Battlefield 1 Apocalypse: 7 Potential Map Locations for the DLC

The second half of Battlefield 1’s Turning
Tides DLC is out in January, and players are already wondering what’s coming in the game’s
final expansion – Apocalypse. The DLC is said to feature the most infamous
battles of World War I over bitterly contested ground, with brutal tools and unique weapons. It’s due out in early 2018. For this video I’ll examine seven possible
locations for Battlefield 1’s final maps. When I think about some of the biggest, and
most brutal battles of World War I, these in particular come to mind. The Somme, Arras, Messines, Passchendaele,
the Dolomites, Caporetto, and Belleau Wood. All of these battles shattered those who fought
there in World War I, and each has unique settings applicable to Battlefield 1. Most already have cheeky refences with weapon
camos in-game, which DICE has used to hint at unreleased maps – like the Achi Baba
skin for the Number 3 Revolver. These skins play a big role in my selections,
as they leave a road map to where DICE has been poking around historically for inspiration. The Battle of the Somme in 1916 was one of
the bloodies battles of the war. Casualties for both sides totaled over 1.2
million soldiers. Five days of artillery bombardment preceding
the Entente attack left trenches unrecognizable, and mines were detonated to blow gaps in the
German lines. Yet despite the Battlefield resembling the
surface of the moon, the Germans fiercely resisted, and some British units took over
90 percent casualties. The Somme offensive failed to achieve most
of its goals, and lines once again became static. The amount of destruction the battle left
in its wake mirrors the title of the final Battlefield 1 expansion. A German soldier described the scene “a
ghastly picture! Not a trace of a trench left; nothing but
shellholes as far as the eye could reach.” Such a map in Battlefield 1 could draw comparisons
to the exterior of Fort de Vaux, or the no man’s land of Nivelle Nights. Like Achi Baba, DICE have also hinted at the
battle with a skin for Auto Revolver. The Battle of Arras in 1917 produced one of
the biggest initial gains for Entente forces since trench warfare consumed the Western
Front. It was also the site of some compelling settings,
including a subterranean city of tunnels and caves, capable of sheltering over 10-thousand
men, and complete with running water, electrical lights, hospital and even a tram. If you’ve been a longtime subscriber of
the channel, you’ll note the similarity to the battles for the Drachenhoehle in the
Chemin des Dames. If you’re not familiar with those events
– I’ll leave a link to the video on the screen and in the description below. Back on topic, DICE could also set the battle
in the streets of the city, producing a map similar to the popular Amiens. The Battle of Arras is actually mentioned
twice in-game through weapon camouflages: the Arras skin for the Lewis gun, and the
Vimy Ridge skin for the Huot. Part of the larger Battle of Arras, the battle
of Vimy Ridge is remembered a great victory for Canadian troops and important to Canada’s
cultural identity. The Battle of Messines in 1917 began with
a bang – well, several. 19 massive mines underneath German lines were
detonated in the span of 20 seconds, killing 10-thousand German troops. The event was the largest planned explosion
of the time and was allegedly heard in London. First-hand reports described the detonations
as “pillars of fire” and it permanently altered the landscape. After the mines were detonated, a massive
creeping artillery barrage fell ahead of the Entente advance. Infantry, tanks, cavalry, and aircraft all
took part in the battle over the shattered ground. How DICE would handle such an offensive in
Battlefield 1 is anyone’s guess, but it would be nice to see more levelution events
in-game. A skin for the Lewis Gun remembers the battle. This potential map also has another compelling
reason to include it in Apocalypse – the popular film Beneath Hill 60 is set prior
to the battle, making it familiar to many fans. The Battle of Passchendaele, or the Third
Battle of Ypres, in 1917 is another great option for a potential Apocalypse map, and
probably one of the most likely. The action was designed to seize the Belgian
village of Passchendaele, a vital part of German supply lines, but ran into a number
of issues and bogged down. This battlefield was soaked with more than
just blood – the region experienced the most rainfall in 30 years, turning it into
a morass of mud, rock, wood, and steel. Photographs of the battlefield remind me of
the prologue in Battlefield 1, Storm of Steel. Both ANZAC and Canadian armies played significant
roles in the fighting for what was left of Passchendaele. We know DICE has studied the battle, since
the cutscenes from Storm of Steel very much mimic selections from the 2008 Canadian film,
Passchendaele. The Battle is also referenced with the Ypres
skin for the M1907 SL. If DICE wanted to add the Canadian Expeditionary
Force, Apocalypse would be an excellent opportunity, especially if the aforementioned Vimy Ridge
is included. All of the Battles up to this point in the
video have focused on the Western Front – but the Dolomites were at the core of fighting
on the Italian Front. Many battles took place along the mountain
range, but some of the most desperate took place at its highest point – Mount Marmolada. Here, Italian and Austro-Hungarian forces
battled in the thin air, fearing not only bullets, but avalanches. On White Friday, December 13th 1916, avalanches
killed an estimated 20-thousand Italian and Austro-Hungarian soldiers on the slopes of
Marmolada. During the war, Austro-Hungarian soldiers
tunneled into the mountain’s glacier, creating the Eisstadt, or “city of ice” some 60
meters below the surface. Like the tunnels below Arras, the Eisenstadt
had electricity, a hospital, barracks and more. The Italians and Austro-Hungarians are only
featured in two maps on Battlefield 1: Monte Grappa and Empire’s Edge. It’d be nice to see another mountainous
map in-game featuring the two factions. If you look closely at the weapon skins for
the Bodeo pistol, you’ll spot one named after Marmolada. The Battle of Caporetto, or the 12th Battle
of the Isonzo, took place in the fall of 1917 – and was a disaster for the Italian Army. German and Austro-Hungarian units employed
sturmtruppen tactics to great effect, saturating Italian lines with gas and artillery, then
attacking with grenades, flamethrowers, and light machine guns. The Italians suffered an estimated 300-thousand
casualties, including over a quarter million soldiers captured. By contrast the Central Powers lost only 70-thousand
men killed or wounded. DICE can pick from a wide variety of terrain
for such a map, ranging from the mountainous and forested Italian countryside to the eastern
plains. Reference to the battle in Battlefield 1 can
be found in the Caporetto skin for the Frommer Stop, and the Isonzo skin for the Automatico. The newly added Charge of Stupizza skin for
the Carcano is also a reference to an Italian cavalry counterattack at Caporetto. Lastly, Belleau Wood would be another location
ideal for a map in Apocalypse. The Battle in the summer of 1918 was the trial
by fire for the U.S. Marine Corps in World War I – and if DICE wants to add them as
a faction in Battlefield 1, Apocalypse would be a good opportunity. After stalling German attacks from the Spring
Offensive, U.S. Marines engaged German troops around Chateau Thierry. After booting the Germans off of Hill 142,
the Marines set about capturing Belleau Wood. It took six separate attempts, but the Marines
finally took Belleau Wood after several days of grueling combat, much of it hand to hand. By this time, the wood was now nothing more
than a tangled mess of shattered trees and bodies. Belleau Wood is directly referenced with a
skin for the M1903. The Devil Dog skin for the rifle is also an
indirect reference to Belleau Wood – according to popular legend, the Marines earned the
nickname “Teufel Hunden” in the fighting for the forest. I think many players would appreciate the
addition of the Marines as a faction to Battlefield 1, and there might be opportunities to explore
an operation surrounding the activities at Chateau Thierry. Certainly there are a number of other possible
locations for Apocalypse maps, but these are on my short list. You might be wondering why I didn’t pick
maps like the Attack of the Dead Men at Osowiec Fortress, or the Siege of Tsingtao. Simply put, the Russian faction is part of
the Russian DLC, and I don’t see DICE adding the Japanese for a single map. Would I like to see it? Absolutely, but I don’t expect it in Apocalypse. Which map idea is your favorite? Where would you like to go in the new expansion? Tell me in the comments.

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Apocalypse: 7 Potential Map Locations for the DLC

  1. Undoubtedly some will ask "where's Serbia? where's Bulgaria? where's Belgium?" I would happily include locations featuring those factions, but the problem is I don't think DICE will build the factions for the maps.

  2. Won't someone please think of the Air and Tank Superiority gamemodes? (Goddamn, Bloody April or the Kaiserschlacht offensive with tanks)

  3. Bf1 has every important army in the game… except for the Canadian army which was one of the best and effective army’s of the war so I hope they come in apocalypse

  4. Quick question. What about some locations that are some of the bloodiest in other theatres of WWI. Like how in one of the Camos Pancho Villa and the Mexican Civil War was referenced? Or other battles in Asia?

  5. Question so storm of steel looks like passion dale? Than why where there American Harlem hell fighters there?? As it was Canadians and Anzacs there ?? And the final question American forces weren’t even deployed in ww1 until Early 1918 They where the first across the Rhine and The last to be in ww1

  6. What about dellville wood it was part of the somme and south african union troops attacked the wood they held the enemy position for 5 days

  7. So… what is the battles that German won it western front? 🤔
    If can any one from you to answer me about this question please…. I need to know… ❤

  8. I hope they add these factions at least: US Marine Corps, Canada, and more Italians because they only have 2 maps as well as the Americans

  9. I hope this dlc is gona be like the in the name of tsar dlc so we get 2 small and 2 Big this dlc. could ADD so meny cool things in the game

  10. They better add at least one of the 12 battles of the Isonzo river. Luigi Cadorna's legacy must be experienced by all!

  11. I would kill to see Belleau wood and Vimy Ridge in Apocalypse, But the Marine Corps (even though a staple of the Battlefield series by now) is already in the base game. They’re compiled with the regular U.S. Army as the AEF, so it’d be like adding the sturmtruppen into the game when they’re already apart of the German Army. Anyways great vid Flak, can’t wait for more.

  12. Yeah I think Vimy Ridge Belleau Wood and Caporeto would make great choices. But I would also love a map of the Lost Battalion. With the US army desperately fighting off waves of Germans.

  13. just hope they add some MAPS from the theater of Africa!! So they hopefully remove the unrealistic black soldiers in the western theater….

  14. I want 4 operations:

    1. Western front. Battle of Somme (BE vs GE)
    2. Eastern front. Battle of Tannenberg (GE vs RE)
    3. Caucause front. Battle of Erzurum or Trapezund (RE vs OE)
    4. Western front. Battle of Passchendaele (BE vs GE)

  15. It's most likely going to be Paschendale, Dice would be heartless not to add Paschendale. Although in retrospect it is probably going to be a houseless and fissure filled field with dead trees and trenches but that in it's own right sounds fun, it stops camping in houses and even makes sniper lane, which I like to fight to advance on snipers and kill them, it's all the more satisfying.

  16. I love carbines so the Canadian Hoss Rifle carbine variant would be awesome because a straight pull highly accurate carbine rifle would be awesome for apocalypse pls dice add it

  17. imagine if there was a map that was completly covered with trenches and maybe there would be something to trigger a massive gas attack covering the whole map in gas. Or maybe they could make it so that when you spawn in, the trenches would have gas that sunk into the trenches so you would only take the effects of gas when your under the toxic fog in the trenches. personally i would love that, a map that had trench warfare and somekind of gas.

  18. how bad ass of a map based of the army of tBhe dead men ?!?! i feel like that would be a perfect nor stared map in the 4th dlc map. think of it its like the world we know is gone and from the blood and ash came rushing soldiers covered in blood charging at you. @Battlefield if you haven't added this map please make it a free one. you teased us with the zombie easter egg in the french dlc why not add to thicken the plot ?? reply who else thinks this would make a great map/ idea for a map

  19. What if we got a game mode on Argonne Forest where we play the Lost Battalion? Like theres an area that the Americans are refined to and they have to defend that area for a certain time limit or (like rush and operations) a certain amount of the Germans lose lives

  20. My father was a part of the 5th Marine Regiment in Operation Union I & II in Que Son Valley during the Vietnam War and wears his fourragere with the utmost pride to this day, the one the 5th and 6th Marine Regiments earned at Belleau Wood. I want Bellau Wood so bad, my Devil Dog father would really get a kick out of it.

  21. There is also the “Isonzo” for the automatico. That is the name of a river where 12 different battle were fought between Austria Hungary and Italy

  22. I think Mount Marmolada would be a neat map to explore in a DLC but I do not think it will be in "Apocalypse DLC". (I think they would add the Marines if any of that is to come in he DLC.) Maybe a freebie map? Just imagine a little town with a stream cutting through it from atop the mountain. Many different trails that lead up to the top of the mountain, and inside itself. Imagine fighting on man made bridges or natural bridges from fallen ice to get across different ways in the mountains. Or even a massive avalanche coming down upon the map from the mountain. Oh the possibilities this map could have, would be nice to see more maps with Italians and Austro Hungarian fighters.

  23. The first or second battle of the Marne would be cool too I just want a freaking trench warfare map a real ww1 experience

  24. They should do a map set in German East Africa. I imagine it might be hard but it could lead to some interesting game play. The battle of the Somme most defiantly will be in in it. Sense Verdun and brusilov offensive is already in the game. And oh yeah all 3 of those battle were going on at the same time! Caporetto, should be added sense it was a huge victory for the central powers. It almost knocked Italy of the war. But a one thing they just add, is the seige of Pryemysl. But if dice decides to add an new front all together. They should let the solanika front. Where the Bulgarians fought the, French, Italians, British, and Russia, later on Greek forces and protuguess forces at the same time. Of course they had German and ottoman help.

  25. We need more than 3 infantry maps in apocalypse, they need another U.S.A map (Belleau wood) French at Ypres and Italians at Isonzo. Canada is represented but don't think they will

  26. I would absolutely love to see the attack of the dead in apocalypse, attack of the dead seems like it would fit the perfect description for an "apocalypse"

  27. OMG! You pronounced the 'ch' in Drache right!! You are the first english-speaking Battlefield 1 Youtuber who does this!! I'm so proud of you ;D

  28. Probably will never ever happen but I'd love and adore a free map featuring the Irish easter rising of 1916 ,maybe the battle for the gpo , it wasn't directly linked to the conflict of ww1 but it is still a great part of history that could be implemented

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