Battlefield 1: Medic Rage

[Conquest Sounds] [Tank Sounds] [Roadkill] AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA My fuckin Bones! [Marksman Bonus 1337] *Heavy Breathing* [Balanced gameplay] [Nerf the horse] That horse is magical! [Enemy hit 19] AAAHHHHHHH!! [Enemy hit 80] AHHH!! That’s horrifying! And SO painful!!! Medic, please!!! I’ve been shot! [Pu$$yD3stroy3r69 15 m] [Pu$$yD3stroy3r69 5 m] [Pu$$yD3stroy3r69 15 m] Yup, he’s dead Medic, Please, can you help me! Ahhh Thanks mate I thought I was done for there [XxXMemeL0Rd25XxX 1 m] Medic! Your syringe! I can see it! It’s right there! I’m literally touching it! With my finger! WAIT! YEAH! That’s it! NOU! YES! What are ye playin’ at? I am DYING here! NOU! I can’t use that! AHH! PLEASE! [Marksman bonus 420 blaze it] OOHH, damn! Should’ve just re spawned, buddy. [Medic rank 10 be like] [Reviving 50] [Squad reviving 100] WOW! Medic! Over ‘ere! [Enemy hit 12] [Enemy hit 27] [Enemy hit 54] [Enemy killed 20
Head Shot 20] I tell you wot m8… If we get outta this… I owe you a round Make it a sherry, and it’s a date! My good man So long as you order it! Heh! DEAL! HUH!

100 thoughts on “Battlefield 1: Medic Rage

  1. Almost 2 years later and medics just sit there watching you corpse and then angrily dm you begin pissed because you where forces res pawn

  2. Adam gibi medic nerdeeee . Ya kimse kaldırmaz yada çatışmanın ortasında kaldırıp düşmana yem eder . Ha birde ammocular ulen verinsene ammo bedava lan verinsene

  3. Playing battlefield 1 the Aregonne forest is the best place for medics to get points especially in the bunker and which where many rambo revives i done

  4. I play Battlefield with my colored friends not my white friends cuz white people on any shooter game or virtually toxic even if they're on your team

  5. I'm a medic main myself and all I gotta say is that you guys make it hard because I'll run for two minutes to get you. You'll see me. Then respawn. Making my trip pointless. Remember that next time you see a medic coming

  6. I've once gone through hell on earth behind enemy lines to get to a down person WHO SKIPS THE DAM REVIVE SCREEN!!!!!

  7. I try my best to revive people when I play as a medic, but it’s so annoying when I finally reach my teammate and he decides to redeploy right before I revive him. Then I get gunned down because the spot where my teammate died is full of enemy players.

  8. one time I was revived in the middle of a battlefield and me and the medic ran away but the medic looked at the fight and then looked back at me looking. We were both not going to make it and then he ran into the fight in the explosions and died a very tragic death.

  9. Has anyone noticed that the British are fighting Germans in the middle of a desert when this is never shown in the game? Also since when was there desert maps in bf1 with airships in them?

  10. 1:25
    Me as a medic in BF3… Except by the fact by I literally throw myself just to save that life.
    And sometimes get killed too.

  11. I never kill medics when they’re healing someone. And I never kill people when I’m trying to heal someone. It’s a system of honorable medical business that I like to be involved in.

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