BATTLEFIELD 1: MG15 Review – Storm, Low Weight or Suppressive?

Hey everyone its MapMover and in this video
I’ll be reviewing the MG15 available in the support class in BF1 and what is the best option to go for out
of the MG15 Storm, Low Weight and Suppressive options. But before I start, I just want to say a quick
thanks to Joseph Bowsher who suggested I review a support class weapon and to choco bites for suggesting i review
the MG15 low weight, which i will as part of this video but I’m just gonna say it right now. The MG15
Storm is the best version to go for. If you’re new to this channel, You might have
heard differing opinions from some other YouTubers and I can understand those opinions, BUT, trust me you’ll want to watch this video because I will explain why the MG15 storm
is the best and I’m sure the vast majority of you will
agree that the risks the MG15 Low Weight and MG15 Suppressive variants provide outweigh
their benefits. Now, The main benefit of both being that they
have a bipod. And you see I love a bipod – they’re great for improving accuracy – I love scouting for good bipod positions – but snipers and mortars are such a lethal
threat in this game, you’re generally going to want to do as much
as possible to reduce that threat as much as you can. And staying still with a bipod, while revealing your position through firing
multiple rounds – even for a short while – is still in my opinion too risky a strategy to pull off successfully in every round you
play. Sure, you’ll have some moments where this
will work well, but it’s totally situational. So with that said in this review, I’m going to talk about the MG15 in general, the other variants which are the low weight
and the suppressive and then sum up with exactly why the MG15
Storm is best so lets start with the MG15’s stats in general. The MG15 has the highest muzzle velocity out
of all the light machine guns in the class at a whopping 870 metres per second, one of the highest in game – out of all of
the weapons on offer, meaning you won’t need to lead your targets
much. But you still need to lead targets and that’s because The maximum damage at up
to 15 metres is 23 per shot – meaning 5 shots to get the kill at up to
15 metres and that goes down to 17.5 damage per shot
at 28 metres and out meaning 6 shots to get the kill. So all in all you need between 5-6 shots to
get the kill. And as soon as any decent Battlefield player
starts taking damage – they start to move in order to find cover
– and then you of course will need to lead your
shots to match their movement – but at least you won’t need to lead anywhere
near the level of the other light machine guns on offer. Due to the high muzzle velocity Coming back to the damage, in my opinion the MG15 has a low damage output – 5 to 6 shots is quite a lot especially considering
that you fire at just 500 rounds per minute. Now this isn’t the lowest out of the support
class weapons, it’s in fact somewhere in the middle of the
park, but this just means there is a pretty long
time to kill with this weapon. So you’re going to want to be the one that
starts firing first and pre-firing around corners can help because your first few shots with any support
class weapon will be very innaccurate, becoming more accurate as you continue firing. Now this is an interesting mechanic and I
can kind of understand this from a realism perspective, in terms of a real soldier’s arms getting
to grips with recoil, but as far as the game is concerned this is
one added thing to be aware of and just means that you will need to be super
careful when using any support class weapon. All support weapons suffer from this problem, with the BAR suffering from it the least at
a 600 rounds per minute fire rate, which can probably explain why so many players
love the BAR. THe higher the fire rate the faster the time
to kill and the faster the weapon will reach maximum
accuracy. Now, The MG15 comes in with at least a 100
rounds box magazine and 200 rounds with the suppressive variant, but it can only fire 35 continuous rounds
before overheating. The reload time is at 4.3 seconds, which is
the longest in the class, but all in all for the amount of rounds on
offer, 4.3 seconds isn’t that bad at all. So with the stats out of the way, lets take
a look at the other variants and then come to why the MG15 Storm is the
best. So once again the MG15 Storm is one of three
MG15 variants in the support class, the other two being the MG15 Low Weight and
the MG15 Suppressive. Both the low weight and the suppressive come
with bipods, which allow you to take advantage of the terrain to lay out a bipod and provide highly accurate sustained fire while doing so. The suppressive version comes with a scope and 200 rounds while the low weight version comes in at 100 rounds and without a scoped
option, although with the benefit of having the fastest
recoil reset time out of all the three options. Recoil reset times work as soon as you stop
firing and the faster a recoil reset time there is, the faster the weapon will revert to where
you were originally aiming The thing is in Battlefield 1, support class weapons get more accurate as
you continue to fire them and so the low weight versions benefit only
takes hold once you stop firing, which will result in you having poor accuracy
for your first few shots as soon as you start firing again, so this benefit of recoil reset time is almost
useless. There is a theory that this statistic may
mean a quicker time to get maximum accuracy, but I just haven’t noticed the MG15 low weight
becoming accurate during continuous fire any faster than the suppressive or storm versions. Now if anyone watching this can clearly show
otherwise then let me know, but once again I have taken a close look here and haven’t noticed any improvements here and definitely not anything that has made
me play any better with the low weight option as compared to the others. Now, With all of these versions your weapon will overheat once you have fired
35 continuous rounds, so there is a limit to how much sustained
fire you can dish out, meaning that you will encounter this lack
of accuracy more often than you’d like. The Low Weight and Suppressive versions have
an attached bipod to help counter the recoil, but that doesn’t counter the accuracy issue
for the first few shots, so with these versions you must either position
yourself well in advance of enemies – in a very defensive posture or you must engage head on and use your large bullet capactity to face enemies as you move in on their positions. There is the third option of using other tools
like the mortar and ammo packs to help your team and yes, this is important, but for the purpose of this weapon review we need to ignore that for now and just talk about what you need to do with
these weapons to make them effective. And now lets talk about using your bipod and positioning yourself accordingly. This has to be a defensive posture because you need to be sitting still or standing
behind a wall or window to deploy a bipod and because taking an offensive option to
capture flags usually throws you into fast faced close range
engagements, and in fast paced close range engagements you probably won’t have the chance to deploy
your bipod and take advantage of the bipod’s recoil decreasing and accuracy improving benefits. And then there’s the added problem when you
deploy a bipod and stay still for too long or you’re just not positioned defensively
enough so that you are basically a sitting duck, opened up to different angles of enemy fire, just asking to be sniped. It also doesn’t help that the support class’
character model’s sillhoutte is larger than the other players on the battlefield, with the huge backpacks, making them that little bit easier for snipers
to spot and clear from a comfortable distance. So lets assume you position yourself well and reduce the ability for snipers to take
you out, well in this case you can do a very nice amount
of damage and dish out tremendous suppression capability
on the enemy team, but the possibilities of timing getting yourself
to a good position to do this for the correct angle of enemy attack and
at the right time aren’t very likely overall, And that’s what you need to do to be effective
with bipods and even for a pro player the chances of doing
this successfully are quite low overall. So then what about mixing it up with aggressive
gameplay and using your huge bullet capacity to bring
the fight to the enemy – and yes this is something you will definitely
need to do, but the high recoil the Low Weight and Suppressive
variants have when not using a bipod will make this difficult Again what will let you down here is that you won’t be using your bipod while
on the move and so you won’t get the benefits that a bipod
can bring. So what can you take away from what I’ve just
said – well four points: -No 1 – Using a bipod provides a huge accuracy
benefit -No 2 – The opportunities to use a bipod successfully
are limited to enemy positioning, the angles of attack and available cover to deploy a bipod -No 3 – Deploying a bipod turns you into a
sitting duck ready to get sniped -No 4 – Playing aggressive to make use of
your large bullet capacity is recommended in general So the bipod variants can be good, but overall you won’t be as effective as you can possible
be while relying on a bipod strategy because being mobile is recommended to avoid
getting sniped and getting into positions where you can take
the enemy head on and using your bullet capacity to your advantage
is the way to go So right now, you’re probably asking – “if there is a variant that is the best
at being mobile then that should be the one to go for right?” And my answer is yes, you are correct and
yes there is a variant that is the best at this. This would be the MG15 Storm variant! The MG15 Storm has the lowest upwards and
side-to-side recoil because it has a vertical foregrip instead
of a bipod. What this means is you’ll be able to tame
that recoil much easier while on the move, but you won’t have a bipod. But as I mentioned earlier the benefit a bipod provides is totally situational although you may have some rounds where the
bipod can work very well for you, but the thing is there will be a lot of rounds
where you won’t get the desired result from your strategic bipod positioning. And the very fact of not having a bipod almost
forces you to play aggressive – so there’s that too. Assuming you’re already comfortable with Battlefield, you’re always guaranteed to have a good round
when you stay mobile – so why not go with the option that is most
situational to this game as a whole. A game where snipers and mortars are a very
dangerous threat, a game where players move around a lot and a game where capturing and defending objectives
gives you the maximum amount of points possible, while helping your team win. So while playing with each of the different
variants on offer i usually got a 1.5 KD ratio and quite a low
points per minute score with the MG15 Low Weight and Suppressive versions, that’s because I stayed a bit away from objectives
and just tried to position myself in good areas of bipod coverage and tried to get some
kills and I got sniped out quite often, so I didn’t
get that high a KD but I did get around almost 3 KD and one of
my best in game score per minute results with the MG15 storm due the the aggressive playstyle it encourages. And they say offense is the best form of defense
right? So all in all this is why in my opinion the
MG15 storm is the absolute way to go out of all three options available. Of course try the other versions and see what
works for you, but the MG15 Storm totally works for me. I like to move around the map, don’t get me
wrong there are times where I stay in or around a position when needed, but I like to know that if I need to move
around, try to go for a flank or a retreat that I’m able to be as effective as possible
while moving in addition to be as effective as possible
while strafing and holding a position beacause you need to do that in order to minimise my chances of getting
shot at by the enemy team if they’re trying to move onto your position I also like to peek corners, because I can
quickly unpeek if enemy fire comes my way and you just can’t deploy a bipod while peeking and again the MG15 storm will be the most
accurate while peeking and firing due to it having the lowest recoil out of
all three options. So give the MG15 Storm a go. Now as much as I’ve given the MG15 Storm stellar
reviews I will eventually be doing full and individual
reviews of the MG15 Low Weight and Suppressive variants, but getting my thoughts on what I feel is
the best variant seems to me to be the best thing to do for now, simply because there is a lot of confusion
on what is the best option and I have seen other opinions on this that
differ from my own. I believe this is hands down the best overall
option to go for, as long as you have good Battlefield awareness and a willingness to take the fight to the
enemy, which is what your team needs to do in order
to win, the MG15 Storm Light Machine Gun will not
let you down so give it a go. So unfortunately that’s it for this review, but please let me know your thoughts in the
comments below and of course if you want to see more then hit that subscribe button. I am doing videos by request as well as other videos I have planned so if you make a suggestion in the comments
below I’ll be sure to take a look at it and might even feature this in a future videos. Once again it’s been an absolute pleasure. until next time, have a good one all! MapMover Out!

40 thoughts on “BATTLEFIELD 1: MG15 Review – Storm, Low Weight or Suppressive?

  1. Nice Video, BUT with a bipot you would have killed the sniper (1:17 of your video) with 20 bullets at most, now you had to use 33 and with 100 bullets less then the supressive, I will stick with the supressive…with which I am also on the move all the time. Only use the bipot during flank and able to kill (off course) alot more with twice the bullet amount in one mag.

    But again good job on your perspective of this great support gun!
    Can't agree with people all of the time.

  2. Suppressive for me, I play aggressively as a mid/long range assault. Once you get the Suppressive version down it's just a killer. I got 42 stars with it and 11 stars with the Storm

  3. Wouldn't the BAR storm be better for an aggressive support though. MG15 is ideal for using a bipod and holding a position, making the suppressive the best loadout for the job.

  4. The suppressive, however, is better at suppressing the enemy, which I find makes quite the difference in one-on-one engagements. I was playing team death-match once, with the Lewis Suppressive, and I was mowing down the opposing team by the dozen.

  5. MG-15 Suppressive all the way… I am at 12,000 kills and counting… Anything at medium range with bipod deployed I will win that gun fight 90 % of the time… At close range I can win about 50 percent of the time with hip fire… And I am not stupid enough to try and run and gun with the MG-15 or engage snipers at extremely long range with this gun… I think most people struggle with this gun, because they don't deploy the bipod and try to go toe to toe with medics or get in close against assault… You won't win those battles…

  6. This gun is a real beast, Last night i was playing monte grappa on the attacking side, whe captured a sector and the players where forced to retreat, somehow i managed to take out like 7 players before going down,

  7. mg15 storm is the best for aggressive fights at medium or long range. Bar storm is great for closer fights. i love both of them.

  8. Honestly with the low weight and an ammo crate, i can hold off an intersection in amiens for like 8 minutes straight getting like 20 to 30 kills with like 3 deaths maybe and im an average player. Low weight is definitely the best in my opinion, it's also not hard to use in close quarters and i've beat snipers probably 80% of the time when i set up a defensive position. With good spotting and realizing where those white flashes are that you don't have, you can make the low weight into one of the best weapons in the game.

  9. I've been using the suppressive but my play style is to run around and push the objective. After watching this video I started using the storm and it has improved my gameplay a lot.

  10. Also the medic class is the best overall the support is kinda retarded for all weapons except for the Huot and MG

  11. MG15na Storm is what I primarily use, and it works very well in War Pigeons game mode, shooting down pigeons with ease because of it's muzzle velocity. (Can shoot pigeons down even up to 170 meters away, if you are prone and lead your shots properly)

  12. Lol, firing in long bursts irl will improve accuracy as you get to grips with the gun controlling the recoil?!? This could not be further from the truth. Even with mounted weapons accuracy will get worse the longer you fire for. the lmg mechanic in this game is to make them be used more like they are in reality firing a much higher volume of fire compared to other weapons but irl this is done always in short bursts. I like the game mechanic. it's s good idea to make them be used more like they are meant to and mixes gameplay up too

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