Battlefield 1 How to kill a TANK? DRIVE BACKWARDS! Battlefield 1 Light Tank PRO TIPS – MYTH BUSTING

Hi guys and welcome to Battlefield 1. Today we are going to bust all the battlefield
1 myths, questions, tips and tricks and much more regarding the Light Tank. After this video you will have absolutely
no problem taking out the light tank. I will focus on how to kill the light tank
with another tank and I will share all the pro tips that nobody wants to share. This video is going to be very detailed with
a lot of statistics so let’s get started. I will start with one of the biggest tips,
when you look at the light tank, do you see this ugly little thing? This is not there for esthetic reasons, this
is armor. Protection, it will cover your butt, literally. This thing works so well that it actually
makes sense to drive backwards. People think I’m crazy when they see me
driving backward across the battlefield, and I can see you smiling now but this thing will
keep you alive a lot longer. Instead of hitting you 4 or 5 times to kill
you, they will now have to hit you 6 times thanks to kill you.. But they will never reach six because by then
they will be dead. If they are good and if they hit you in a
sweet spot, which I will explain in a minute, then they will only have to hit you 4 times
to kill you. If they hit this armor plate then they will
have to hit you 6 times, that is a 50 percent increase in damage that you can absorb with
your light tank. This is a massive advantage! Before I go further into details I will explain
the standard hitpoints first and I will prove to you that it makes sense to drive backwards. This is Buddy, you all know him from the previous
videos, he is going to help us to today so that you can easily kill buddy in his tank
on the battlefield. Let’s take a closer look at buddy’s light
tank. As you can see the light tank has 2 exposed
tracks, a turret, the engine and an armor plate at the back. The tracks and the turret are destructible
parts, meaning that if you focus your fire on these parts, you will disable this part
of the tank. 2 direct hits will disable them, but the damage
is different, shooting at the tracks will cause 30 damage and the turret will only cause
22, just for info we are shooting with a heavy tank. Later you will see the stats when shooting
with a light tank. There are a few situations where it would
make sense to focus on shooting the tracks, there are a few where you should focus on
the turret and sometimes it is just better to deal as much damage in the shorted time
possible. It all depends on the situation and you will
have to figure that out yourself, what I can show you is the damage model. This damage model will give you the advantage
over every other tank in Battlefield 1 and it is very similar to the damage model in
Battlefield 4. As you know there is a difference in damage
when you shoot at the front, side or rear, but also the angle is important and this will
win every fight for you. The basic values are as follows, a perpendicular
hit to the front will deal 33 damage, the side 32, the engine on the top 30, the engine
on the paint 26 and most importantly the armor plate only 18. Please don’t try to remember these numbers
that would complicate things too much. Let’s keep it simple, all this means is
that 4 hits to the front, side or engine will kill the tank. Just remember that. I mentioned that armor plate in the beginning,
and I told you that it was pretty special. If you shoot at this part of the tank you
will only cause 18 damage. 4 times 18 is 72, so that means that those
4 shots that you fired before that would have normally killed the tank now only do 72 damage,
this is a massive difference. 5 shots is 90 damage so you still aren’t
even able to kill the tank. It will take 6 shots to do that. This means that you are going to win every
one versus one tank fight, it will take a long time before everyone will figure this
out so at this point you have a massive advantage. In Battlefield 4 you were dealing an enormous
amount of damage to another tank if you hit it from behind, and a lot of people think
that this is still valid, also for the light tank in Battlefield 1. Psychological warfare at it’s best, use
this to your advantage and let them think that they are doing massive damage. They will drop their guard and they will be
very surprised to see that you are kicking their ass, but they will only realize after
they are dead and yes they are going to call you a cheater because in their minds this
is not possible, because they know that they shot your tank from behind and whatever you
do or say, you won’t be able to change their mind. If you are a nice guy, then you could tell
them and you could send them to FOG of GAMING to check out this video, I would much appreciate
that very much, and if you are less nice, then keep that big smile on your face and
kick their ass again and again! Back to our damage model, I told you that
the angle made a big difference. This was true in Battlefield 4 and this is
also valid in Battlefield 1. A common tactic amongst pro tank drivers in
Battlefield 4 was to put your tank at a 45 degree angle, this would give you the maximum
damage reduction. This was much better than letting the other
guy hit you head on. Imagine that you and me are in a tank fight
in Battlefield 4, we are facing each other, we are not moving and you fire the first shot,
then I will fire and so on, When you fire your 4th shot, you will kill me, so I loose. Basically who ever fires first wins. Now we are going to do a second fight, but
this time I will place my tank at a 45 degree angle. Which means that you will do a lot less damage
per bullet this time. Now, I’m a nice guy so you I will let you
fire first, if you didn’t know about this then you are going to be very surprised after
you fired your fourth shot, because you are expecting to kill me but I will still be standing,
and now it is my turn to fire, and I think you know already what is going to happen next,
you are going to die, even tho you were the one who fired first, and all I did was move
my tank in a slightly different position. You cannot believe how few people knew about
this in Battlefield 4 and these are the same guys that you will be playing against in Battlefield
1. So now you know. I could give you all the statistics that tell
you the damage reduction at each different angle and so on but it would mean nothing,
it would complicate thing way too much so I will make it easy for you. Always try to keep your tank in a 45 degree
angle to your enemy and at the same time try to hit your enemy perpendicular. Everything that is not perpendicular will
reduce the damage and eventually you might need an extra shot to kill him. I will show it here, this is a very small
reduction in angle but it clearly shows that every few degrees you will lose a damage point. The difference between 25 and 24 damage is
one extra shot, 24 times 4 is only 96 and this will not get you that kill, which means
that even tho you fired first, you might not be the one who will win this fight. If you decide to do what I do and drive backwards,
then you can afford to fire one extra shot because the other guy will have to fire 2
extra shots. The armor plate will only cause 18 damage
and the angle doesn’t even matter. They can shoot it from the front, the side
or at an angle, it does not matter it will only take 18 damage. If you are facing another fan of FOG of GAMING,
and he is also driving backwards then you will still have a fighting chance. Try to get close because there is a small
sweet spot where you can still do 30 damage to his tank. If you shoot the turret you will do 22 damage,
it doesn’t matter from which direction because it is round. Just underneath the turret and right above
the armor plate, you will see the engine and this will cause 30 damage. Up close this looks like a big target but
as soon as you increase the distance a little bit you will see how small it is. It is very difficult to hit and you are more
than likely to end up hitting the turret or the armor plate. The second way to do damage to another fan
is to hit the tracks, this will also cause 30 damage, but be carefull, it is very easy
to miss, and to miss is even worse than hitting that armor plate. Just for info there is another sweet spot
but it is extremely small, if you hit the turret, directly on the barrel, you will do
27 damage. But it is very rare to hit this part in an
actual tank fight. If you use a light tank to kill another light
tank, then know that all the principles that I just told you are still valid, the only
difference is that the amount of damage that you will cause will be less. So I will give you the short and easy version,
Damage to the front is just below 30, damage to the side is slightly more than 20 and you
will do 15 damage to the armor plate. Your light tank has different kinds of ammo,
never use the one that looks like a shotgun shell, it won’t do any damage so forget
about it, only use that to kill infantry. Some of you might be wondering why I am releasing
this video at this very moment, they announced that they are going to nerf the light tank
but most likely they are going to do this multiple times over the duration of Battlefield
1. Look at how many times they changed some of
the guns in Battlefield Hardline. They said that they are going to make it easier
to take out the light tank when you are playing as infantry, they never said anything about
tank vs tank because this is already very balanced already. So make sure that you use the information
that you saw in this video and make sure that you are the one who is dominating the battlefield. By the way, the Youtube likes and shares are
very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? I would greatly appreciate it. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the Battlefield!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 How to kill a TANK? DRIVE BACKWARDS! Battlefield 1 Light Tank PRO TIPS – MYTH BUSTING

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  2. That armor plate on the back is actually there to keep it from flipping. If you notice the light tank can fit into a trench. So that's why they put it there irl

  3. Um the thing is if they hit the engine bay it gets destroyed so if they come from the side they hit the engine and you die

  4. I loved the light tank in the open beta I even survived about a whole game in it, but in the complete game I struggle to stay alive.

  5. i have actually learned about this and in olden times, the germans were know for the because the. pz/4 had the same exact type of armor on its turret. this arnor is known to be called spaced armor and will H.E. shells from doing damage. it will decrease the splash of the high explosive shell doing around 1/4 depending on the type of shell.

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  8. The main purpose of the backplate is so the tank doesnt flip when going uphill……… not armor, sure it is an efficient way to reduce damage from shells but it isn't an armor.

  9. Actually the tail was used to cross trenches.
    And he is massively over selling the "advantage"… you are more likely to hit the engine deck or turret, as that makes up 80% of the surface area. Not to mention that shells arc, so when the shell reaches the target, its coming in on a 20-30 degree angle, note how the tail is also angled forward at about the same angle? so the shell would hit the rear anyway.

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