Battle of the Planets (English) S01E75 The Awesome Armadillo

Stay tuned coming up next on battle of the planets The awesome armadillo from outer space swoops down on planet Earth wreaking havoc and destruction When the g-force find a way to penetrate the rocket roof armor of the beast and save planet Earth from Brett Or is g-force about to perish within the crash This exciting episode The planet G-force five incredible young people with superpowers And watching over them from Saturn attune sevens or seven Watching warning against surprise attack by alien galaxies from the Fearless young orphans protecting Earth’s entire galaxy always five as one Delegated inseparable It’s so nice and peaceful down here at Center Neptune when planet spectra isn’t invading the galaxy somewhere during slack periods Like this. I keep my multi linear electron circuits in prime condition by working password puzzles in this loop. I Can solve a puzzle in its? Microsecond so I do them backwards to make them more of a challenge again Of course, I don’t use a pencil. I do them in my Fosdick what you’d call your head Well, that was an easy one right now. I have a more difficult puzzle on my hands It concerns the behavior of mark the young commander of g-force He hasn’t been himself lately and that could seriously hinder the effectiveness of g-force Humans are so complex and difficult to figure out I think I’ll check on my monitor and see how the team is doing Its target practice time for Jason with the new space weapon I invented Alright This time I cut off a tenth of a second I’ll improve when I get the feel of the trigger I don’t know what we’re waiting for that new freeze. Ray weapon should be standard equipment on the Phoenix right now Look Jason as commander of the Phoenix. I’ll make that decision Yes, sir. Mr. Commander we work as a team, but every team needs a leader a Team needs a leader who leads our Team needs umpire. You could both be right. Maybe the time is right for resignation did That’s something for you to decide commander, but don’t make me the big bad heavy Impossible I can’t believe it sir. They’ve relieved me of my command I’m certain the Great Spirit will reconsider sir No I am no longer wanted after all my years of devoted service to spectra. I am discarded. Don’t be so worried. So – Colonel – so you are my replacement Replacement better smear lycée. I’ve been brought in for a special mission But I have a perfect new plan for conquering earth The luminous one has studied your plan and rejected it instead I have been placed in charge of the next invasion of Earth operation wind fire. What am I to do? Am I to remain here is the prison active patience o-tar? We shall find tasks for you. I’m sure They will change their minds sir only if Colonel 2 fails then the luminous one will beg me to take back my command Soldiers are spectra. The moment has come for the historic invasion of planet Earth. We have this operation will fire The wind and Now You’ll know your assignments say that you carry them out properly lunch Colonel – my future depends on your misfortune Colleen seven zark seven at center Neptune Mrs. Susan on planet Pluto. I have an early warning alert Come in Zack This is seven dark seven. I read you Susan. What is it? Anat? Spectrum has just launched some sort of missile or spacecraft. It’s leaving the Crab Nebula It sounds like trouble heading our way again Unidentified object has gone into time armed, but it’s definitely heading for the Milky Way I’ve turned up my sensors to locate it. Yes. You’re right Susan It’s now passing planet Saturn and shooting straight for Earth. Good luck Zack Thank you for the prompt warning Susan. I’ll notify security and G ports at once I’m afraid we’re in Brother I come to you because I have no one to turn to Mark I Know this is a bad time mark. I’m here only because it’s really urgent and we need you Tell me what’s happened spectra has struck. Will you come back to centre Neptune? Yes I’m glad Susan was able to alert me about this attack So I could order the town evacuated and I’m glad Mark didn’t resign his command. We need him badly now We have a formidable challenge to peace on earth This is Bandos island the first objective of Spectras assaulted They spared nothing here is the church and other main buildings that were destroyed and this is the armadillos home base From this position it commands all the city below. Why don’t we just knock it out? Easier said than done Jason. What do you mean? It’s perched up there like a sitting duck more like a sitting fortress I’d say Listen to how secure their commander feels No seconds, what do we do chief besides surrender wait That’s our second choice. Let them wipe us out spectra is so confident of their superiority that issued evacuation orders to proceed, but then we have to leave our undefended cities to their mercy We are ready, sir prepare to attack Ten nine eight seven six five four three two one We gotta find a way to stop them or lose our cities one by one Well take whatever course of action you think best Aircraft approaching, sir. Keep them in our sights, but do nothing until I order Scoot around to their portside tiny Why are we stalling with a few good shots? I could knock that turtle right off the hill I told you this is a reconnaissance mission strictly for taking pictures. Great. I’ll put them in my scrapbook Why don’t you two bury the hatchet we’ve got enough problems as it is. We’re supposed to be a team, aren’t we? We’ll follow my plan Check we’re not attacking the armadillo till I’m convinced we can beat it Okay, I still think you’re off base, but you’re the boss That’s right. And I won’t risk lies with a reckless attack. That spectra beast must have a weak spot somewhere and sooner or later We’ll find it The armadillo was set to strike and our commanders in the dark room developing snapshots That’s curious. I’m sure mark has very good reasons. I Won’t give up somewhere. There must be a chink in the armor Devil’s armor I’m trying to keep my cool, but it’s really uptight time here at Santa Neptune The spectra space monster keeps destroying our cities and not hasn’t figured out how to stop it yet And as if it weren’t enough trouble the tension between mark and Jason is really mounting Jason is very independent and the best marksmen on the g-force team what he has to learn to follow orders. I Hope Mark can figure out a plan of action soon and the Jason’s patient enough to follow it Menu stations prepare attack Anderson here Yes, I understand Zork says the armadillo attacked again Jason Mark It’s time to act Commander there’s just gotta be a weakness if there is it’s in your head Jason Well, he’s practicing photography. The armadillo is destroying our cities Jason is right. We have terror everywhere Remember us I could be busted but someone has got to knock sense into his head Don’t let’s cool it you gotta use a little tact and diplomacy if you want to get through to somebody Hey Mark, we know you got a lot on your mind. All we ask is for you to share the problem with us After all will one family like fingers on a hand, right? Come on I’m talkin to you don’t just sit there answer me boy You oughta give you one the key is here. I Don’t know why but that picture reminds me of something Remember when spectra shot us a missile against us and no one knew how to knock it down Not to brag but I’m the one who noticed a soft spot near the deflector grid Of course We found the chink in the armor We were looking for the Achilles heel and we found it in the armadillos nose. That’s where it’s vulnerable Meanwhile if the armadillo continues its dirty work We’re still helpless the monster is blowing up bridges setting fire to cities when the people return They’ll have no homes to come to I Have what you want, let me see will it work? It will if we make a direct hit First we must establish position then it’s up to Jason I’ll nail it. It’s still a long shot, but it’s our only shot so far So good the earthly seem confused and we must keep them That way does the colonel have plans for another attack soon? We’ll give the enemy a chance to let his losses sink in he may beg for peace Unidentified craft sorry folks There’s that big turtle Steady tiny just a hair to the left. Got your hoodie This time we’ll need luck If anyone can I know still he’s got such a narrow margin for error? There’s nothing to worry about We’re gonna turn that turtle into turtle soup. The question is what do we do if we miss? You’ve been a big talker Jason. Oh boy. Now’s the time to prove it wasn’t all hot air We’re in range Hold your fire. Let us see what they had in mind. Our craft was built to be impregnable None of their weapons confess our armored este will discover Sir we’ve been hit fire is broken out in the torpedo room Do you have a report on the damage yet? No, sir, but the forward phaser banks are all in flames main fire station The armadillo should be in big trouble something’s happening up there The fire is spreading sir, but we are ready to attack Prepare to abandon ship. Please turn on the robot controls There’s the grabber Maybe we’ll be able or shaped a thing From cynical tune I can see what’s happening through my scanner. The armadillo is riding the Phoenix piggyback to the bottom of the sea I’m thinking what I’m thinking got it. It’s hole in the ceiling time. I’ve got a hunch that Armadillos underbelly is a soft touch No leaks, what do you think? Can we shoot a mini torpedo up there? Yes, if we miss we don’t even get back to the drawing board shoot a torpedo up there and blow us up It’s a crazy idea, but I like it. Okay princess get the hardware if we blow it. We’re all wet No panic, but if we’re gonna make our move we better make it now go Team it’s done Was closed I have all the faith in the galaxy in my team But for a while there it looked like we went down and out of it Jason made a super shot with that rocket, but it was ma who discovered the only weak spot in the armadillos Armour? Little twos weapon was immobilized but he managed to limp back to spectra where I’m sure he was demoted leaving Zoltar back in charge You write one Rover one Jason learned a valuable lesson from this experience He must never forget that their success depends upon Teamwork and teamwork depends upon the ability of each g-force member to follow orders They say competition breeds excellence So I guess I’ve got nothing to worry about with g-force because mark and Jason are certainly competitive one thing I know each of us gives our all for g-force Stay tuned coming up next on battle of the planets secret agents from the evil planet of spectra invade Space Center and Platinum

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