BATTLE OF THE BATS | Batman Missions | Mattel Action!

(suspense music) – [Narrator] Previously
on Batman Missions. Alarm at Gotham City University. – Robin, there’s a
robbery in progress. Whoever did this, is close by. – Batman! – What are you? – [Computer Voice]
Half man, half bat. – Man bat. (Mechanical sounds) (bat squealing) – No chance Bats,
the beast is mine. – [Computer Voice] Mission Alert (mission music) (bats squeaking) (computer console beeps) – The genetic
scanner we developed to find Man Bat has
finally located him. (computer beeps) – [Computer Voice] New mission. Rescue Man Bat from Two-Face. – Fight Stream Boxing Club? Why would they hold him there? – We’re about to find out. Get the bat serum
from the genetics lab at Gotham City University
and meet me at Fight Stream. Mission go! (exciting music) – Two-Face has taken over
the live channel Fight Stream and is charging viewers to
watch a disturbing event he calls Battle of the Bats. (upbeat music) – It’s the one you’ve
been waitin’ for folks, the Battle of the Bats. On the right, we have Man Bat
(Man Bat growls) I gave Man Bat another
dose of the serum to make him more
monster than man. Now all he wants to do is fight. And on the left, the Batman, who I caught trying to
steal my flying beast. Good luck, you’re gonna need it. (Too-face laughs) Two bats, one battle,
let the freak show begin. (mechanical sound) (electrocuting sound) (chains rattling) – Forget it Harvey,
we’re not fighting. (electrocuting sound) Look out! (electrifying sound) – Okay, fight fans,
time to up the ante. (swirling coin sound) Heads, that means
activate the Bat Grinder. (metal machinery grinds) (drum roll) – Kirk, that jolt
snapped you out of it. We’ve got to work together. Remember who you are. Remember your wife, Francine. – So, you freaks
have joined forces. Time to face the steal chompers. (machine clanks) – Kirk, if we can’t
beat ’em, join ’em. (metal crunching) – No! (kicking sound)
Ooh! – Batman, I have the serum! (uplifting music) (flapping wings) – [Batman] Good luck, Kirk – Thanks to Batman and Robin, Two-Face is once
again behind bars. – Mission accomplished, eh? – In other news,
Professor Kirk Langstrom is back from his
sabbatical and will return to his research at Gotham
University in the fall. – Nice, but don’t you
kinda miss his freaky side? – No, I don’t. – (mission music) – [Batman] Now it’s time
to make your own missions.

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