Battle Plan – Zavod 311 and Graveyard Shift – Battlefield 4 Conquest Map Strategy (BF4)

Hi YouTube, Darth Here: This is Battle Plan, where I talk about all
the big picture strategies you can use to help you achieve victory on Battlefield maps.
This time around it’s Zavod 311 on Conquest Large — which has been one of my most requested
maps to review. But that’s not all, as I’ll also cover strategies for Zavod: Graveyard
Shift in this video as well. In this video, I’ll go over all the tactics, strategies,
and tips that you can use to help your team to victory. Let’s break down Zavod into its distinct
pieces. The Americans spawn in the west and the Russians are located in the east. Between
them are six points — which is somewhat unusual for a conquest map as the number of flags
is typically odd and not even. This means that the ticket burn is not as frequent. The
capture points on the map are Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, Delta, Echo, and Foxtrot. Taking a look at this map, we can see that
each point is roughly paired with another. If I were to section off the map, it becomes
roughly three distinct parts, which will have meaning that I will talk about later. Looking at the distance between the flags,
we can see that Echo is closer to Delta and Charlie than the Russian’s two closest flags.
Thanks to the American team’s better access to Echo, this has a bit of a leapfrog effect.
The American team will generally have an easier time getting to the center of the map through
Echo. I’ve found that Zavod is somewhat imbalanced towards the American team in the
west through the combination of distance between flags and the respawn points. But two smart
teams can still make this one of the most even maps. On conquest small, the game shrinks down to
just four flags: Alpha, Bravo, Charlie, and Delta. Again, you can separate the game into
three distinct areas of the map. In the small version, travel between points is much easier. Looking at the large conquest version once
again, why is this important? Well the general strategy for this map is going to revolve
around controlling one of these three sections. The reason being the travel time between points
on the map is generally pretty significant. Let’s look at a fairly typical setup, where
the American team controls one half of the map and the Russian team the other. A complete
tie. Unless your teams are good at splitting up different squads to harass the two back
areas, the game is generally going to revolve around capturing and holding the two most
center points. Beyond that, your team just needs to be responsible for holding one additional
point to keep the game tied. Ideally your team holds the center and both back points,
as the game requires four points to induce a burn, as opposed to the usual three on other
conquest maps. But how do you prioritize which points to
grab? Let’s look at a few more situations. Let’s say your team has done a good job
of holding the backfield, but hasn’t been able to grab the center. Now you could try
to circumvent the center and cap the enemy’s backfield. This will generally accomplish
bringing a few enemies back from the center. If you don’t meet any resistance, you’re
generally clear to capture the other immediately close point. However, if you fail to capture
and maintain a foothold in the backfield, you’ve wasted the substantial travel time
to the point. Worse yet, because the bulk of enemy forces operate in the center, it’s
exceptionally difficult to get to the backfield. If you do go on this route, I’d highly recommend
having an organized squad and a radio beacon as an insurance policy for your squad. The next situation you might run into is when
your team controls the center, but doesn’t control one or more of the backfield points.
Presumably because a squad did the thing I just got done talking about. In this case,
you need to be very aware of where your teams forces are. If your team has already got a
squad or more in the backfield to counter the enemy squad, you’ll want to stick to
defending the center. If the enemy is out of control, you’ll want to counter them.
Keep in mind that if you don’t get a squad wipe in your score feed, there may very likely
be additional enemies nearby. Finally, if you’ve done everything right,
you’ll have all four points in the center and your own backfield. This is the strongest
position for any team to be in — especially the American team, as the Russian team crossing
to the center or the backfield is exceptionally difficult without being noticed. You can easily
knock one hundred to two hundred tickets off the enemy score with this setup. But it’s
not easy to push the enemy completely from the center. This is where the map split comes in handy
to think about. At any given time, I’m trying to capture the two points in one part of the
split. Pivoting between the splits of points means some exceptionally long travel times.
You have to at least be able to count on your team for one point, because you’re not going
to be able to control three points on the map by yourself. Ultimately, you need to be
fluid and have a good understanding of where your enemy is — where your team is strong
— and be ready to pivot between any two points. And just so we’re not forgetting the night
version of this map, what changes strategy-wise after-hours? Not much really, but you can
have an easier time of infiltrating the backfield without being seen. The night version of the
map is going to affect your loadouts and on-point tactics more than it will the overall strategy
for this map. So let’s talk tactics… Each point on Zavod is unique in its own ways.
And before I get into the tactics for each specific point, I want to talk a bit about
the spawn behavior for defenders at those points. As you can see, pretty much every point has
a shared spawn between the American and Russian teams — and those spawn points nearly encircle
the flags they are near. The exceptions on conquest large are at Delta and Charlie. Delta
in particular has the biggest divergence in spawn points, as the Russian team spawns far
to the east, and the American team spawns directly north of Delta. I actually think
this is one of the biggest discrepancies in map balance, as the Russians have a longer
distance to run to the capture position, and don’t spawn with cover immediately available.
In fact, the Russians are almost as close to Bravo as they are to Delta when they spawn
at Delta. This fact will come in handy when I talk about Delta specifically. But let’s break down the individual points. Alpha is probably the easiest backfield capture
point to take and hold. It’s a perfect fortress for a single squad. This bodes well for the
Americans, and not so well for the Russians. There’s a lot of wilderness area around
the point where beacons can be hid, and the center has three distinct levels that cannot
easily see into one another. If you’re defending this point, you can almost always expect infantry
forces to be in the basement. Alpha is a difficult point to clear, but I recommend taking the
second floor entrances, rather than jumping down into the center from the top, as you’re
exceptionally exposed there. If you’re focusing on this point, I highly recommend using a
TUGS or motion sensor to find stubborn enemies. Like Foxtrot on the American side of the map,
an IFV spawns here — so be absolutely sure it doesn’t fall into enemy hands when it
spawns. It’s a huge priority for defenders and attackers alike, as the parking area in
front of the Alpha can also capture the point. On the night version, be sure to hit up the
generator at Alpha, as it makes a huge amount of difference with the ambient light. This
is especially useful if you’re playing with infrared equipment. When the generator here
is active, it also activates the motion sensor alarms on the outskirts of the building. Bravo is also an easily defended position,
which again can be great for the American team, and not quite as useful for the Russians.
The three buildings here have plenty of hiding spots and lookout points to catch responding
defenders, all while remaining in the large capture radius. The proximity to the nearby
roads means that armor that pulls into this point is taking a terrible risk of being the
victim to well-placed rockets and C4. When the buildings inevitably get turned into
rubble, they become less traversable, but no less easy to defend. Pretend like you’re
a gopher or a prairie dog, and pop up, shoot enemies, hide, and repeat as necessary. Because
of the relatively long traversal times to Bravo from other points, it’s a relatively
easy point to keep from enemies, as long as you’re vigilant about the adjacent points
at Alpha and Delta. Next up, Charlie is probably the action junky’s
main point of conflict on the map. While Delta also sees a lot of action, the basement at
Charlie gets totally insane. The capture point for this flag extends onto the vehicle ramps
above, but it is exceptionally rare to see anyone standing there, as they are going to
get their faces shot off from defenders pretty quick. So the basement has an interesting
layout — there are four staircases into the main capture area, and a side area that also
has a sliver-slice of the capture area. So a smart player can get in here and try to
force a sneaky capture. If you’re trying to get into the main area
to defend or attack, I highly recommend coming from Delta’s direction, as you’re going
to have to face far fewer responders. Additionally, if you are trying to defend the point, you
can often catch players that are looking out from the stairs or into the main room. Assaulting
the main room by going down the stairs is almost always a recipe for disaster, as if
you wait too long to clear from above, you’ll get taken down by defenders or other infantry,
and if you just jump inside, you have a one in four chance that the direction you looked
was the correct one. So come up from the basement instead, and you’ll only have to worry about
your own ass and the enemies in front of you. Now Delta, as I said, is another intense point
on the map. If you’re capturing the point, it’s important to be well aware of the location
of incoming defenders. American defenders are going to be coming from the North, and
Russian defenders come from the East. In almost every circumstance, the top of the machines
at Delta are the single best point to capture the flag. You have a huge amount of visibility,
some meagre protection from return fire, it’s almost impossible to hit you with grenades,
and not a whole lot of people look here first — so you’ll almost always have the jump
on other players. Additionally, if you’re on the Russian team, you can shoot out the
glass windows and have a good view of the American defenders spawn points on Delta. If you’re a responding Russian defender,
you’ll have to deal with coming in the side opposite the machines. While there is a fair
amount of cover once you’re in the point, there is not a whole lot while you’re running
to the point. Additionally, the cover on the Russian side tends to give away quite a bit
of information about where you’re at — and in certain circumstances it can even be shot
through. As a rule, I generally advise against bringing
vehicles directly into Delta, as not only do you have shots on you from three angles,
it’s really easy for C4 and infantry to hide in the clutter at this point and avoid
return fire. And finally, coming up from the center to
assault Delta is generally not the best strategy. Especially if the enemy just captured it.
Instead, push along a bit and come up the side stairs on the north side of Delta. If
you’re playing as the Russians, you can also use this as an excellent foxhole to target
the American spawn points on the opposite side of the tracks. The next point, Echo, is one of the points
that typically stays in American hands the entire game because of its proximity to the
American spawn. The respawn points for Echo surround pretty much the entire point, so
you’ll have to be careful when capturing this flag. The capture area is fairly large,
so using the eastern-most buildings can help as both cover and a point of advancement.
The trains in the center are pretty obvious cover, and everybody at this point knows to
check them — so you have to win the coin flip when the doors open. Echo is a good point
to bring a buddy to capture, as hiding spots are somewhat few. As a Russian, I’d highly recommend being
an Engineer if you’re coming to this point, as almost all American vehicles pass through
this point. In the process of capturing, it’s extremely likely you’ll see an Abrams, LAV,
MRAP, or Mobile Anti-Aircraft. All of which will ruin your day as there isn’t a lot
of cover at Echo. Finally we have Foxtrot, which is probably
the biggest boondoggle of the Russian team. I’ve seen a lot of squads hole up here,
and stay here, which is probably the mistake. There’s a sniper tower here, which doesn’t
have much effect on the game given that it is almost 200 meters from the nearest point
and doesn’t include the capture point for Foxtrot. Given its distance to the rest of
the points on the map, it’s useful only if the American team forgets about it. So capture
Foxtrot, and move on. My favorite capture point for foxtrot is a
sneaky slice of the point just next to the fence on the very western edge. Not a lot
of people know about this spot, and it’s out of the way — so unless a tank comes along
from the spawn, you’ve got nothing to worry about. However, you can’t pick off any enemies
that come along to block your capture. But it’s a good jumping off spot if you have
a squad. As for the rest of the Foxtrot, there really
isn’t a lot of cover, so it’s a difficult point to hold onto if the Americans want it
back. Unlike Alpha, once you’re ejected from Foxtrot it’s pretty much over. Which
is why I generally use it as a jumping-off point to capture Echo. Again, Foxtrot spawns an infantry fighting
vehicle, so be sure to capture it and use it. You can actually cause quite a bit of
trouble for the enemy with this piece of armor in their backfield, as anti-armor defenders
at Echo can’t quite as easily put you down as defenders at Bravo. Now we get into the meat of the discussion
where the two versions of Zavod start to diverge. The loadouts and equipment you’re going
to want on 311 and Graveyard are going to be fairly different. In general, what you play is going to depend
on which of those three slices of the map you’re going to be playing in. If you’re primarily looking at the center,
then I highly recommend playing as Assault, Support, or Aggressive Recon. It’s going
to be all about CQB weapons with high rates of fire, damage, and preferably large magazines.
The center is where shotguns are going to shine on Zavod in day or night. You need a
lot of firepower, and potentially a large magazine as whole squads will come charging
in at you simultaneously. If you’re not bringing a shotgun, then I’d recommend an
AEK-971 as assault, an M240B as support, or the MTAR or possibly ACW-R as recon. If you’re
playing center as an Engineer, then you need to be thinking about your PDWs. Now, if you’re playing either the American
or Russian backfield, I’d recommend bringing something with a little bit better performance
at all ranges. In these areas, I’d play an engineer first, recon second, assault third,
and finally support. Any engineer on this map should absolutely
be carrying mines at all times if they’re not actively repairing a vehicle. There are
so many places to hide them, and vehicles just don’t typically look for them. I’ve
gotten huge numbers of kills from vehicles cruising through points, trying to come in
to defend a point, or simply by surprise on vehicles that weren’t paying attention.
You can get really creative with the placement, as well. Other than that, If you’re on the
outskirts as an engineer, I’d recommend running with an all-purpose carbine like the
AK5C. Definitely switch back to your PDW if you enter the center, though. On Zavod, any
rocket launcher will do, but I find the SMAW and RPG are best suited for the ranges on
this map. Getting back to the lineup, on the outskirts
the recon is next. You’ll want to bring a TUGS and radio beacon. The beacon acts as
insurance in case you wipe, and the TUGS is exceptionally useful for capturing and defending
points — especially if you’re alone. As for weapon, I’d probably consider a Carbine
over a DMR, as a lot of the points tend to have more close-quarters action once you’re
in them. If you’re playing an assault, I’d recommend
the L85A2 or M416. You’ll want medkits and revives to keep your squad or teammates up.
You’re going to have the hardest time with vehicles if you’re on the exterior of the
map, especially if you’re in enemy territory. Finally, if you’re working the outside,
support can probably still make do with the M240B, but the RPK-74 is also a very suitable
choice. I would most definitely bring C4 and an Ammo Resupply Bag. But if you’re feeling
particularly selfish, you can always swap the bag for some claymores, which are more
suitable when attacking and defending Alpha and Bravo, as there are lots of places to
put them on those points. Next up, I want to talk about how all this
changes if you’re playing on graveyard shift. Unless you’re in the center, I’d highly
recommend changing out whatever scope you’re using for an IRNV or FLIR scope. Next, while
it can be cute to blind other users of IRNV and FLIR, the flashlights and lasers are only
going to give you away if you’re playing the backfield. Dump them if you’re not running
center, and instead go with a Target Detector if you have one from the Final Stand DLC. Additionally, you’ll probably want to consider
suppressors and sensors to both reduce your presence on the minimap and increase your
enemy’s. I’ve missed enemies right in front of my face on Graveyard Shift, and I
find that a lot comes down to knowing general location of an enemy. Whatever you do to win
that battle before it even happens, I would definitely try to do with your loadout. Now if you’re in a vehicle, you’re going
to change your scope to IRNV or FLIR, regardless. There’s no choice of optic on graveyard
shift for vehicles. You’d be dumb not to use night vision as they have no field-of-view
penalty. As for vehicles, I want to talk about what
loadouts typically work best for me on either version of Zavod. I like to stack my vehicles
in order to deal with other vehicles. For the ground, this means putting a TOW and anti-armor
shells on my infantry fighting vehicles. For the tank, I’m running AP Shells and Canister
shells with an autoloader. The canister is nice for dealing with infantry attempting
to peek on my tank with rockets, and to instantly blow up lighter vehicles. As the mobile anti-aircraft, I pretty much
don’t do any anti-aircraft work as Zavod is much better for mulching infantry. Typically
I’ll run with 20mm, zuni rockets, and proximity scan. You’ll want to avoid the enemy IFV
and Tank as you generally don’t have the firepower to take them down. If the scout
helicopter shows up, generally it’s a simple matter to take it down as they don’t have
much place to hide. If I’m in the air, I’ll usually play somewhat
passively to avoid the enemy’s anti-aircraft. I’m not a big fan of the scout helicopters
on this map as they tend to be pretty vulnerable. But I typically run with heatseekers and miniguns
as the first thing the enemy chopper does is come after you. I find that the chopper
is generally best employed by players who stick to their own side of the map — getting
too far forward usually means the MAA gets you or the Base AA gets you. Wrapping it Up
So Zavod is probably one of my favorite maps for Battlefield, and it can also be one of
the most frustrating if your team is under-par. A lot of my closest matches have happened
on this map, and a lot is owed to its non-typical even capture point layout. So as a player,
you have to be extremely aware of where the enemy is, where your team is, pay particular
attention to the minimap, and be ready to change your tactics immediately. If you tunnel
vision, you can quickly find your team two hundred or more points behind — and that’s
a really hard deficit to overcome on a map that seldom has a burn. But, if you keep your corridor clear, constantly
push the enemy out of your backfield, and prioritize keeping three flags at all times,
that’s the match. Or at least, that’s the plan. That’s it for this episode of Battle Plan.
If you made it this far, thank you very much; this is probably my longest one ever. I always
pick my most popular user suggestions for my next episode, so be sure to comment and
like the map or game mode you’d like to see below. And as always, thanks for watching,
and I’ll see you next time YouTube.

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  1. Nice. Awesome Map. I like to run with a high capacity LMG like the Type88 and defend the 2 home flags. If they are secure I will push up to C & D and pick off rooftop snipers with the Airburst. I rarely go inside the buildings and will usually then push to either B or E while always keeping an eye on the rooftops. I jump into the LAV whenever one is available and run Thermal Optics, AP with the HE rounds & Zuni Rockets. TOWs are a waste IMO because you normally run into infantry more often than other vehicles and are able to evade MBTs fairly easily due to the terrain. Switching between HE and Zuni, you can keep the pressure on infantry without giving them time to react much. I'd vote for Rogue Transmission CQ next.

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