BATTLEFIELD 1 “In the Name of the Tsar” Trailer (E3 2017) New DLC Game HD

“Нет справедливости среди людей” НиколайI II – последний Русский Царь услышишь гром и вспомнишь обо мне Полоска неба будет твердо-алой А сердце будет, как тогда В огне

100 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1 “In the Name of the Tsar” Trailer (E3 2017) New DLC Game HD

  1. Wait didjt 50000 female Russian soldiers were taken out of the first world war cuz they were wonen and also they were shit

  2. Person A: "what's this?! A white, straight male? Triggered!
    Person B: "what's this?! A non-white, straight male? Triggered!

  3. Your political correctness is disrespectful to the REAL soldiers who fought and died only to be portrayed as black women

  4. its funny how everyone is getting worked up by the woman in the end but nobody noticed how fucking brutal the spear scene was

  5. Men kill women: sexist

    Women kill men: YAY EQUALITY

    Only 1000 women served in the Russian army for a short time. I'm not greeting nor disagreeing with them being included, but DICE would have to deal with angry SJWs and feminazis if they didn't include them.

  6. Fuck poltical correctness. This is how you make enemies so good job. People have already complained about Dunkirk, i mean really wtf..fuck feelings, what about historical facts and not spitting on the graves and faces that went through such shit..Dunkirk movie would rightly be white males..and if there was one coloured you wouldn't see them everywhere and anyway

  7. How do they get the game play clips to have such good graphics? I have 4k but it doesn't look nearly as good as these clips

  8. The title 'in the name of the tsar' really dosent make much sense considering that there was a revolution, induced primarily because he was shit… No need to lie about history.

  9. Idiots be like "In the next game we should have transgender, black, WOMEN, MUSLIM in the game"
    As If Ottomans (Last Caliphate) and the Bedouins ( Arab Muslims) never beat the crap at each other together with T.E Lawrence.

  10. SJWs: Historical accuracy, how dare YOU!! Director scared of a useless BS lawsuit thatll fail from the start and satisfaction of a small group that matters none: L-L-L-Lets change the characters!!!

  11. Women soldiers? Fine. Black Harlem soldiers? Fine. They were historically accurate. But black Russian soldiers? Just stop it with the political correctness

  12. The real questions is when the fuck does it come out been waiting since June premium has become a waste for me

  13. Women fought in the Russian Army for both WW1 and WW2. Russia always believed that both genders can be soldiers because Russia always cared about having a very large army. This isn't political correctness, this is actual history.

    And a little fun fact: The Russians signed up Women to be mostly snipers for their army because Women biologically have a slower, steadier heartbeat making them better marksmen by nature. (The World Record for best marksman in the world currently is indeed a woman.)
    And the sniper for the Russian Army in-game is a woman. This should be fun!

  14. Who else feels that Battlefield 1's trailers are weak. Don't get me wrong, I love the game, just titanfall has incredible trailers.

  15. Russia is a massive country and there are many diverse cultures there guys and they come in all different complexions. there are Russian people of Mongolian decent and Chinese decent that all have a little bit of a darker skin tone. im just saying that not everyone in Russia is white and i bet the that those same people were around to fight in the world wars.

  16. If you think having all white men engaging in CQC with unreliable, experimental weaponry that was never mass-produced is accurately portraying the period, you need to reconsider your interpretation.

    I'd rather have women and blacks in it if it means bolt-action rifles in quarter-mile wide engagements. Or, at least, the appearance of it…


  18. I really hope you can play as the Belgian army. And maybe make a map based on the drains of the Iron River: one side land, the other one flooded with riverwater.

  19. i guess Battlefield 1 just wants to rewrite history and insert woman and black people into every major battle, which has been incredibly documented to show that it was fought mainly by white men, this is a huge disrespect to those that actually fought and died in those battles this is equivalent to portraying M.L.K as white or Asian man…..and before yall pull the racist card… im mexican-american and i love true history not this PC bullshit spinoff

  20. Typical comment.
    "OmG WoMeN In CoMbAt StOp RePlaCiNg WhItE MeN. WoMeN cAn'T FiGhT iN wArS tHeY NeEd To StAy In ThE kItChEn. HISTORICALLY INACCURATE!!!"
    Firstly there was a womens batallion in WW1 look it up. They may not have been prevalent or been there for long but they did go to the frontlines.
    Secondly dice have said it was an alternate reality WW1 game to give themselves more room for creative liberties. Most of these people never moaned about the overuse of tanks, prototype or non existant weapons being readily available to use or the many other inaccuracies. This is just a selective outrage witch hunt being unfairly pinned on women and minorities. If you want a historically accurate game play verdun or wait for a game that makes you wait in trenches and only occasionally you actually fight only to be insta-killed, doesn't sound like a fun game to me.
    Thirdly what if i told you there are women in the army, navy and air forces of many countries around the world right now, you types of people often say to respect veterans and people currenly serving but you really only only mean it when its a white man. I respect everyone who is serving and has served.
    And finally whats with your desires to opress everyone who isn't you and tell them what they should do, this isn't the 1900s anymore and is a pretty bad thing to do.

  21. I'm glad that they made the Scout class females since the white army let females join the Empire as snipers and made it more realistic

  22. Nicholas II was the worst tsar in the Russian Empire, he was all pissed. His phrases should not be at the beginning

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