Battlefield 1 Gameplay Teaser Trailer EA PLAY E3 2016 BF1

[Xbox] [Gun Sounds] [Breathing Through Gas mask] [Reloading]

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Gameplay Teaser Trailer EA PLAY E3 2016 BF1

  1. so fucking dumb, why the fuck is the soldier running to a hail of gunfire? guess we're not doing Trenchwarfare anymore, just running around rambo style COD shit

  2. and I still cant believe that you have cancer. Only true fans will know about what im talking about about. wat

  3. Im buying it because there's finally a black person on the cover and the story of the black infantry team that slaughter on the battles with no casualties on their team.

  4. is it me, or does the black guys nose in the end of the video look weird. it looks like he has a pierced ring nose

  5. has anyone noticed that the words say bring a and then the picture of a club, and next is to a gun/ lmg fight (bring a club, to a gun fight) 0:09 and 0:12

  6. representative means it's a super polished trailer made to look like it's going to look this good on all platforms. however by saying this I've probably started the pc master race bull shit unwilling :'(

  7. machine guns where very hard to just carry around and maneuver etc.. kinda historically inaccurate.. but fuck it looks like a fun ass game!

  8. i luv bf1 but i hope there won’t be 60 people running around hating each other with whatever that thing is lol it would be funny hide and seek

  9. Guys calm down, why would dice clearly state that the footage is representative of Xbox one if it wasn't? I think the game will look dice on all platforms,way better than Infinite shitface. I think dice have done a fucking amazing job this time around and I predict this game will be a massive success.

  10. Born too late to see epic wars.
    Born too early to see space colonisation.
    Born in time to see COD die.

  11. They should make it that you can shoot bullets with the back in the front for anti tank rounds. Thats how some people did it in ww1.

  12. Maybe the light machine guns won't have aim down sights. That could be a way to balance them. And I don't think I've seen a machine gunner aim down sights in the trailer or this video.

  13. this is going to be as shitty as battlefront.
    the next playable tech demo for 60 bucks from EA
    mark my words!

  14. Doom, I am building a pc, but I have a problem with the motherboard to put it in the case. I fits, but it's just complicated.. really glad if you could explain what to do 🙂

  15. He could've tried to block it with the machine gun and then go for a disarm… He just let him hit him

  16. I was talking to this guy and he said "Fuck melee guns are better!" Cant wait to dig out his brains with a shovel on online mode

  17. I don't want to sound racist, but why is there a black soldier, in THAT uniform. Africa was a battleground for fights, I know, I don't mind the soldier, just the Uniform. There were no black soldiers with the Allies (I think that's one of their uniforms). Don't worry, I don't mind the black soldier, as Africa did fight then, but just the uniform he is in. Its a bit of a mistake, but its hard to perfectly make a WWI game, and have it mach EXACTLY. OK, i'm done.

  18. 1 guy shoots 3 bullets, reloads, other guy sprints across the entire map and kills him with a melee weapon GG, they actually made a realistic gameplay trailer.

  19. All of those bullets that missed are all the Call of Duty's that never worked out. Activision is the shooter, DICE and EA is the man running at them.

    Bring WWI in a future fight.

  20. lol in cod gun game when kids get knifed there like waaah why did you knife me imagine how kids would react if they had a machine gun and got killed by a spiked bat

  21. N'importe quoi ! Ils ont jamais vu un documentaire sur la Première Guerre mondiale et ne se sont jamais renseigné ! Ils ont repris bf4 et changé les armes… Une honte pour l'histoire !

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