Battle of Gods! – Fate Grand Opinions | Gamerturk FGO Babylonia EP5 Review

Ah, Fate Grand Order with it’s gorgeous animation
that showcases even the budget episode where it’s all still shots, feels like it still
has the budget to do whatever it wants and make it look absolutely stunning in the process! And then there is me who uploads an Episode
Review less than a day before the next Episode airs! Welcome everyone, it’s me Gamerturk and this
is Fate Grand Opinions, featuring Absolute Demonic Front Babylonia Episode 5 of Fate
Grand Order! Before I begin, I should give you a heads
up that my Episode 1 coverage which was taken down by yet another fraudulent Copyright Strike
by Sony Music Entertainment Japan, has finally been reinstated by Youtube after the legal
review process, and a bunch of you have already gone there to watch it after I notified you
with a Community Post, the interest was genuinely higher than I expected, especially for a month
old episode, so I thank you for that and also, if you haven’t watched it, you can go ahead
and watch it now! But yeah, just like my Explained series, timestamps
to individual points will be in the description as well as the pinned comment so you can skip
to certain sections of the video if something interests you more, but keep in mind Fate
Grand Opinions, as stated in the title, this is not Explained, I won’t share in depth knowledge,
Fate series is just too big of a rabbit hole for me, so this is more of a review of individual
episodes, what I loved when watching, what stood in my mind, and this doesn’t happen
often in FGO because it’s so wonderful, but I’ll also share what I don’t enjoy, if there
is anything to mention on that aspect. Last week, when reviewing Episodes 2-4 in
a bundle, I started with stating my approach towards Fate Grand Order Babylonia Anime,
which was “The last episode was so great, I wonder how can they top it off this week?”. That’s pretty much the mentality I go into
a new episode of FGO every week. While Episode 5 was the “budget episode” based
on my perception of episode portrayal and cinematography, I was genuinely surprised
that despite being so blatantly designed as a Budget Episode, it never once felt like
one. Let me explain, as you all probably know,
animation is expensive and takes a long time, especially if you are trying to have creative
set pieces. More often than not, this results in downgraded
visuals for highly dynamic keyframes in the case of regular episodes and goes as far as
just committing to a very simple shot-reverse shot format in budget episodes, so the animators
can quickly take care of the episode to be able to allocate more effort to a regular
episode. Now if you look at Episode 5 of Babylonia,
you will soon realize it belongs to the latter description. Constant still shots, going shot-reverse shot,
a dialogue heavy episode etc. But for some reason, despite clearly being
designed as one, the episode never felt cheap, even before the Enkidu vs Gilgamesh fight
which we will get to, that’s an entirely different highlight. Despite the lacking creativity for the majority
of the episode, the visuals felt alive, the scenes were popping and interesting. Now obviously, the incredibly charming characters
of Gilgamesh and Mashu contribute to this a lot as well, so let’s not downplay the characters,
but speaking from an animation perspective only, it still was incredibly alive. But that brings me to the characters. Let me give you a little background on my
perspective on Gilgamesh. I learned about his Fate persona back in Unlimited
Blade Works, so that’s what I extensively knew about the guy. An utter dick. So as you can imagine, I personally hate Gilgamesh. I was on the fence about him so far in FGO,
sure different incarnations of the same character can have slightly different personalities,
like Lancer Cu and Caster Cu, but the change in Gilgamesh I find incredibly interesting. At his core, Gilgamesh still acts like an
utter dick in every single word he spouts. But the best way I can put it is that while
the Archer Gilgamesh back in Fate Stay Night is a dick because he’s an arrogant prick,
the Caster Gilgamesh we have in Babylonia sounds like a prick, simply because he is
blatantly honest and candid. It’s genuinely such an interesting character
for me, because when he speaks, I want to punch him, but when I think about what he
says, I’m like… “Wait a second… What he’s saying sounds very much like a neutral
observation above anything else and does make a lot of sense”. The scene when he asks Mashu to tell him their
stories from the past is the clearest showcase of that. The moment Mashu is done talking the first
response of Gilgamesh is a resounding “That was truly boring” and the first thing that
you think is “The fuck did you just say to the sweet Mashu you dickface?”, but then he
continues with how adventures always sound boring to the listeners, while you can see
how grand and exciting of an adventure it was on the faces and voices of the ones telling
it, which makes you stop for a minute and go… “Oh my god, he is absolutely right” and you
realize he is just being honest to the extreme, which is something I can appreciate in a character. As the great King Gilgamesh, it makes perfect
sense that for the best of his civilization, he simply speaks the truth without hiding
it, and I believe it is a perfect fit for the character. And despite the fight scene at the end, for
some reason, my favorite scene this episode has been the short bit when Gilgamesh is patrolling
the town and interacting with Children. For some reason, that scene has just really
grown onto me, how the kids look up to Gilgamesh, how he is, once again very candidly, shitting
on the intellectual capabilities of small children by pointing out how simple the game
is, but how its important for kids to learn about basic things. It’s a really nice small scene. Another small scene I want to point out is
the scene in Okeanos, the Third Singularity. I mentioned this in the previous video, but
I love how they are giving you key moments from previous singularities in a very condensed
manner. Francis Drake’s speech about Saints doing
bad deeds and Sinners doing good deeds, you have actually heard this back in Episode 0
ending when we saw moments from each Singularity and while you may not have realized it at
first due to the severe change in Drake’s tone, that is part of the same speech. It’s a very basic sentiment, but I love the
way Drake’s VA goes on with the words, both in the hopeful and energetic speech back in
Episode 0 Initium Iter, and then here, in hopeful but sad tone in Episode 5. And this flashback is yet another beautiful
reminder that while Fate Grand Order is a series where 2 time travellers dick around
in time and space to fix things with isolated storylines, it is also Mashu’s journey and
it is someone elses journey as Dr. Roman puts it at the very beginning of Episode 0. And while it is possible to interpret that
“someone” as Fujimaru, I like to interpret it as the other side of Mashu, as both him
and her walk this path more or less together, they both learn things throughout this journey. As for who he is, the full answer lies in
the 6th Singularity Camelot, so the previous adventure, that will be adapted as a Movie,
so I will not spell it out for you. If you really want an obvious cue, go watch
Episode 1, Mashu even mentions his name. Ah but I spoke long enough, the fight scene… Now despite how much stuff is going on, I
do feel like re-iterating that this is a budget fight scene. You can see it even in the first moment of
it, compare Mashu’s running animation to the one in Episode 1 and it will feel inferior. Overall, the fight has a lot of still shots
but goddamn, it still lasts about 4 minutes and it never feels cheep. Except for this one here, I have no idea what
happened in this shot, but something happened. Either way, goddamn, all the dramatic shots
are very well thought out, all the calm shots are incredibly well paced around together
to flow constantly from action and hype to calm and conflicted constantly back and forth,
which is what makes this scene so well for me. It’s similar to the Jaguarman fight from the
previous episode. Yes, there is a fight happening, but instead
of simply relying on the flashy nature of the fight, the anime decides to focus on its
narrative and the emotions that are key to the fight. And here’s my obligatory comparison to Alicization
Anime, this is what Alicization Anime lacks. Fights and the Emotional Weight in Alicization
always feel separated, which I have to mention, is not the case in the Novels. Eugeo worries about Alice, Eugeo is angry
at Bercouli, cool there is the emotion, but when the battle begins, it is all about the
battle, until the battle is over and emotion returns. Team Chaldea vs Jaguarman in Episode 4, during
the entire battle, the emphasis is on Fujimaru and his regrets of his failures, on the pressure
the looming retreat is putting on Fujimaru. So we’re not just watching sparkly lights
on screen, we live what Fujimaru is living that moment. We feel pressured by the moment and hope Mashu
and Ana defeat their adversary, so Fujimaru does not get yet another regret on his conscience. The result is irrelevant, because the weight
of the battle is now, right then and there, in the moment. Same with this impressive but stationary fight
between Gilgamesh and Enkidu. We see Enkidu breaking, while Gilgamesh observing
and relatively unsure on how to proceed. The battle thus feel tense, because the emotions
of the scene and the fight itself, is perfectly entwined. It’s not in the format of “2 minute speech
and emotions” followed by “1 minute of flashy action with no substance” and then another
“1 minutes of speech and emotions”. It is 4 minutes of an emotional clash and
that is absolutely mesmerizing to watch. Hell, the fight ends without a single speech
and you know exactly what both Enkidu and Gilgamesh are going through and Enkidu leaves
without a single word in complete silence. And I call that an absolutely amazing ending
to a beautiful scene. And let’s end with that beautiful scene. As someone who has been skipping stories since
Okeanos, I am very interested in where Enkidu’s story goes. But yeah, this episode also had a severe lack
of Ana and Merlin, so I’ll be hoping we return to them again next week back in Uruk! But what did you think about this episode? I’m especially interested in the opinions
of those who don’t like having so much exposition in their episodes, did you find this episode
particularly uninteresting compared to the previous episodes? Because I felt like that was a great way to
have a static episode, so please do let me know your opinions! Hopefully, Fate Grand Opinions for Episode
6 won’t be this late next week, though I shouldn’t get my hopes up, it’s a busy week next week
for me… Either way, subscribe and hit the bell icon
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the (kinda late) Fate Grand Order coverage! Thank you very much for watching, a huge thanks
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  2. Gilgamesh is one of my favourite servants because he is a fair King. In Fate Zero he said in his time : All of his underlings and humans are important for the kingdom and society. No one should waste a human life.

  3. Does this anime have more episodes, because when I looked it up, I couldn’t tell if its a movie or just have only one episode

  4. -Read the word "God" in title
    – Thought its the SAO Undeworld Gods video
    -Came as fast as I could even though I am in college
    -Realized its a Fate/Grand Order video
    -Still watched it despite the fact that I haven't watched the anime
    -Loved it

    Keep up the good work 👌

  5. When the no-homo feelings of the body you inhabit for his best bro screw you from finishing him off…that's basically how [SPOILER] was feeling right there XP

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