Battlefield 1 Medic Guide | Basics, Weapon Choice Tips, and Gadgets | Novice BF1 Medic Tips

37 thoughts on “Battlefield 1 Medic Guide | Basics, Weapon Choice Tips, and Gadgets | Novice BF1 Medic Tips

  1. Yes good guide. I'm at the stage where I've got reviving sort of sussed at the expense of KD (anyone can shoot). From Halo so B1 is new to me but I'm impressed. Need to be smarter now and think more about the all round game. I see your current video and the advanced relevant to how I want to progress. Not interested in any of the other classes. So I'll be watching your medic vids with interest. Cheers.

  2. could you do a video or link one to me about how to use your headset or tell if your squad has a headset in battlefield 1? I know this is a stupid question but i'm a noob to the series and just picked up a Razer Man o war headset but have not heard anyone chatting. Perhaps a video on how to communicate with squads or something? Thanks for the very helpful video thumbs up

  3. Just found your channel… as a newbie to BF these tips are gold… earned yourself a sub…. looking fwd to see the other classes added

  4. I played medic religiously in BF4, but I find the class to be a bit less fun in this one as compared to previous games. Not really sure why either. Great job on the vid man

  5. Cei-regotti optical is the best in my opinion because it's really good at medium to long range plus the medic isn't supposed to be at close range it's role is mid range

  6. Welll made video! You didn't just pull crap off the top of your head like some other youtubers. Keep it up man! I think you found the type of video that will get you millions of views eventually. I subscribed to you because I feel like if you make videos like this even for games that you don't like you will kick ass.

  7. thank you, ive been experimenting with being a medic and so far been doing well and ive found that it is my favorite class and this guide actually has helped me with being better but the one thing im having an issue is that most of the games i join no one has a mic

  8. Watches guide
    Hey I can play medic now!
    Dies 20 times with 2 assisted kills and people run from your crates and skip the death.
    Uninstalls game

  9. Do guides like this when cod ww2 comes out. I really like this series, even tho I'm not watching it in order lol. Your tips are solid and really helpful. Especially when you're like me and have always played cod and not battlefield.

  10. I personally enjoy iron sights I feel optics take up too much of the screen and restrict the amount of me being able to see other dangers or hostiles

  11. Also try out the French pistol the third one on the selection screen, perfect if ur in close quarters situations and is also able to shoot fast for a quick kill, hip fire and accuracy to me is also good for a 20th century pistol

  12. I only play medic and what I´ve found to bring me up on the scoreboard is not worrying about kills. I just do as much medic-stuff as I can and kill if someone gets in my way. It´s my favourite class 😀

  13. Great guide, particularly your advanced series. If I were to criticize​ one thing it's the fire rate on medics comment.

    Keep in mind that one can fire the 300rpm cei rigotti factory at 257 RPM with no spread whilst the 224 rpm 1916 can only do around 164. The mondragon is perhaps the most rounded weapon for all situations whilst rigotti is adapt to most common ranges, depending on playstyle. 1916 isn't worth using over mondragon all that much as it has heavy recoil and fires too slowly. It's not bad but the mondragon is far more practical. This is why the 1906 is so effective, if you can make the irons work, though sniper is a thing now.

  14. Nothing I love more than running into a fire bomb to revive someone just to have them hit skip as I get to them.

  15. i like the general liu rifle, i use both fire modes interchangeably. I use the nagant revolver. the seventh round for a revolver is the turning point for me.

  16. Great video and good job on your delivery. I do have a comment, not specifically at you, but more towards the general thinking about players who do not wait to be revive after being killed. I played all other 3 classes before getting to the medic , and i can say the reason why we don't wait for medics at times it's because we want to change classes,..ex: if im using scout and the situation of the operation changed from long distance engagements to close quarter engagements, I dont want to be stuck with my sniper mode, or sometimes I can see the enemy hiding in the prone position waiting for a medic to revive me just to shoot both of us down . It's not always caused by being inpatient. Sometimes it's just not worth it , specially if we're on the side that has limited numbers of revive before loosing the game.

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