BATTLEFIELD 1 FUNNY MOMENTS – BF1 Shenanigans Gameplay Episode 2

*Gunfire* *Explosion* “Hahahaha!” 🎵I believe I can fly!🎵 “What? Ha ha ha. Whoa! No no no! It’s taking me with it!” “No! No! Get out!” “I got no guns again!” “Hey dude!” Wait, no. Just come here! Come here! “Hey, um… Do you want to see my willy?”( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) “No” “Ha ha ha ha ha!” “AHA! Ha ha!” “People!” “Ayy!” “Thank you for subbing!” *Laughs* *Grunts* “AW, FUCK!” *Laughs* In game dialogue: “SNIPER! WATCH IT!” “I’ll distract him.” *Laughter* “FUUUUUCK!” “This poor fucker tried so hard.” “HA HA!” *Laughs* “See ya later!” *Laughter* *Laughing* “It worked flawlessly!” *Laughs* “Oh, he’s right here.” “AHAHAHAHA!” *Laughter* *Laughter* “No!” “No no no, backup! Backup!” “Who’s this guy?” “God dammit!” “Nice thumbs!”👍 *Snickers* “Thanks!” “Eyy” “To me I just see a willy” “I see-” *Laughs* “I see you’re making fun of my willy.” *Laughs* “I wish there was a way I could thrust, my hip.” “We’re on your head, let’s go.” *Laughs* “Alright, alright. You have to see this.” “Um,” “This doesn’t look right, I’m totally on my- Ha ha ha ha ha!” *Laughs* *Doom49s’ weird laugh again* *Incomprehensible jubber* *Laughs* “What’s wrong with my leg?” “I’m chasing a jeep” *Gunshot*(x2) “This is so derpy!” *Laughs* (Seriously, Dooms laugh is hilarious) “All he can do is honk!” “It’s MuRK_eye” “Oh god, this is gonna be pretty.” “This is the guy that ran into the wall!” “A HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HAAAAAAAAA!” “Oh god, that’s so awesome.” “Woah!” “I killed a guy with a trip mine by shooting it!” “This guy’s stuck underneith it, what the fuck?” “Wha- bla- What the hell is-” *Laughs* “Suhhh, dude,” “how you doing?” “Hey dude…” “No! No!” “Kill him! Yes!” “I love you! You have avenged my death!” *Smack* *Smack* *Laughs* “He’s still smacking his face!” *Laughter* “A ha ha!” “You’re really going ham on him!” *Laugh* “I feel like the more guns, that are lower down rank.” “Those guns are like…” *Laughs* *Laughs* “The fucker’s probably like…” “He was probably doing his options and went, ‘WHAT THE FUCK?'” “I don’t know if that’s like a gas tank, type thing.” “Your- hold on,” *Laughs* “What are you doing?!” “Ha!” “What are you doing for a sec, what are you doing?” “You look- look- li- like you’re doing some epic sa-” “Ha! A HA HA HA!” *Laughs* “I think these guys are interested as well.” *Laugter* “They’re all looking at you like ‘Wow that’s cool'” *Laughs* “Wait, wait,” “You look like such a goofball using that thing.” “Let’s go. “What’s wrong with me? “What’s wrong with my arm?” “What the-” “What’s going on here? Hold on!” “Why am I charging like this?” “I’m like Samurai charging.” “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ONNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNN?”

42 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1 FUNNY MOMENTS – BF1 Shenanigans Gameplay Episode 2

  1. Hey doom love your content, you're always making me laugh so hard! I'd love some more CS vids but your BF1 content is very funny too! ๐Ÿ˜€

  2. i love these videos so much, keep up the good work, i really enjoy them, closest thing i got, since i dont have the game myself

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