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It’s DooM49. And Battlefield 1’s got many vehicles and these are some of the ground vehicles One of the coolest things I like about this game is the attention to detail you can actually see players getting in and out of vehicles, and yes, you can shoot them! Every vehicle has its own playstyle and it has a vital role, in completing the objective. but I don’t want to spoil too much, so I’m gonna leave it here and let you guys, watch the rest.

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  1. Battlefield is about War simulator, does not it?About Battlefied 1.
    There is one thing I just do not understand about the EA, what fuck a female voice is doing telling about the game rolling. There is no women fighting at WW1. Where are reality when you hear a gently female voice telling you that a base has been taken?
    I understand that it shoud be done by an general that is a man.
    It is not about war gender, it is about reality.
    A female voice totally breaks the meaning of reality in Battlefield WW1, BF4 it could be, but not at BF 1.
    Unfortunately or fortunately women was working at guns factory, at hospitals, taking hard in background.
    Please DICE and EA , pay attention at the details.
    Please DICE and EA, change it!

  2. Hopefully there will be an option of flipping R1/L2 buttons to R1/R2 buttons on PS4 and the same for XBOX ONE triggers

  3. Скорость перезарядки 3.5 секунды у танка с основного орудия. Для справки – скорость перезарядки современного Т-90 – 7.5 секунд. Какие же технологии мы просрали (((((((((((((((

  4. The fuck is that?
    An ENGLISH tank with GERMAN Marking?

    What the heck?! The 3 first seconds managed to convince me of NOT buying this game. Seriously!
    This is not even realist from a simple faction view!

    Seriously, for thoses who don't know. The very first tank appearing is a Mk.IV Tank, an English one.

    Basicly, it would be like a RUSSIAN using a M1 Abrams has the default tank for his nation. (Russian use T90 who look nothing alike.)<

    Germans had there own tank! You have it a 1:31 … With Allies force marking…

  5. мне одному кажется это какое то убожество а не техника

  6. No wonder he had such a good score, he spent the entire game hiding in vehicles shooting clueless celebrities.

  7. 0:08 Isn't that tank ahead of doom49 a Renault-FT17? And FT-17 was a tank in ww1 for the french side… How are they allied with the germans?

  8. Are they going to add Russian MS-1 (T-18) light tank to game! That would be wonderfull. I am a big fan of tanks!

  9. Sorry for that missed age of the tank, thout it was produced 1918 but I've done some research and it dates from 1928. Sorry once again!

  10. I never got any battlefield games since 2, I tried them and didn't care for them because the vehicle combat was trash to me. It consisted of struggles to get in vehicles and then when you did they lasted like 5 seconds because everything had one shot kill lock on something or others.
    None of that shit existed back then, so I might actually get this battlefield game. I like vehicle combat, and of course I don't mind on ground too sometimes if the vehicle combat is good too.

  11. So What I'm Trying To Find Out Is: Why Is BF1 Better Than BF4?? Also, Is It Because They Made A New Version Of Battlefield 1? Because If They Had This Battlefield 1 Instead Of The Old One. All Of The Battlefields Would Have Animations For Getting In And Out Of A Vehicle, Right?

  12. Могучая палка!! Останавливает танки, разбивает самолеты и даже не дает пролететь Титанам)))

  13. All WW1 tanks (more than you thought) for History buffs! Enjoy, some are prototype

  14. WOW fuck wot i want this. Battlefield is so immersive with their games. BC2 was a legend. I hope they expand more with their vehicles. I would LOVE to see BF create a naval warfare game omg imagine the epicness

  15. They need to sort out the tanks, easily getting 35-40 kills to no deaths every game on the beta, and getting top for flag captures/defence, seem a bit op!

  16. The Tanks must be running state of the art CLEAN DIESEL technology (not a puff of smoke to be scene) or maybe they're Hybrid because they seam to run whisper quiet unless your a driver/passenger. I've been snuck up on by tanks more than Snipers.

  17. Dear DICE please add an option to separately disable the crosshair in the options both in SP and Multiplayer (PS4). Why isn't this an option already? In every FPS you can toggle crosshair on/off?!

  18. When I get in a tank nobody else gets in and I end up dying in half a second. And apparently the light tank dies faster from assault grenades than a heavy tank shooting at it. So I don't survive on my own anyway. 🙁

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