Battlefield 1 How to kill the TRAIN? Battlefield 1 TRAIN PRO TIPS Kill the BEHEMOTH! MYTH BUSTING

Hi guys, I have amazing news for you today. What if I told you that you, on your own,
can take away 1 quarter of health, in less than 5 seconds, of one of the most powerful
behemoths in Battlefield 1. What if I told you that you and your squad,
can kill the Train in less than 5 seconds. Pretty amazing he and all it takes is a little
bit of teamwork. If you want to know how to do all of this
then keep watching and I will teach you everything. Welcome to the ultimate guide on how to kill
the train in Battlefield 1. When the enemy train gets deployed on the
battlefield your team will be on the winning side, your job is to keep it that way. The train can have a massive impact on the
game, that is what it is there for, it will give the losing side a fighting chance, it
will give them a big advantage over your team and I have seen many occasions where they
easily took over control and they won the game. So starting today, this will not happen anymore,
and I will even give you a super secret tip on how to instantly kill the train with your
squad! You are able to kill the train before it reaches
the first flag, but it will require some teamwork. Imagine the look on their faces when you do
this! But first let’s start with the basics. Knowledge is power. You need to know your enemy before you learn
how to kill the train. I’m sure that you know what it looks like,
and most of you have been able to fight with the train already. There are 6 seats, one driver seat and 5 gunner
seats. The gunners have a good field of view, but
the driver can’t see that much of what lies ahead, basically he is almost driving blind
so I will show you later how to take advantage of that. The train is a huge target, you won’t have
any difficulties hitting hit, the problem is knowing how to deal a massive amount of
damage and knowing which equipment or which gadgets you need to use to maximise your efforts. I will show you everything. From K bullets, to explosives, tanks, airplanes,
you name it! Everything that is available in Battlefield
1 at this moment will be covered. At the end of this video you will know exactly
which equipment to use and how so that you can do maximum damage, and you will also know
what not to use so that you don’t waste your time. I will show you everything in a few different
parts. In part 1 we will focus on airplanes, in part
2 we will focus on tanks and in the last part we will focus on infantry. In the top right corner you will see buddy,
you all know him from previous videos and he will be our train driver today. Keep an eye on his damage bar so that you
know how much damage he is taking. On the main screen you will see the equipment
or airplane in this case and in the top right corner you will see how much damage you will
cause to buddy’s train. As you can see the the fighter with the bomber
load out is a waste of time, zero damage, not even hit points. What about the attack airplane with the tank
hunter loadout? Sounds promising right, only 25 hit points
and 2 damage points. The second shot was dead on as well and we
got 25 hit points but only 1 damage point this time. As you can see the damage to the train can
be slightly inconsistent. This is probably due to the damage reduction
caused by the angle, if you want a more detailed explanation on how this works then check out
the ultimate video on how to kill a tank and you will understand what this means. Your secondary weapon will cause 21 for each
bomb but even if you hit the train with both of them you will only cause 1 damage point. The airship buster attack airplane does absolutely
no damage with the primary weapon, the secondary is a little bit better but still, if you shoot
at the train and you don’t hit it with every shot you will not get any hit points but if
you’re lucky you might get a damage point, in the second run you will see that if you
hit the train with every shot that you will get 20 hit points but no damage point. There is a mathematical explanation for this
but this would complicate things way too much, just know that by average you will get 20
hit and 1 damage point. You get the idea now so I will go slightly
faster for the other airplanes. The Firestorm bomber absolutely no damage. The Torpedo bomber 33 hit and 2 or 3 damage
points with your primary, your secondary 33 per bomb so 66 max which means 2 damage points. The Trench fighter, the primary is useless
so only the secondary is effective, a full hit is 64 hit points and 1 damage point. The Ground support attack airplane, primary
about 43 hit points maximum, no damage point this time, and the secondary is completely
useless. The barrage bomber is probably the best airplane
to fight the train when you look at hit points, 66 with the primary and 55 with the secondary. I know what you are thinking at this point,
is it a waste of time to attack the train with an airplane? That is for you to decide. Every little bit helps so yes you are helping,
a little bit. Personally, I am not going to waste my time
on this. You are much better off doing other things
with your airplane. Let’s focus on the tanks this time, so this
is part 2. First of all let’s get to know our enemy
a little bit better and let me show you what you can do with the train against the tank
before we look at tank against train. Position 1 is the driver seat so your not
going to be able to do much against a tank from this seat so let’s go to position 2,
this is actually the back of the train. One hit to a light tank does 24 damage. Position 3, just behind the driver is completely
useless against a tank so don’t bother. Position 4 is better, one shot is one damage
point. Position 5 is completely useless and position
6 is ok with approximately 1 damage point per hit. So as a tank driver watch out for positions
2,4 and 6. The biggest question now is what can you do
with the tanks? Let’s start with the Artillery truck. The primary weapon is completely useless against
the train. The secondary on the other side does 35 hit
and 2 damage points per shot. When you get your hands on the heavy tank
where you get access to a cannon as the driver, you will cause 26 hit points and 1 damage
point per shot. When you are driving the light tank you will
also cause 1 damage point per shot. All of this isn’t very spectacular but at
least we are able to deal a lot more damage to the train with our tank compared to the
airplanes. Just for info know that you can take out the
turrets as well if they are causing you too much trouble. With the light take it will take 4 shots to
disable one turret, and the turret will be disabled for 30 seconds. Unfortunately you won’t be credited for
a kill when you do this because the guy who was operating the turret won’t die when
his turret gets disabled. This is something that I don’t agree with
and I hope that they will change that in the future. Just remember that the turrets will auto repair. In the last step we will take a closer look
at what you can do as infantry. You might think that the tank is the way to
go but you will be very surprised when you discover what you can do as a regular soldier. .
I’m sure that you know that your primary and secondary weapons aren’t able to damage
the train. This includes the sniper rifles. However, you can damage the train with your
K bullets, but don’t expect any miracles. After firing 4 bullets you will get 25 hit
points and 1 damage point. That’s it. However if you focus your fire on 1 particular
turret then you can disable it. Don’t attack the train as a medic or as
the support class. There isn’t much that you can do. The go to class for tanking out the train
is the attack class. Let’s start with a normal grenade, just
for info this grenade is available for all standard classes. The grenade will cause 1 damage point. We have something better available to us than
the normal grenade and that is the light anti tank grenade. You will get 21 hit points and 2 damage points. Not bad but we can do even better with the
Anti tank grenades, 27 hit and between 1 and 3 damage points. For some reason this isn’t consistent. Just know that it does more damage than the
light anti tank grenade. The AT Rocket gun will give you 22 hit points
per rocket but I don’t know the damage points because when I was recording this, there was
a bug and none of the damage was shown on screen, no matter which weapon I used, it
registered but it just wasn’t showing. My apologies for that but I was beyond my
control. Let’s go over to the good stuff. Dynamite. If you use all of you dynamite at the same
time, then you will get 99 hit and 9 damage points, not bad he. You are almost taking away 10 percent of the
train’s full health on your own. But we can do much better than that with the
AT Mines. One mine will cause a whopping 100 hit points
and on top of that you will get 6 damage points. Sometimes you will even get 114 hit points. Now, you have 3 of those mines, so that means
as a minimum, you will get 300 hit and 18 damage points. That is almost 20% of the health of the most
powerful vehicle on the battlefield. As a lone wolf you can cause a lot of damage
against the train. The best tactic is to use a crater right next
to the train tracks. Place your AT mines on the track and then
hide in the crater. It is very unlikely that any of the gunners
will see you so don’t worry about getting killed. As soon as you see the train, throw everything
you got at the train. Start with your anti tank grenades and then
follow up with your light anti tank grenade. In the meantime your mines will cause massive
damage to the train as soon as it drives by and you will get a whopping 475 hit points
and approximately 25 damage points. Basically your one man army just took away
1 quarter of the train’s health. Amazing isn’t it. But this wouldn’t be FOG of GAMING if I
didn’t show you how you can insta kill the train. For this you will need a few of your buddies. The makers of Battlefield want us to focus
on teamwork so let’s do that. With a little bit of teamwork you can easily
take out the train long before it can do any damage to your team. You can even kill the train before it reaches
the first flag. 2 guys with mines will bring the train’s
healt down to 65 and 4 guys with mines will bring it down to 36. Now I can see the smile on your face already
and I know what you are thinking. Because 5 guys with mines, can reduce the
healt down to 21, and 6 guys to about 6 health and 7 guys can insta kill the train with only
their mines. I know that it will be harder to get 7 guys
to lay down their mines at the right location so it is unlikely that you will be able to
do that since there are only 5 guys in a squad. Unless you are playing with your clan of course. But no worries, I have a solution for that
as well. This is what you should do when you are playing
with 4 other buddies, so 5 guys in a squad. The first thing that all of you should do
is to lay down all of your AT Mines. This will reduce the health to 21. That is by far the most effective strategy. What you do next is up to you, you can hide
at a safe distance and use your AT Rockets guns to finish off the train, or you can make
it more spectacular and you can all hide in a crater next to the track and take out the
train from up close with your anti tank grenades, the choice is yours but expect to see one
pissed off enemy. If you want to dominate the Battlefield then
this is the way to that. I don’t think that you can have a bigger
impact on the game than this. You are instantly taking away their most powerful
weapon, their only hope of winning the game at this point is gone. All thanks to you and your buddies. This is warfare at it’s best, real Generals
in the Military would die to figure out a tactic like this. And now you have access to it. By the way guys, the Youtube likes and shares
are very helpful to me. If you think that this video is worthy, would
you mind taking a moment to like this video and to share it with all you buddies? I would greatly appreciate it. This was FOG of GAMING, thanks for watching
and I will see you on the Battlefield!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 How to kill the TRAIN? Battlefield 1 TRAIN PRO TIPS Kill the BEHEMOTH! MYTH BUSTING

  1. I strongly disagry i have personally destroyed the train using limpit charges by my self. simply stay close to it and the gunners can't really hit u

  2. Why not just have an assault player with mines and 1 friend as a support to resupply? Or 2 assault players and 1 support? Or 1 support and 4 assault? That way you don't need 7 people to stop the train.

  3. run at the train and hope that you're the "special" one they'll miss all the time to knife the train until it explodes (sarcasm)

  4. What about the landship with the tank hunter loadout on it? U have 3 giant cannons to keep shooting in stop. That's the best way and it's A LOT safer

  5. can't you just start laying down the mines at the beginning of the match? every time you die and re spawn you can lay 3 more down. Then when the train comes around you would insta kill it by yourself

  6. Bf1 conquest is so unbalanced because of plane spawn beacon flak wankers,that's why they put the trains etc in,they realised they fucking up

  7. Me and my Friends Were able to instant kill the train Because we put 12 AT Mines and Dynamite on the track. The Enemy team called us a hackers.

  8. nice video but you can help as medic and support even more don't forget the light anti tank grenades and the mortar with HE ammunition and the best is you never get out of ammo

  9. If the enemy train decides to camp a point, hide behind its main focus of fire with limpet (is that the right spelling?) charges on the support with an ammo crate. you can take out pretty decent chunks of health because the recharge time is every few seconds and the charges do a hefty amount.

  10. my 3 friends and i destroyed the Amored Train on its spanwn, With an Mk V Tank. Tankgewehr loadout xD. The Vid will be uploades soon

  11. I want to see a game mode where each team has all behemoths and whatever team looses all behemoths well looses I think it would be awesome and fun

  12. I actually play a support class and can do some ok damage to the train…use the light anti tank grenade and the he grenade crossbow

  13. I find that the cavalry class light anti-tank grenades are also useful, especially since the cavalry can run fast enough that the gunners will have a hard time being accurate, and they can drop bandage packs to heal themselves once at a safe distance.

  14. Hello to all who are reading, I would really appreciate it if u checked my account. I spend hours collecting videos and editing them. I put my heart and soul in creating the best videos for the battlefield fans. I am a new YouTuber and i would like to be noticed.

  15. 2 man squad one assault one support, toss all but one of your mines down and have them still selected with your support player refilling them with supply drops rinse and repeat till you have enough mines down and kaboom

  16. limpent charge does a lot to the behemoths roughly 124 hitpoints per charge and ammunition resupplies are available to help

  17. i think the info is kinda helpful but your vids are way too long and you talk way too much crap and and simply too much bullshit. keep it simple. also, cut the corny crap like "generals would kill to know this strategy" lol.

  18. Apparently real life generals would die to get their hands on this knowledge Gen. Mattis slams his hands on the table and asks "there has to be a way to kill that DAMN train!"

  19. When I approach an armored train, me and my squadmates decided to lay down anti-tank mines and dynamites altogether and nearly destroyed the train by that way. other than the train, but is still related to the topic, I usually go behind enemy lines just to place 1 anti-tank mine with 2 dynamites on the road to destroy one tank or vehicle, and the other with 2 anti-tank mines with one dynamite to take out the other. This strategy will help out your team, but be sure to stay alive! It is best if you have a friend as a support so that you can resupply, or respawn, or go back to enemy lines yourself. Oh and the anti-tank mines will blow up the dynamite for ya, so don't worry about detonating it when the enemy comes. ๐Ÿ™‚

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