Battlefield 1 Free DLC: Nivelle Nights Available Soon to All Players in November

Battlefield 1 developers have announced one
of the game’s spookiest maps will soon be available to everyone – for free. Nivelle Nights will be made available to everyone
at some point in early November, according to the official Battlefield website. The addition is likely included with the game’s
November update, which also overhauls the Operations game mode in Battlefield 1. Nivelle Nights takes place in the muddy battlefields
around Malmaison and Soupir in the fall of 1917. Here, the French and German armies crash against
fortified trench lines and fight for control of no-mans-land under moonlit skies. The Chemin des Dames was one of the most bitterly-contested
parts of the Western Front, and the scene of the infamous Nivelle Offensive. On Conquest, Nivelle Nights features the Trench
Raider elite, who wields a massive Raider Club, and is armed with a Number 3 revolver,
three frag grenades, smoke grenades, and a medical crate. Nivelle Nights also includes interactive illumination
flares, which can be launched to spot enemies on the minimap. If you’re curious on exactly how these work,
you can check out the video in the link below. Combat on the map is some of the most diverse
in the French-themed DLC, They Shall Not Pass, and it’s one of my favorite maps in the
expansion. Each side gets access to a tank and cavalry
soldier on Conquest, but the majority of fighting is infantry-focused. It’s not clear when Nivelle Nights will
be available to everyone, and developers have yet to confirm everyone will also be able
to play the map on the fan-favorite game mode, Frontlines. Nivelle Nights is one of the maps included
with the expansion They Shall Not Pass, along with five other maps: Verdun Heights, Fort
de Vaux, Prise de Tahure, Soissons, and Rupture. The DLC also added the massive Char 2C tank
behemoth and several new weapons.

81 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Free DLC: Nivelle Nights Available Soon to All Players in November

  1. I’m a BF1 Premium and I wouldn’t mind if they gave away all the maps for free just to have peeps to play with. PC gets lonely on those maps.

  2. Deleted this game a month ago and i havent looked back, hard not to feel jipped as a season pass owner but they have just taken way to long to release it all. I doubt there will even be players left by time the last DLC drops. Its like EA think this game is the absolute shit and gamers dont play anything else. The Battlefield franchise sure has went down the shitter since Battlefield 4, The last decent Battlefield game id say. Oh well, Battlefront 2 is out in a few weeks. Im sure it will dissapoint me somehow but who cares! Its Star Wars!

  3. I was expecting a new map for free why cant we??? Not one that everyone has probably played already, even through "Premium Friends" where the hell is the "REVOLUTION?!?!" From battlefield that was promised to us gamers. suppose to show

  4. I think they are doing this due to low numbers, and one of the specialization is 50 head shots on this map. so it's an oh fuck moment more then anything

  5. I am a season pass member too and I say EA should be giving away ALL the premium maps for FREE, but instead keep all the premium weapons for premium pass owners. This way they will make money by selling the premium weapons, while at the same time having much more populated Premium Maps

  6. Love this map but of course … because it's premium you can hardly find any servers for it.

    They should just make all paid DLC free for all, I don't care at this point. I just want to play the damn French maps (not the russian ones, as they kinda suck except for 2)

  7. Or dice can start making good dlc maps again how about that?….. Bf4 second assualt still being played,bf3 close quarter still being played,bf3 back to karkand still being played,bfbc 2 vietnam still being played…. Owh right but the generation switch people now just deserve free shit because my god corporate is fucking everything…… Well i rather have well thought out premium services then crappy loot boxes and skins…….

  8. This makes me really happy honestly. Nivelle Nights is one of my favorite maps in the game and I rarely get to play because I can never find a occupied server, now hopefully more people will play it.

  9. I payed full price for premium and I'm fine with this simply because they gave more than the original promise so I wouldn't mind if a dlc map is free every now and again. But I do not want them to start giving away the DLCs for free like they did with bf4.

  10. What you cunts saying if you buy dlc maps there good then no one plays them after a fucking month or two but if there free more people would actually play which= fun on the fucking maps you only got to play twice because the servers are dead

  11. I havent even played a french dlc map . No server's for it. And i got the season pass. Only the russian dlc and original maps

  12. I can't believe some idiot Premium players are getting butthurt over this because they paid for it.
    I'm a Premium player too and I say make all maps free!
    What use is there when you've bought all these maps and no one are playing on it?
    At this point I don't care if I paid for it and other people don't have too, I just want better experience.

  13. $50 isn't hard to come by, especially sense most gamers are young and don't have to worry about paying off other stuff. Quit crying because you can't put down easy money on something you seem to get really butt hurt about not being free.

  14. What if they added prise de tahure as well and made them into an operation for the operations campaign update

  15. Oh jeez I almost forgot that many players still don’t even have this map. No wonder people hate on this game, playing the same 6 maps would suck

  16. Nivell needs a backup to the losing team, this is the only map that is not focused in buildings that doesn't give a way for the losing team to make a comeback, no behemoth, no elite crates at base. No siege gun, it's fkn bs

  17. I would love it to have all the maps be free. I'm tired of wanting to play the new maps but having no one to play with. To all of the kids that are whining that they'll never buy premium again, that's the point, the premium model is going away. You won't have to.

  18. Fun fact, go to Monte Grappa. Doesn't matter which team you are on, then run past the church and through the cemetery at the Italian spawn. You'll notice some artillery guns if you go far enough. Take a good long look at those and you'll realize how cheap DICE is…

  19. I can't wait. This is the most beautiful and fun looking map in the game. Now I'll finally be able to play it.

  20. Even after all the DLC's are released, people will still complain there isn't enough content. I honestly think they have done a good job content wise for ww1. Only complaint I have is that they should get rid of the weapon variants and make it so there is one of each and you can customize it

  21. I have a question is it free to play for everyone for a while about a weekend or week or is it free to download and have forever?

  22. Hey flak, it’s been so long since I’ve played that map I have forgotten, does that map have the char 2c behemoth? And is that gonna be available to all players if so?

  23. Does anyone know why they are making it free to play?? I hope they do it with more maps! I have premium but I'd rather join a super playlist than individual ones.

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