Battlefield 1 GRENADES and EXPLOSIVES QUICK and EASY – BATTLEFIELD 1 Everything You Should Know!

Welcome to Battlefield 1. Today I will show you everything you should
know about the grenades and the explosives in Battlefield 1. I will focus on killing enemy soldiers and
on the damage model. I will give you the official explanation and
I will show you if you are able to kill your enemy with it. Because that’s what it’s all about isn’t it? Let’s start with your basic equipment, the
frag grenade. It is a standard timed fuze hand grenade with
high damage. That basically says it all. 1 of these is more than enough to kill your
enemy. But make no mistake, that won’t be the case
with most other explosives. For example, the light anti tank grenade. It offers improved damage against vehicles
by sacrificing anti infantry performance and it will detonate immediately when hitting
a vehicle. This one isn’t able to kill your enemy because
it will only do 80 damage so you will still have to find another way to kill him. The Anti Tank grenade on the other hand is
different story. It’s a heavy hitter. This bundle of grenades will detonate upon
contact with a vehicle to deal significant damage. Not only does it do massive damage to vehicles,
it is also capable of killing your enemy. So if the opportunity arises, then just use
one of these like you would use a standard frag grenade and say goodbye to your enemy. The fragmentation grenade and the HE grenades
are even worse than the light anti tank grenade because they will only do 60 damage. These grenades are the ones that you can attach
to your primary weapon. The impact grenade detonates almost immediately
upon impact which means that it’s not as powerful as most other grenades and that’s why it will
only cause 55 damage. The Mini grenades can be thrown farther than
the standard frag grenades at the cost of some damage. So in other word it will only do 60 damage
to your enemy. The gas grenade releases a long lasting gas
cloud that damages enemies inside it. Sounds nice but your enemy will have to stand
in that cloud for 10 seconds before he dies. This is a very long time and they can easily
counter this by equipping their gas masks. The incendiary grenade creates intense flames
for a short duration. The flames stick to the soldier and they will
continue to burn outside of the original fire. If you want to kill your enemy with them then
you will have to find a way to keep them in the original flames for 5 seconds. And then there is the smoke grenade. You’re not going to be able to do much killing
with this one. But you can create a blinding cloud of smoke
which also blocks spotting. Instead of using grenades, you can also deploy
tripwires. Let’s start with the tripwire HE. You can deploy 2 of those on the Battlefield
and all your enemy has to do is to walk over them. Unfortunately it will only cause 80 damage
so it won’t kill him. I haven’t been able to confirm this yet but
I presume that if you deploy 2 of them right next to each other that you will be able to
kill your enemy. Maybe some of you guys were able to confirm
this already, if so then please let me know in the comments. The tripwire incendiary will only cause 40
damage initially, all depends on how long you can keep your enemy in the flames. There are 2 items that can also kill your
enemy but they require a greater skill to do so. The first one is Dynamite. You can use it to ambush your enemy or you
can use it up close and personal, either way you will only need 1 to kill him. Last but not least the spotting flare. This gadget is available to the scout class
and not many people are aware of the fact that this thing can kill as well. Try to make sure that your enemy is forced
to run through your flare so that he catches fire. This will cause 44 damage no matter what. I gave the full explanation in the Battlefield
1 tips and tricks part 2 video which you can check out over here. Use this information to your advantage, select
the right equipment for the right situation and make sure that you blow up everything
and everyone. I hope that you liked this QUICK and EASY
video, if so then please give it a thumbs up. This was FOG of GAMING and I will see you
on the Battlefield.

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  1. you do know if this is all data from beta its likely wrong?

    Grenades are tactical mostly killing is a bonus, throwing a nade gives you reload time ect….

  2. Another great video! I should start a playlist of your tips and tricks so everyone could view them and win at battlefield 1

  3. Dice needs to add the belgian army to the game ! I am belgian and we all know one of the biggest battles took place at ypres were the belgian and french army stopped the german army by letting the river overflow so everything became mud . Not only the french and the russian army were important ! The first country the german army attacked was belguim ! Like if you think the same as i do !

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