Battle of the Planets (English) S01E73 Tentacles from Space

Encounters are cunning and villainous new adversary, who tests their incredible powers to the limit The beautiful spy from spectra steals of valuable scientific. Formula, which force must recover to savor Even the mysterious sarimanok powers of g-force To defeat the monstrous tentacles of spectres, new, spaceship or has that evil planet at last found, away Be sure to watch this exciting episode of all of the planets G-force, five incredible young people with, superpowers And watching over them from saturn neptune sevens or seven Watching warning, and surprise attack. By alien galaxies from beyond space g-force Fearless young, orphans protecting earth’s entire galaxy always five acting as one dedicated inseparable invincible Here at center neptune hidden, away at the bottom of the sea where the nerve center for all galaxy defenses and security but this is one of the real pleasures of my, job Bringing the phoenix and g4 home from outer space after another very successful mission There going into time work now and traveling of a speed so fast Even my calculators have a hard time keeping track it must be a thrilling experience and i hope one of these Days i can travel into deep space Yes of course how, take you along one rover one will go zooming off into the wild. Black yonder That’s what some of the old space freighter? Captain’s called it You are cleared for re-entry commander and i hope you’re ready for a little rest and relaxation We’re ready zack But i’m afraid we’re not going to get it keith anderson just radioed us to meet him in security the second, we get back? It must be an urgent development in the professor starck case he’s the scientist Who, discovered the formula for duplicating animal protein from common soil down to the last, amino acid You all know him professor stark of the galactic research center Is that, why you called us in a Controversial figure in jason maybe a traitor from scientific genius to traitor that’s a switch what happened to him Chief come i’d like to show. You something i think you’ll, agree it’s very incriminating Real spy thriller, we don’t, want to be unfair to professor stark but he refuses even to discuss the matter, oh no? we were called in chief Security must have all a crack investigators it needs We have but this is something unique just four g-force Especially you marc you must be mistaken chief i don’t have, any connection with. Professor. Stack, maybe this will help jog your memory a bit very pretty girls See a familiar, face among, them marc maybe this one i Think i’ve seen, her before isn’t she the space rock singer at the spaceport Five disco the one for aliens spectra special agent code name hannah she showed up at a stakeout We had working on professor stark the professor, was really dealing with, spectra That’s his protein formula what’s left of it are you, asking us to find her Chief yes she disappeared after the stakeout, we took the professor into custody, but he refuses to talk, we don’t Want to try a man of professor starks stature but, we know he, did meet with agent hanna his colleague dr. Hudson says the protein formula he gave her, and which she tried to burn is a fake You, happy made a fool of a getting, zota, my wonderful old agents you must get that protein formula or see that no one else Mostly, well as one i am putting korra in charge korra Isn’t he an alien from one of our subjugated planet sigma minor i believe yes The inhabitants of that planet the most insolent sorta but your choice shows intelligence not even the mysterious powers of g thoughts The fight i shall transmit your wishes to him at once the luminous one will be working over you cora Do not fear us you know, what i think of a luminous one and i goes for you to zoltah you have your orders quran My sensor spotted their spaceship as it neared us and then it vanished While the phoenix is searching for the invader mark And princess are going into the galactic research center to talk to professor stocks colleague dr. Hobson i saw the formula professor stock, was supposed to have given that blond spectre agent You, don’t believe it was genuine dr. Hobson, no and i’d stake, my professional reputation on it why, would professor stock have a meeting with A spectre agent to handle a fake formula i’ve been, asked that by security i don’t know. Professor stark was a very troubled man Trouble doctor. Yes ever since his wife died they had no children His wife and his work meant everything to him When she died in a fire that swept their building he lost interest in everything but i do know He completed his work on his concentrated, soil protein the protein formula Was burned in that fire and the formula is now only in professor stark’s head? Security is holding professor stark and high-security isolation because he refuses to talk i have tried to speak to him he refuses to see me i Can’t blame him the fire that killed, his wife was deliberately set if professor stark dies the protein formula, dies with him Spectres behind this somehow it’s horrible isn’t it for professors dark in an isolation. Cell we’ve got to get him out of there Till, we ship? To, come from spectrum in a storage facility Zoltar is seeking revenge for not getting the formula his next target will be the professor i’ve detected a strange object in the vicinity of the high-security prison and i alerted the phoenix i hope, mark remembers to bring me a couple of space burgers we’ve got something tiny north of us and moving in You’re, part of something skip the rest Whoever said two heads were better than one they’re, going to the high-security prison That must be where they’re holdin, professors stock easy, we’ll make short work of them Looks, like it’s up to us to stop, them take her up tiny Straker crap coming up order attack Those dots around it Next time you, disobey, my, orders i’ll have every audience The, g-force, g-force, g-force, harrell has seemed to me just another enemy to crunch All units in action i want my phoenix destroyed I’ll amerce minh was big blind, powerlinx please you can’t touch this valley paige Attack blades coming in from south destroy them Brave men in those planes tiny but they’re in a very tough battle, oh? my G-force is really deep in trouble that hydra headed spectra monster is commanded by Khorog an alien from sigma minor one of spectra slave planets There are only a few inhabitants of that planet left but, they’re mean and terribly strong i wish i could Be out there with, g-force to get in a few. Good, licks and show. That khorog a, thing or two i Must stop using that imported non-friction oil it just brings out the tiger in me Now i wonder if i’ll still be able to get g-force on my monitor Break us loose tiny keyboard commander coming in Real nice timing Well that does it let’s give princess and mark a? Hand key up mind the store tiny i Don’t understand five earthlings i could stop between, my fingers destroying My robot tentacle disease we told you g-force has strange mysterious, bothering nonsense When you, bring it up wait i guess that’s all you, spectrum nr Craven cowards, we better call spectra for help you do that now feet bonilla to the fish get going Hale sigma higher I read tiny coming in behind princess Come on like a swarm of nuts, well here comes one that’s no little tiny net Take us in for a closer look tiny Special armored plate I’ll try to get a look inside that thing with, telus canner Keep trying, jason they’re planning something inside there i’d like to know, what it is? Clerk has abandoned us all we can, do is send this crap for self-destruct. And take off any escape ship Fools i’ll have to finish the job myself Set us down in the prison yard dining i want to have a talk with professor stark two, three young, boys, and old credible g bores We’ve no, quarrel with, you we know, you’re an alien, from the slave planet sigma minor we are no one slaves We fought among ourselves we’re a few now fewer? Dubrow a. Child’s toy at me Thank, brush, you off like flies Funny, they, always think nothing can happen when they’re behind, them done we’ll need a special Cell for him, when he wakes up in the meantime let’s get professor stark out of here It’s sure good to be between jobs again i went out Professor stark is making on i hope they go easy on the old problem life trying to handle him a, bad scene I’m glad security exonerated him, when his wife died in that fire he sort of went into a tailspin soured on the world He, did make a, deal with that spectra agent Hanna but he backed out at the last minute and handed her a worthless formula that’s, why zoltar said Kora, down to finish him off if zoltar couldn’t get that protein formula he didn’t, want this earth to benefit from improved protein concentrate You, always do a fine job But you never get to relax afterward like, we do come on down to the ready room, we’ll play Some disco music and i’ll dance the funky plastic with you, oh I’d love to, do that but i don’t think i should leave, my post for a minute thank you for the invitation I’ll take a rain, check imagine me dancing with princess i just might do it sometime i Wonder how. You dance the funky fosdick maybe i should practice You’re, right one rover one i’m a terrible dancer do you suppose, when they put me together. They gave, me two left feet

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