*

  7. There was a very proper qualification..The players you named either did not participate, dropped out in favor of another tournament or simply failed to qualify.

  8. Awwww, where's dApollo? I'm sad he's not casting along with these guys. Blizzard did choose the best casters in the world for this though.

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  10. hi GM ^^
    nice show ><
    im firsthokage lvl 90 in Kazzak : can you do your work plz and only look for my Ticket and help me back my waist name  : Belt of the Night Sky for i can go raid and play wow. 
    thx if you can help me or all team wow no have tim for that show TV !!!!!!!!!

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